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Endurance Vs Strength Training ?

        Do you guys ever felt that you want to climb Mountains or swim the valley? well i have a dream and a goal, to finish…. erm put it this way to COMPETE in a trialthon by the age 30. i know that sounds really long way for me to go as i am still young (smiling sinisterly), but hey when you want to do something, do it really good, why do things half heartedly ? am i right ? if you ever commit yourself.. give your 100% best. so thats why i am going to COMPETE instead of finish.

why my title endurance vs strength training, its this new client that i got DUPED into training, son of a B***H, but i forgive the consultant, it may be all her fault but hey, i am a very forgiving person, Well back to this person who is going to be climbing Mount. Kinabalu (i think its in Sabah). i will be training her and i hope this challenge is all up to my training, i am going to give her hell, do you guys agree that i should give her hell ? or go easy ? she’s got three months to do all this.

i feel kinda scared thinking i might FAIL her , i already planned a good workout for her and i hope she is up to it, if you guys every want the program let me know ok, i will charge you RM80 bucks for the program (just kidding) 

tomorrow is my FAT Challenge, WEIGH in TIME for all of us, will let you all know the progress, ate like a mountain of CARBS today.. sheesh.. feel like a rock sinking to the bottom of FAT HELL !  well take care ya all, and cheerios.


sorry no photo’s today

Cruising down highway 69, or is it Kesas

coming back home from work, cruising down the highway.. get out of my way .. or sway.. away .. from me .. to be….KING .. KING OF THE ROAD !! so much for that TOAD in the middle of the ROAD,

SQUASHED , he is .. sigh .. sorry toad, didnt see you cruising down highway 69 also .. see my speed.. just relaxs and cruising ..

oh check out my ride.. its a Turbo NOS Scooter .. (PHISHHH) see ya later sucker, and it goes 200kmph.. ZZOOOOOoooOOOom past all the cars… i am not kidding..if you see me on the road .. dont forget to say hi and bye !!

you can check my scooter in action at

S N O O K E R or P O O L

any guys / girls want to teach me how to play , i have this friend by the name of HENRY, trashed me badly at snooker, so good, wish i could play like him.. he is calm and cool , kinda remind me of Marco Foo, he had a big break of what ? 30+ man .. so kewl .. oh here is a picture of him in action.. henry the man .. and he never even treated me to a drink after losing so badly to him.

9 ball, 8 ball , snooker which do you guys prefer? wouldnt it be cool to win a tournament, sigh i hope and i wish. i’ve seen this thai girl in Singapore who can pot some real ball, unlike some girls who just hangs out at the parlour and TRYING to pot balls.. but to the (thai/indon) girl whom i saw at potblack in Singapore, i will never forget you.. good clean break you had, i guess you had a good mentor. you make me all sweat !

2.20pm Assignments Due.

sitting on my table in front of my Desktop, having Blackeyed Pea playing on my Media player, i was wondering when will i ever finish my gawd damm assigments.. well ..

my mind wanders around, couldnt finish my assignment as i wonder into the realm of the internet again, opened up my friendster’s page and i saw a few friends of friends testimonial/comment, it went like this .. hey so and so, going to miss you cause you are going back to Hong Kong, if you ever come back to North Carolina or whatever do come back and visit me when you are coming back with Northwest or whatever that means.  so i read their profile and they are young like 20 or 22, so they could only be undergrads, thinking to myself.. do i ever regretted not going overseas to study ?

what will happen if i went abroad ? will i meet people of all sorts ? people of different races ? or will i stick to my own ? sigh guess i will never know as i never went abroad to study.. so all you people who went, consider yourself lucky/or unlucky i dont know.. cause i never felt it. i dont regret the desicison that i make but sometimes i just WONDER .. what would it be like..some times i just wonder.. will i ever meet people like you (yes you who are reading this and dont know me) will i make a impact in your life ? guess god only knows .. maybe our life path will cross in the near future.. cheerios and take care !

The Klang Jam

when i was coming back from KLIA, there was this massive jam in Klang, but for no apparent reason it was just a jam, there was no accident, there was no pile up, there was no dead body, well it was just a massive gridlock, i had to sqeeze my way thru every car that was stucked in the jam as well..

while squeezing thru the cars and trucks, was given the middle finger, words of curses  from language unknown to me, the ugly faces and silent stares of hate.. ahha .. but i dont care.. i am just those one of those inconsiderate guys who wants to get back home. i apologies to all those ppl out there that i have hurt…but TO BAD, i am Still in FRONT OF YOU so shardup and suck my exhaust fumes !

ps: check out my friends kewl Rims, they are Awesome, oh the guy in blue is non other than leng chai Bryan Foo (still single and avaiable) oh the Ciggies stacked up on the table was so impressive to me that i got to take the picture (courtesy of Reza Leonhard)  

Yummy Mark’s Laksa

yesterday, went to this place in 1-Utama cause can’t find any good place to eat anymore. it’s called Mark’s Laksa, this place’s Laksa came highly recommended by Min (short for Azamin), and yes indeed it was Yummy,

well i didnt eat anything but went with Joveen,Angel and Sam the Man. he slurped everything down to the last bit plus a side order or Curry chicken .. lots of calories there Sam. hehe .. well .. anyway .. here is the yummy picture of the food and the guys..

5 more days to the Fat Challenge, i will keep you all updated on the progress.. it will be exactly like contender, we will have the weigh in on the 1st of June, people involved (4 ppl at the moment) the names are : Isaac(me), Manfred Sam, Eswaran and none other than Jeff.

check you all out later, going to catch Madagasar ! heard its really really good .. take care now and god bless

Uma Ranjine at the Gym

Hey you all, guess what? this the most happening client of mine and she happens to think that everyone is psycho except for her self and her name happens to be at the TITLE !! yes girl this blog post is about you and your progressm,  She is totally cool and she is the most diligent and more hardworking of them all, she will try every exercise regime i throw at her.. (of course I have to ensure that I am able to handle  it too)

She was once at the verge of giving up her workout regime and wanted to quit after so long and in the progress of losing weight, cause of all her busy work schedule and stuff  (sigh)

Luckily, I  guess she found her motivation and came back to the gym after a hiatus , and this time,  BACK with a VENGENCE and even more determination. Have her  going to RPM CLASSES , Body Combat and some STEP classes that I have slotted in-between her PT with me,  tight workout schedule for her but she does em all.

A little preview of her achievement to you all  and what she has gain or lost.

1) from 80+kg down to 70+kg in 3 months

2) for the waist .. (erm not sure) the stats in my clipboard at my workplace.. but i am thinking no less than 4 inch already

3) her thighs lost 6 inch

4) Body Fat Percentage drop by over 5%

(well i guess if Uma or anyone can do it so can you all, so don’t give up.. and try your best, every little ounce of Fat counts)

I always tell my clients that “You put on those weight not in a day but accumulated over time, You sure hell not gonna take if off in a Day” patience and perseverance will catapult your metabolism and that’s when you are going to melt those fats away!


Banana Leaf Rice ? yucKs..

after a 114Kg squats on the MTS machine.. i feel like my legs was splitted into two.. me and allan was going all out.. i think i popped his biceps .. got to ask him later. . around 9 pm Jason called asking me where i was .. (still training me client la, he and Christina was having dinner) so meet up around 9.30pm to go to CenterPoint to have Dinner with ME !

food sucks .. so chill out la .. see the pics.. got to work tomorrow at 6 am , its now 12.40am already .. 4 hours to sleep .. oh I SUGGESTED TO SAM, lets have a body fat contest.. the one who loses the most body fat % wins money.. (the bet goes like this.. ME, Sam and another guy will fork out RM500 each…another person will be the judge and hold the money) by end of Jun. who loses the most body fat % takes the whole wad of cash. so think its a good idea? LOL good ey .. will see you all tomorrow ok… cheerios.. and take care

Sip Sip..indugling in my Shiraz, yummy.. *hick*

21st May 2005, day of Frustration and Gatherings (check my mood at the side)

  • 2pm: Computer Died on me when i was doing my final Part B and my Bibliography (which i hate to DO SO MUCH) italic this, date here, name this name that..and best part when i saved the document it was corrupted. ArGH ! the Agony of needing to do it again. thanks Michelle K. for trying to open it up for me..  


  • 3pm: went for Lunch with Justin, Great I.C.E. Systems k, thats why you spent that kinda of Bomb on it? bout how bout some 8 10′Takara with 4 Amp powering it ? let me know .. he he .. 


  • 4pm : Late for a workout with Jean at my place, sorry la.


  •  7pm :  meet up with the old gang(college mate) at Casa Vino, its a Wine Bar, so fun. will bring you guys there one day ok, its really cool.. will load up the pics once my Internet connection is up (this one is my workplace)


  •  10pm : Jack picked me up and on the way we go to Genting to meet up with Jason, Justin, Henry, Kath and Karen. picked up Shawn from "RUSH"  cause he decided to follow in the end.


  • 11.30pm: stop for McDonalds, i had Chicken Foldover (sucky)


  • 11.50pm: Reach the top of Genting. so many girls around woo hoo.. (oh ya they are here for the Jolin Tsai concert (whos that?)


  • 12.10 am: in the Casino, someone lost quite a large amount of money eh ( how many G was that again)


  • 1 am : Starbucks (SIgh) yes its Starbucks again (oh please i didnt touch any of those chemical water.. showing off my knowledge of starbucks again.. mesmerising them with all the drink call and cup marking (Amazed werent you Shawn)


  • 2.30 am : back at the Curve to get my car.  


  • 3.30 am : Playing Age Of Empire on my pc (didnt know how to stop and couldnt sleep anyway Something bothering me really bad..Sigh..Help me)


  • 4.30 am : Went to sleep yet bothered, its ok .. i know its part of life.. sad feel really sad     

22nd May

  • 7.30 am : woke up and got to work  


  • 8.57 am : here i am back at work..shit.. (TIRED)  

well that was my yesterdays agenda. cheerios and pos the pictures up once my internet is up k. got some nice pics of Casa Vino. great place to chill

sith happens..

no you didnt read that wrongly .. yes its SITH happens, and thats what i am going to do today .. watching STARWARS, REVENGE OF THE SITH. I know some of you have already watched the premier, well leave it to the slow pokes out there like me to watch it on general viewing ? (cK is it general viewing today or is it also premier?)

Well getting excited but i have the force to wait.. so may the force be with you. Have you guys watch it yet ? i heard it from one of my clients thats its a so so show let those movie critics rot in their seat of thoughts and leave the criticising to us REGULAR people. check you all out later tomorrow, and i will give my 2cents worth about the movie. cheerios..Ooops…this time let it be MAY THE CHEERIOS be WITH YOU! (in the mood for some obi wan kenobi

Snatch Thieves are Rampant

Guess what.. i was trying to finish up my assignment and all of a sudden at 8.50pm i heard, loud wailing and screaming.. then again i heard sounds of a bike moving away really fast.. so i guess i knew what happened already.. so i went downstairs to check it out and guess what.. ITS was true.. SNATCH THIEF have STRUCK AGAIN !

why cant those asshole get a life and work for their rice bowl? man this sucks.. all they ever do is get high and steal. whats the purpose of life? i pity those useless souls that roam on the face of earth. hope you burn in agony within slow flames of hell. well anyway .. if you are out there reading this (girl or guy) make sure before you get out of your car. look back look foward look left look right dont unlock your car yet and keep the engine once you see the coast is clear take about 3 min to come out of the car.. and make sure you get to the gate and open it fast. if you still idle around your car to take some items from the back seat and all then its pointless.. once you get out of the car.. MOVE it .. and straight to the gates and GET IN ! thats my advice. thats what i usually do.

i lurve that creamy stuff between your pants …

guess what happened ? or want to know what happened ? first analyse the picture as  pictures tell you a thousand words dont it? well guess what happened.. something dirty ? something .. fantastic..something gayish ? something .. its looks like something happened right ? well ask lawrence what he did .. he will tell you, or maybe not .. go FIGURE ! cheerios.. just to hint ..he had a great time with it on the steering wheel.. he actually squirted all of it.. ( dont think otherwise k)

oh got back early from work today cause i want to do my assignments havent started it yet, and due date is another 5 days .. going to kill myself .. help me !!!

the ever poisonous Starbucks

you guys will never believe where i was today, even Justin called up in the evening and ask me out for a game of snooker and he asked me this question .. hey where are you now man .. i told him .. STARBUCKS ! .. he went .. silent.. the he told me . wait .. where you again ? ha ha .. i laughed and i told him yes i am at STARBUCKS! oh wait back track one hour.. i called Jean regarding where she was.. asking her does she wants to do her assignment? she said ya .. and i went like great.. we could do it together.. she told me to meet at starbucks as there is WiFi, so i agreed. oh ya .. why justin couldnt believe his ears why i was at Starbucks again right.. ok ..back track another 4 years.. there i was in Singapore working as a Manager for Starbucks Singapore. having fun.. making coffee fraps, espresso, latte..etc..etc.. so sick and tired of all that till i never stepped into a store in Malaysia or anywhere in the world for at long as i know till TODAY .. yes .. today went in with Jean to do our assignments.. i was writing all my assignments into my tiny microsoft words in my MINI O2 and jean was like your mad.. doing your assignment on that tiny thing.. but its Comfy to me.. well i managed to get 1 quater of it done didnt it? he he .. oh ya .. here is picture of gorgeous Jean and her lappy .. pictures taken from my O2. let me know what you guys think bout Starbucks. catch you all later.. cheerios

Meat, Bone and Tea : Bah Kut Teh !

lazing sunday, wow woke up at about 11.30, still couldnt figure out why my O2 decided to to sync with me pc, kinda frustrated.. well its ok .. got it fixed in the afternoon, Justin called up to go for Bah Kut Teh, (its a kinda of delicacies eaten by the chinese) its so yummy ! went there at about 1 plus and guess what its Packed, was drizzling so was waiting for space.. check the pics out, jason tagged along. Had a heavy lunch now everyone is psyched out wanna go do some stuff.. ended up in the Bukit Raja Mall to claim Justin’s pants.. Jason got a card reader for RM80 bucks.. i think it was  a rip off but the girl working there was cute.. darn cute.. dont mind visiting that shop again. Jus’s pants wasnt ready .. so we headed down to ..

 to yes the Car Audio shop, yes I.C.E.( in car entertainment) looked at some cool blaunkpunkt speakers and kinda interested, in my heart it was like darn wanted to get it so long ago.. so i asked Brandon (the owner) hey man how much for these these and these.. he quoted a good price.. so i figured.. hey why not .. ok see you later Bran.. 3pm

went back to get my car, picked you Jus and Jason over at his place. cause we had a little detour to go to .. it was Jason’s New house. great house man .. wish i could afford one.4pm headed down to Baby Utopia Car Audio Enterprise (name of Brandon’s Shop) got the mid range speakers, woofer and amp ready.. cable all out.. and … 6pm BOOM BOOM BOOM ! ! car was pumping and the car was jumping also. woo hoo .. great buy for the speakers.. but i feel i would not enhance it no more as its to costly for my old betsy (baby)

headed back home .. gave my baby a wash .. looks brand new .. will post it up one day.. but all i have now is our Lunch outing and Jason’s new house.. check me out later ya .. take care and god bless

Thank You All

i would like to thank everyone that visits my site, i have like 200 hits a week, i know its not a really big amount of visits, but hey its my first blog, and i really really would love to thank you all, keep visiting and let me know what you guys would love to see me have in my blog space or what you guys would like to know and see ? i would try my best to post everything you guys want.. (no kinky stuff ok) Merci Becou , Nandri , Mucias Gracias , Siah Siah Ni , Tor Cheah , Terima kasih , and thank you guys.. cheerios.. see you all tomorrow ! todays saturday .. out to the watering hole.

oh my new hair do, like it short ? or you guys want it long ? you decide and i wont cut it the next time.

lazing saturday..

delirious morning, woken my the tear of my mobile phone bag which was dropped by my sister who was cleaning up the house, its ok, nothing to worry bout jsut a bag.

took a while to get myself out of bed cause the bed was so warm and i didnt have enough sleep the last two days, great Japanese dinner at Sugimoto at Hartamas yesterday, celebrated jacks Bday. Happy Bday Jack Ass. you have the best girl in the world planning all that stuff for you, you should be thanking your lucky stars as i am as envious as everyone. hey Bev if you are reading this .. dont blush la.. i mean it.. you are really a good gf/friend. SUPERB EXCELLENTE !

oh ya back to my lazing saturday..went to get my hair cut.. wanna see .. ? well show you in another blog. got to go out for dinner right now, but in the mean time i will post out the pics from Sugimoto’s. Enjoy and cheerios

its the devilicious trinket !

O2 is the devil’s toy. its really mean .. it has cost me 3 days of no sleep. i am still in pursue of all the great applications download. sigh .. when will it ever stop.. patching the camera software.. getting themes.. personalising the fonts.. what else.. sigh .. many more.. i am kinda brain dead and i dont know what to do of my sleep pattern.. nearly crashing out in the afternoon .. sigh .. HELP ME get this DEVILish Item away from me .. its killing me .. agony part 2 coming in the next blog entry !

oh the long over due pictures of the Roger Sanchez Outing.. well sorry its took so long .. well better late then never ya ? those pics are of us chilling at the MAMAK (a indian and malay ethnic restaurant which serve really good food) well that is it for now .. going to crash at my bed now .. check me out later ya .. cheerios

lost in translation

after 3 days of not blogging, it was not an excuse for me not to blog but to download all my applications for my new gadget, i went all the way out to download applications and software for my O2 Mini, it was awesome i tell you, but here let me tell you some flaws about the phone.

1. camera (no doubt 1.3 mega pixe) tried taking a few snaps at it and i think i prefer to take it out of the phone as i think its a waste of good space. the quality of the camera just suck shit. its useless. i prefered my S700i, now thats a camera with quality. but hey you cant win em all can you..

2. built in memory not enough, should have been expanded as lots of applications need to be installed into the main memory. (getting my 1 gig memcard soon)

3. bluetooth, bluetooth. where thou bluetooth. sigh .. such a let down…i was transfering songs from my mini to my old S700 and guess what it took 14min.. Yup i timed it.. it took A MISERABLE 14min to send a 5mb file over.. i can take over the world in 14min(speaking hypothetically)

4. Ringtone (bad as ever) you cant set your mp3 as ringtone (or i dont know how to) you get miserable wave file as ringtones

5. otherwise such a awesome phone.. if i finds any more extra flaws will let you guys know k. (other wise again GO GET ONE! its the perfect phone..well near perfect)

cheerios and let me know if you have any comments on the above flaws. check you out later


at last, to hold the dream of dreams..

i know the title sounds corny, but ya its dreams of dreams.. that title refers to my Mini O2, have got it today and its yet to be in action as it needs to charge.. got not time to blog anything right now.. i have like downloaded lots of application in advance.. cant wait to test the capability of this new technology to its max.. going to get the Bluetooth Keyboard, 1 gig mem card, all avaiable accesories.. well ..its just another new toy till the N91 comes to me .. see how long i will hold on to this .. see you around peeps.. sending my good pal to the Airport with Matt.. Cheerios

Great Day

know what ? i felt good today, guess must be the sleep i had yesterday, i dont know why ? i felt like a million bucks. I was training people non stop from 7 all the way to 3, didnt felt a bit tired, was like WOah I kinda like this feeling. but i dont know what is that feeling or where is it from.

trained the new trainers and guess what .. she nearly puked.. and i trained another trainer after that.. guess what again.. he thinks i was bitten by a atomic spider.. cause at the rate i was carrying, he couldnt believe his eyes.. i hit 95kg on the TRICEP press machine, well for you gues who dont know the terms..TRICEPS is at the back of your arms.. yea that little piece of muscle right behind your biceps. weighed and measured Kwei Li’s Body fat and gosh she is only 15% body fat ? i think something is sure wrong here .. hehe .. well i dont doubt you girl.. but VALERIE’s Body fat is 17%.. yours cant be 15% la.. hehe work hard ya.

okok .. going to be getting my O2 tomorrow, hope i can learn how to use it properly before i throw it out the window and get another phone. this will be my third attempt using PDA phones after Motorola, Palm and Someother brands.. so O2 dont dissapoint me ya !

was driving back to the tunes of Ministry of Sound, well what really boosted my ride back was the track from Tiesto – TrAFFic : it was really happening man. well catch you all out later ya.. cheerios..

Horrible State of mind

 do you know that if you dont sleep for 3 days your mentality will drop to as of a kids, you’re speech will be blurred and slurred and you will not be able to have accurate depth preception. well i didnt sleep for two days, so i know the fact that i have ULCER in my mouth, Exploding and MAssive Acne on my cheeks, Eye Bags under me eye. ArGh..Going To crash really soon. check you out another day.. going to sleep now..

Darn that Technology !

sigh .. my connection was down from yesterday till today, just got back from work, that is like 16 hours today, even Yvonne says i should be awared for staying in the gym the longest. (reminder: i work in the morning from 6 till 3, today i was in the gym from 6AM to 10PM, that makes it a whopping 16 hours .. going to wake up inanother 5 hours time to get ready to work again .. i know i know .. its crazy .. but NOTHING GET CRAZIER THAN MY BLOODY  broadband connection, i couldnt sleep so i had to run over to hen’s house to use his internet for a mere 15min. but its good enough. i am the kind that cant live without connections. no matter what connections.. human connections which we call networking, internet connections, mobile connections, bank connections.. etc..etc.. well i am so TIRED i cant seem to be able to open my eyes..  see you tomorrow morning ok ,.. cheerios.. and catch you later ..

Singapore to Malaysia

just got back from KL, meet up with Elisa and two of her other friends, Heikel and Pei Ling ! brought them to 1-Utama to see the place and went to ate Nirvana Banana Leaf rice in Bangsar, was raining but it was alright.. guess the cool breeze was a help.

they all didnt buy much stuff cause they were already broke.. ha ha bought to much stuff even before i could get hold of them to shop more. Heikel was like converting the Levi’s Tshirt and its a DEFINITE that Malaysia’s Levi’s is more cheaper than the one in Singapore. oh oh oh Pei Ling got a bargain for a WH slingbag, it went for only RM19 where as she said that singapore is selling the same particular bag for $29 bucks .. woohoo .. now thats expensive.. dont have pictures but i will ask elisa to send it to me so i can upload the trip that was with me. so catch you all later got to do my assignments and watch OC catch you all later and cheerios

MSN blog site

this blog site is great, but i found out that you got to click on the archive to read the previous back dated blog, well.. have fun ..


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