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Back at 1

well today is back to work day, guess lots of people think that i quitted that job for greener pasture, ahha .. well guess not, ahah .. looks who’s back… back to training people.  sometimes i feel i am missing something, sometimes i feel that i am fufilling something.. well thats just is left to the person of what he wants to think right?
doing my bench press i felt a nausea feeling when i got up to rest, again and again, my head begin to thump.. dont know if its got to do with my fall ? hope not.. as i am not going to the doctor again.. whatever will be will be.. the future’s not ours to see que sara sara.. called Jus asked him out to go mountain biking, looks like he is busy at work, jason’s legs still not getting anybetter.. better not call him out.. as for me.. i think i better go do my assignment as its due on 11th JULY ! yes .. before then .. adios.. and take care ..

felt utterly sad

i dont know, i am really feeling all mixed up right now, i dont know what to do.. i am confused.. i really am confused for the first time in my life, my work, studies, friends, family, etc..etc.. so many things to worry about, is it that once you hit a certain age you begin to realise that you are in deep shit ? or struggling in vain to sustain yourself in a position you never want to be in. i dont know.. i seriously dont know.. i need to puzzle it all together and get mylife back on track,
is there a mentor ? is there a guru ? help me manage my time, money, life..i need guidance..i feel lost.. this is the first time i am blogging after resting for 3 days after the Xray, i am kinda worried right now, as i felt something i never felt before.. i wont tell you guys what i felt.. but .. when the time comes i will let you all know.. but for the mean time.. lets just chill and enjoy life eh.. take care and cheers.. to blog from tomorrow onwards again k !

Accident recall

i’ve been getting remarks like, hey what happend, next time drive safely this that.. ahha well i would like to recap on the title of that accident blog, its actually ME who got knocked down by the car, yes its not my car.. its ME ! haha .. yes most people dont believe what happened. SAM please tell them how i flew in mid air landed with two times rolling on the floor and my shoes flying 20 meters away from my feet, while only substaining only minor injuries, i wouldnt say other wise for the car already as i have to pay for its Damages, and i was the one got knocked down, total Damage to the car was bad, cracked its front bumper, side mirrors and side doors. total cost of repair 2G man .. i wish i can pay him that much. i really feel bad, well i dont really care about the money , its just that its my life at stake and thank god i am alive,

i would like to tell everyone out there, if it werent for my active lifestyle for giving me the lightning reflexes and my gym workout to strenghten my muscle and bones, i would be paralysed from the waist down. thank god, so for everyone who is reading this blog. Please live a active lifeslyle you wont regret it, who knows it might save your life one day.. as it saved mine.

Xiamen is in China..

sending my mom and dad to the Airport, going to be the second time in a row sending ppl off to airport, ahha .. they are leaving off to China for holiday, good for them, sigh i wish i can go for a holiday, still waiting for the right time, i dont know when,

Gorgeous is coming back from Singapore today, so happy will be picking her up from the airport also hope you get a flight back baby, i will be seeing you soon, dont know what plans are we going to do ya, but i will plan properly, catch a movie, erm .. have some good food, go shopping, i owe you one big present! what do you want ? please let me know ok.

well .. its sunday i think Jason and Justin going for BKT in Angsa emas, of if you are wondering whats BKT, remember my blog last month its BKT is Bah Kut Teh for short, so i think they have it every sunday together .. ahha .. mom and dad did ask me hey you wanna go got BKT also, i turned them down getting fat already around my tummy, i think my body fat has drop to 11% but i think its not good enough yet.. i want to be below 10% thats my goal, lost 3 days of training due to my accident, SHit.. ahha .. i think i am going to lose.. SAM if you reading this BUGGER OFF you CHEATER !

7am to 11pm

woke up at 7am, saw fish’s car infront of my house with his parents, sending them off to KLIA, sent them off, we headed down to Christina’s house to get her and on our way to Dim Sum at Uptown, so yummy and i think its reasonable..

went to SAito Academy to do out photo shoot and some how they were figuring for about one hour how to fix the lighting, Jason was the supermodel also, check out the picturesman .. so handsome and macho..sigh .. after that we went to 1-Utama to go shopping, i just sat down and was damm tired, Jason, Me and Christina went off to Wong Kok and sat at the table that the workers eat, wow so honored.. ahha .. i was really dead tired and i fell asleep with the menu covering my face, didnt know that idiotic Jason covered me like a roof and side views also ,, ahha .. well its funny but i really had a good nap.

at 5pm went to Christina’s place to get her ready for the wedding dinner, so off on our way to Matrix, heard it was Naomi’s Last day so sad.. we sat down and hang out while having our yummy delicious tandoori chickens. haha .. worth the food and money. went to play pool and Cherlyn came to play with us, i told her aik , she didnt tell me she was coming, so Jason and Justin Kan cheong, so sad that Rachel didnt turn up. i was hoping to see Rachel but HMPH second time she lied, i was kinda mad.. but nevermind la.. she had her own plans.. oh i got Naomi’s number also, cant wait to play pool with ya ok ;)

back home at 12.14, super tired.. going to fall asleep anytime now , but it was good day, happy one also, tired but happy, this is like some primary one essay, Tired but happy .. ahha .. but its true.. i was Tired but really happy hanging out with my frens till late today. it was fun man . we should do this more often ok . take care see you all around man !

Day out At Matrix

8.30 anticipating Jason to arrive cause our booking for the table WAS at 8.30pm.. called Justin to go get the table first but he was not there yet, sigh.. bad timing,

arrive there nearly 9pm, got to our table and no sign of Naomi, sigh .. its ok kewl.. wanted to order a Chivas bottle, and we was asking for discount for it, well cheapskate buggers we are.. so Jason use my Name and said that we are friends of Naomi, then the waiter said ok sure hold on.. Naomi poped up and ask me whats up.. i was like .. WOAH .. wait a minute.. erm .. Jason used my name for that discount.. its not me ok (well made me a fool did he) sniff sniff..Naomi said she will try her best.. well good for Jason..

Naomi came back and talk to Jason as i was shooting pool, she told us that she got a good 15% discount on the bottle.. like WOW .. thanks. Jason also thanked her.. so we continues shooting pool till 11pm, Jessica and Christina came cause Henry went to pick em up.

i met this gurl name Cherlyn, she plays pool very well. and while talking to her Naomi came to change from her uniform to her clothes.. (OH NO) henry said her face was sour as grape.. i dont know .. erm .. i was just chatting with Cherlyn, Sorry Naomi, she is a stranger that i dont know ok,  well Cherlyn played really good pool, hope to play with her again. call you sometimes ok..we play again, i want a rematch..

after playing with Cherlyn, we guys went off to pay the bill, Naomi didnt even look at me, sigh .. did i do something wrong ? but i dont even know that girl.. i tried saying erm .. thanks for the bottle ya.. but she went like oh ya no problem. and then looked away. sigh.. well forget bout it

went to Banana Leaf or soemthing like that at Centerpoint, hanged out till 3.30am talking bout Relationships.. ahha .. kinda funny, got a few pointers how to KAO LUI (woo girls) from Jessica. thanks babe.. ahah .hope to get one with using your tips. sent everyone home and looks at the picture where Jason is dead stone in his Car while i was driving it back.. haha .. sorry boy .. i couldnt resist taking your picture while you were snoring.. ahha .. take care see you in 3 hous time, tomorrow got a photo shoot and i have to be there at 10am, havent pack my clothes yet and i’ve got to help Jason to send his parent to the Airport at 7am. well no worries. see you all tomorrow ok.. will show you the pictures from the photo shoot, that is if the photographer gives it to me. ciao adios and Cheers.

My X-Ray with Dr Lim

Thank God again for having frens like Jason, hehe .. thanks dude for sending me to the Doc, went off to Sri Kota Hospital to get my Scan done, we went from 1st floor then to ground floor to the receptionist, then we was sent to the 3rd floor and then the 2nd floor, sigh i was thinking this must be a roller coaster ride, shit.. i just want to get my head checked. so at last we was sent to the right doc, but in the end we have to wait, oh sorry back track the time,

 12pm Jason came to pick me up, on the way to the hospital and jason was driving but in my head i was thinking what if i have a fracture to my skull and i need to do a operations or stiches i would be freaking dead. i was so worried , at least now i know how it feels to be sent to a hospital.

1.30pm was told to wait for the doc as he is in a conference.. shit again.. waiting and waiting. then we went to the cafeteria, Jason said there is this cute chick working there, well got a glimpse of her.. well not bad to me .. she is fair and thin.

2pm. waiting for the Doc, still not here yet, me and jason having some fun with Jawbreaker.. its a game in my phone, addictive man.. ahah .. he tried to beat my 1150 score and so he did with a score of 1230, i will beat you again. haha

3pm. the doc finally came, saw me told me to go get an X-ray, was sent upstairs to get the Xray done,

3.30pm, Doc saw me again with the X-ray Results, doctor said …. OK you can go.. no problem with you. gave me antiseptic to wash my wounds and thats about it.

4pm went to get the medicine, this time i saw a babe working behind the pharmacy, CUTE.. i ask jason to check it out..  he said .. not bad.. cute.. well if you guys are wondering which floor the girl works in .. its 3 floor in front of the cafeteria,.. really cute..

4.30pm: in ACE snooker center, me and jason was like playing with Limp legs.. ahha .. really funny.

7pm:back home getting ready to go to Matrix to see the gang. see you all soon ! i need my rest and will recover within a week.. thank GOD ! bless all my frens for your concern ! you guys are truly friends to the end ! love you all *MuaCKs*

Found my Blood stained socks

ya i found this in my bag yesterday, it was evidance that i scrapped my leg on the road for about 5 meters without shoes..

My HighWay Accident

 first i would like to say THANK YOU GOD, and SAM the supposedly my guardian Angel,

i have been blessed by guardian angels on this date 23rd of June as today, lots of inccident and accident happened on the Highway especially happening to me that is, 6am in the morning, i was driving to work after a long day of exams on the day before, so stayed up late studying and was so tired, so driving to work on the highway, i was really tired and i confessed that i nearly fell asleep while driving, my eyes was shut on one of the road i was driving and there was some turnings on the road that i never even knew i made, and i dont know how my car was on the road still and still in line with the road, i really dont know how that happened, so thank to god for saving me for the first time.

the second incident, 12pm, i called out to SAM, hey lets go man, its almost time, its our regular Afternoon jog out in the city,this time its no good, sigh .. let cut the story short i got BANGED by a car, ok to make the story LONG.. haha .. we wanted to take a short cut to 1-utama and we were crossing between Ikea along the Kota Damansara road, so i was leading the way, all of a sudden i heard Sam shouted out to me, ISAAAAAACCCCCCCC… i was startled and i look to the side , i saw the tunnel that reminded me of cars, then i look further to the right, i saw this Toyota Vios heading with screeching tires into my direction, i thought to myself in split seconds should i sprint ahead or should i jump, i surveyed the next lane, NO GOOD, another car in that lane, shit.. i told my self get knocked in the center and die or jump back wards and get leg damage, sigh .. so i decided, all this happened so fast in my head, i jumped back and BANGED !! it hit me across the knees below, next thing i know .. i curled up my self and i could feel that my shoes flew away from my legs, i knew i went two revolutions and landed on my back, i got up straight away and guess what.. didnt look at myself but was wondering where was my shoes, sigh .. kinda stupid eh, so the guy came down looked at me, i was still shouting.. where the hell is my shoes, Sam handed me one side and i was still like where the hell is my shoe, the guy kept asking me hey man you ok, i said look for my shoes first then i talk to you.. ahah . i seriously said that man .. so i walked all the way down the road like 20 meters and found my shoe in the bushes. THANK GOD for SAM, he saved my life. SAM i owe you my life. you truly are my Brother!

next thing is i know i am talking to the owner of the car, he said hey you are bleeding.. i said i know but i am ok.. I SERIOUSLY AM.. then i walked to the car and i looked at it, NO good.. shit .. i cracked its front bumper.. smashed its side mirror and door, i was wondering how in the world i did that .. SAM saw it too, well i am typing paralysed from the waist down.. now .. so no more personal training for me.. haha .. just kidding.. oh talking bout kidding.. ahah .. we joked about the incident all the way when i was hurt, walking into IKEA to get water to wash my wound.. ppl thought i was banged by a MOTORCYCLE cause of the injury i had, once i told them its a car.. they were all stunned. haha.. well this is to tell you all please go learn how to fall properly and go strenghten yourself up by going to the GYM. They owner of the car kept asking hey why you guys still joking, are you crazy.. ahha well i told Sam, if i am dead.. please mourn for me, but now i am alive please LAUGH WITH ME ! sometimes its just how i take life as it is.. if it has happened TAKE IT AS A LESSON LEARNED. just be aware of your surroundings and dont go F**KING jogging in the highway . u might never know you might bumped into. 

oh some pictures of the nurse dressing me up and Dr Tan joking with me and SAM .. hey Sam i would like to thank you again. i would never forget you ok. enjoy..

Brandon is here !

hey guys .. guess who is this ? Brandon ?? (oh only they guys in our group would know who is Brandon, or is it Vince ? ahah ..



its Vince from Akademi Fantasia (am i right ? is it akedemi fantasia or Malaysian Idol) well he poped by the Gym and its the first time i saw him.. shit .. he really looks like Brandon. ahha .. i really laughed my head off when i saw Vince.. i couldnt resist taking his Picture and telling him he looks like Bran.. ahah ..i placed Brandon’s pic next to Vince.. its the only pic i have of Bran.. ahha .. seriously they should be brothers

Bliss of a Ferrari

Was driving to work today, cruising at a steady speed till i reached the Damansara toll, wind downed my window and looked into my rear view mirror, saw a yellow Ferrari and it was also slowing down to pay its toll,

once i was in first gear the Ferrari Roared its way out to the open highway proclaiming its ownership of the road, its ROar is so powerful that you can feel the sound piercing into your heart, man .. the open throttle of a Ferrari, its what i call Bliss, but a matter of fact, how could someone actually buy a car thats worth a House? is it because their love or passion for the car ? or is it that they own to much money and dont know what to do with it? well if i have that money i would love to invest in the Ferrari also,

 well its all a dream, just like what people always call it "The car of your DREAMS" truly indeed, only in your DREAMS ! ahah .. selected few will only be driving those babys.. would you buy a Ferrari if you had that kind of cash with you ?

Pre BBQ preparation at the Twins place

went out at 7pm to Tesco with Jason and Christina and picked up Henry on the way also, why are we headed there ? yup thats right, its the title that gave it away.. DUH! so we were shopping for all sorts of meat, Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork .. and .. Squid is that a meat ? erm .. dont know .. ahha .. anyway .. there was this argument about this Squid again, its about why some people only taken a small amount of Squid, the amount was just right for ONE Person, so Christina went boiling mad and was Rambling over and over the Squid portion. haha.. dont ask me i think its between Jason and Chris to fight it out, so funny, check out Christina’s face when i took her pic ! Candid Camera Shot !  

Just one more Anxiety to overcome.

STRESSED out .. picked Jean up at 7-11 at Damansara at 7.11am after my workout, went to have out breakie at A&W as its the nearest to our school before the Exams.. feel so worried about everything right now, look at Jean, Bryan, Reza and Me having discussion, the stress was in the air, sigh .. no one has the mood to do anything .. just one more to go.. on Monday still ..

take away my anxiety…please please please (blackeyedpea)

sigh exams tomorrow, i am still here at my pc ..blanked out.. i am kinda worried and pissed about myself that i didnt study for anything. i am completely blank ! i am serious…. i dont know whats going to happen .. how how how .. EXAMS is really stressing my head out here .. i dont know what to do.. help …  ANXIETY is up to my head !

advice please.. to go to penang or not to go to penang ? its about the new gym opening there, sigh .. decisions decisions..

Hey Mambo! Mambo italiano ..

i have this weird hobby of colleting Mambo Tshirt.. i dont know why .. but i like em so much .. i still dont dare to wear em .. as they all have thier tags on, i have gave my all my close frens Mambo Tshirts, Jason, Henry, Lawrance, Justin. we are the 976 gang.. so all of em have one. hope you guys like it, cause they are one in a million.

oh my collection of Mambo Tshirts.. not much but its already cost me nearly 1k for just those tshirts. i also have the whole collection of stickers.. thansk to the most gorgeous girl i ever known, do you guys like to collect Mambo Tshirts, maybe we can trade a few?

Shing-a-pore Episode III: The return of the Shoppers

well if you are reading this episode of the shing – a – pore , you are at the wrong end buddy, start from episode I, but if you insist then go ahead.

as the titles says it all .. the return of the shoppers, well we hang out at Woodlands to have some handmade noodle for lunch, was waiting for Lawrance(jesus) aunt to get ready, we took off only at 4pm, suppose to be 2pm AHEM AHEM..bad timing always..

drove down to second link and back to Malaysian soil, enjoy the pics not going to say anything more, except for the Darkside, this time justin was the Sleeping, so got a good shot at him.. aha, look at the beautiful sun setting and also the beautiful JAm at Seremban. sigh ..

got back at 10pm cause we went over to the Twins place at DJ to have dinner with them, Joanne also accompanied us, talked about having BBQ for next week.. well keep you all posted then again GOD BLESS and Take care. cheerios. hope you guys enjoyed all three episodes of the Shing-a-pore

Shing-a-pore Episode II: The Shopper strikes back

(if you are reading this episode of the Shing-a-pore, please refrain yourself and go to episode 1) well if you want to continue, i dont care.. ahah ..

well this is a long episode, the special 3 hours uncut of the trip, its going to be long and action packed.. get your pop corns out and get your most comfortable seats ready. enjoy..

all came down from woodlands to my house and parked their car over at my place. we took a bus down to Bugis as our Big Brother with the orange hair wants to buy his Bass, we call him Jesus now (well he is actually Lawrance, i was shocked when i saw his hair dyed in Orange)

so i brought him to Bras Basah Complex to get his Bass, but not satisfied, see him in Action in the pictures below, he plays sweet music of god, oh i took some picture of trumpets and saxaphone for cheryl, check it out girl..

i went on to get my Mini Ipod (lime green and with silicon skin) good bargain.. splugre 1

We all took a MRT to Queensway to buy some sport shoes, knowing it would be cheaper than Malaysia. see the picture where Justin hogs the seat of the MRT and pretends to sleep while a poor one legged crippled Pregnant Lady with four kids wanted to sit badly, he shows so much strengh in his power of the dark side, no wonder Darth Vader lost to him.

Went to queensway shopping complex and all of us went Bonkers over the sports shoes, you wont believe how many sport shoes we all got, Justin got One pair, Mat bought two Pair, Lawrance bought 3pair including a pair of slippers, as for me i went for the Dri-Fit top by Nike.dirt cheap.. got two pair not much nice design left splurge 2. oh check out the ball vending machine, kinda kewl eh.

We all went our own ways as we are worried that the replublic army would find us, so Lawrance went off to Plaza Singapura with Matthew to get his Bass (hallelujah)

Pass by Dolce & Gabbana but no sale going on, not cool, passed by DKNY closed for renovation, sigh .. versace.. too old school for me..

i went with my gurl to do my own shopping, ended in Gucci at DFS, not much stuff there, went to Prada, saw some shoes and Slipper, went to the other Gucci at Paragon to see my old friend, he thought i was lost already, haha .. showed him the Prada’s that i bought Splurge 3. guy at Prada was an asshole !

didnt have much time left as its already about 6pm, went over to Ngee Ann city to Tiffanny and Co to get a present, bought a bracelet, not bad.. Splurge 4. lady at Tiff was so nice to us, while purchasing my splugre got a call from Jesus, saying he wants to go back, thought what happend, so luckly matt to over the phone and explained.. he said Jesus bought his Bass Guitar already and its huge, so he wants to leave it in the car. So Des Neh.. when i walked out from Tiff, i saw Hugo Boss having its sale already,, HAhaH .. cant stop there.. went in to look for stuff to buy .. maybe a pants of shirt, sigh .. got a call again, from Jesus, where are you .. this and that.. so nevermind.. walked out and straight to the MRT station.

meet all of them at the Tanah Merah Station and all of them was sitting down already, Jesus Mat and my gurl went off by cab then they took the car to pick me, Jason and Henry up. so while waiting me and Jason was clowining around.. ahha .. dont want to describe any futher. directors cut..

we all went back to woodlands to have dinner, Yummy food, thanks to Jesus’s Aunt, talented cook. oh for dessert we had dumpling check out me,Jasno and Jesus pigging out.. haha..  oh and also the size of the dumpling. really cool

took a car down to Serrangoon at 12pm to get Zippos. backtrack.. did i mention bout Darth Justin in the past few paragraph, i didnt right, well i guess he went on his own ways following the true side of darkness.. well we actually picked him up at Hereen and something happened while picking him up.. guess what .. we parked in a bus lane and ask henry to come over to the other car, we were driving two cars. so as henry was getting down, a blady bus came and HONK at us so loudy i think the whole of Orchard street heard us, We sped off, so did Jason, guess who we left back there, HAHA .. poor henry (he was stunned and sitting alone in the middle of Orchard like a lost child).. we stopped at Centerpoint and Jason ran all the way back to get henry, haha ..

so thats the story of how we salvaged henry from being lost in Singapore, Jason bought some bling blings from Mustapha (its a zippo lighter with a dollar sign and diamond studded) really nice. We then ajourn off to Kopitiam at Bencoolen, the darkside was strong.. as Justin went to the toilet, we worried that his erm Noodle would be soaked dry so we adjusted the chopsticks in a way that it was hanging all the noodle, when he came back he thought we were playing with his noodle and threw the chopsticks in the ground, look at the picture where Jason’s face was sour and Justin was eating his noodle, the Expression the Anger… its all there.. ahaha .. it was late already bout 1am, we took off as its going to be a long journey tomorrow.  till again .. catch Shing – a – pore episode 3.

Special Edition (the DARK SIDE)

if you are reading the Special Edition (please refrain yourself and go to Shing-a-pore episode 1)

This is the dark side of the singapore trip, hehe ,, well its the funniest event of the trip, cause while in the car with Jason and Justin. i stumbled upon a bag of tidbits and guess whats underneath all of those tidbits.. TONS of Drugs (just kidding its Chewing Gum) my gosh the amount of Chewing Gum was like it could have supplied a small family of 3 for weeks.

so i asked him, are you crazy, you will get hanged for smuggling chewing gum inside singapore, he was like nervous and say its ok .. i am the darkside.. ahah .. ya right. well we told him to stay calm and relax when we reached the imigration ok, so there we were at the imigration and they stopped us for a routine check, the imigration police checked the booth out, and then he open up the back seat door of my side, woah .. i tought to myself, this guy is like thinking we are hiding something.. hehe .. i can see Justin being super cool .. so quiet so calm… all of a sudden the police yank the back seat out (which is already spoilt) so he was like suspicious, he thought we were hiding something .. so i told him it was already spoilt, he further searched till he reached for the tidbit bag.. i can see Justin fidgetting now, hahah.. then he found it.. The bag of gums, OH NO!! Justin was in shocked and quickly turned around, haha .. so the policed calmly asked JASON(the driver ma) what is all this gum for, why so many gums in this bag? before even JASON could answer guess who answered.. HAHA JUSTIN.. he broke his cool like a drug addict… he answered "makan sendiri" meaning (own consumption) look like his dark side has turned another side.. the chicken side.. ahah, guess what ..any clown would figure out that how could three of us finish all these gums by ourself, so i quickly defended Jason by saying its for our friends.

the police asked for our passports already, and Justin was still blabering.. its for own consumptions..etc..etc.. i took out the passport wanting to give, but he kept asking questions, like what you guys doing here, i quickly answered before Justin can say a word, (i am guessing he is peeing in his pants right now) .. i told the police we were students here for holiday, and he turn to the fidgeting wan, ahha .. he ask what about you, Justin said.. i work as a LO Lor Logistic person.. in Port Klang. You guys should have been there, the tension in the car was hilarious. haha .. well i should not further suppresses the darkside’s power, as Justin will read bout this sooner or later, haha .. check out the pictures

well in the end this is what happened :

Justin got scoop free as he got a verbal warning

Justin was doing this all for a good cause, he wanted to help a friend in Singapore quit smoking as its now $11/- a packet that makes itss RM23 for a pack of 10 sticks.. wow..

Justin is not turning back from the Darkside. (HAHA)

Shing-a-pore episode I : The shopper wars

long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, darn still stuck in my Star Wars era.. ok lets start..

Friday Afternoon 10th of June, just finished training Valerie! RUSHED off in anticipation of going home and getting everything ready, we all met up at my house, Jason and Justin was watching movie and it was already 2.30, late again as usual, but they came anyway, so whooped me up and off we go, met Mathew, Henry and Lawrance at the Sungai Rasa Toll, cause Matt’s got someone to drop off.

and on the way we go, 3.30pm, i trusted Justin to be the navigator, cause i was dead tired, up all the whole morning and the night before, so i wanted to get some shut eye, well the bass in Jason’s car was pumping but i still fell asleep, the car behind trailing us is Matt’s car.. kinda slow. HaHA

we took a stop at Pagoh and chill out, check out the mafiaso picture. ha ha, reached Johor at around 7.30pm, stop by this restaurant called Danga Bay, serves really good Tom Yam,(i think cause i only tasted it like two sips, cause not enough (small portion) and the bill came up to RM98.12. wow .. MOST expensive malay food i ever eaten. but the Grill fish is a MUST ! SEDAP (thats delicious in malay)

Singapore Soil at last, look at the jam at woodlands so sad.. its already 9 and still Jam, and they say Malaysia was bad.. ahha. stopped over at Woodlands to see Lawrance Aunts new HDB, nice.. really nice.. after that we headed down to Geylang (place for prostitution) to EAT ..check out Jason’s Blog, he explained it differently so is Henry’s Blog. click on their link and you will be able to see it.  and the gorgeous girl is Marie, our fren from Malaysia who went over to Singapore to get married and work.. more to come in episode 2 and a special episode of the DARK SIDE (not to be missed)

Shing – a – pore (pre trip agenda)

Ya, going off to land of Lions dont know what to do , where to go, so many things to do but so little time,  lots of stuff to do and dont know when to do it, careful logistical planning needs to be done, its more like a tactical assault on Singapore Great Sale, what to buy ? where to buy ? cheap , expensive? will clue you guys in on what i am going to buy.. it starts with G and end with I , ahah .. my Fav Brand.. yes .. Gucci.. the sale here is crazly cheap, who knows i might just get Dolce, but i hear Boss is cheap also, oh .. my friends told me that Prada has new stocks arriving. man .. what to do .. what to do.. . recruits careful planning (money wise)  i am such a sucker for Designer goods.. sigh .. what can i do .. HELP ! Designer goods anonyamous sorry i failed you, this is just a pre trip blog about what is to be done in singapore, will let you guys know what happenend on the First Day of the Trip, Awesomely Funny tragedy happended in the immigration side, Ha Ha LOL !  cheerios see you all on Monday.

Midnight Tragedy / Morning Dim Sum

Yawn .., was loading my O2 with songs for the road trip to Singapore, oops … did i mention that i am going to Singapore for the weekend, well anyway.. its 5.30am and my phone rang, it thought it was from Singapore, but it was another voice over at the End, it was a very dry and tired voice, it sounded scary and it was like a stalker, the phone crackel like it was broken but i heard over the other end it was a Guys voice, who in the earth would call me 5.30 in the morning, it was .. non other than SAM, LOL.

he asked for a favor pick him up over at SS2, so i told him yah sure no prob, thought something happened to him, i drove as quick as possible and no sign of Sam, man i thought he really was in trouble till i parked my car and i saw this stocky guy came running, LOL, it was Sam, he said lets go grab a bite, erm .. its 6 am in the morning are you sure you want to eat ? he replied YA sure.. lets go, ok .. sat down for Dim Sum, and ordered a few dishes and Ice Coffee, cost us nearly 20bucks .. not going there again.

he narated the tragedy befallen on them the previous day, it was a bad outing for everyone to Zouk, but not for me, i went over to MATRIX, yes .. there place where Cute Naomi works. ahah..  Justin Agreed she is cute , so did Henry, so did all the guys…. to be continued ……(getting back to work before the boss comes in)

is it true that ..

      Is it true that once you have a business its all about the money and nothing bout the money? i just found out that companies dont really care bout their employee.. i read in this Singapore paper that 9 Star Emplioyee left the workplace and the company dont give a shit! is this all about company loyalty ? is this right ? company to treat the employee like that ? oh did i tell you that all 9 employee was replaced straight away !! is this bad or what.. sigh those 9 ppl were actually experienced people in the personal training/fitness industry and they were all pressured by the new management to be selling Personal Training, i quote "Demoralising appointment of a new fitness manager as well overly sales-driven corporate culture’ unquote.

 i think this really sucks as i would quote again from a client of this personal trainers "personal training is exactly that – its PERSONAL, so its not a question of just filling up the gap with anyone" i totally agree.. so if some corporate asshole comes up to you and ask you to sell PT, i doubt it .. what do they know.. all they see is the money… but do they know that its got to be relationships and its PERSONAL !

sigh sometimes i feel numb over all these stuff.. to tell you the truth its happening everywhere.. i pity those clients. and i pity the company that does that .. EMPLOYEES are not DISPENSIBLE, they are all ASSETS, treat em right and your company grows.. PAY PEANUT, you get MONKEYS !

Afternoon Tea at Henry’s

Got back early from work, went to Brandon’s place to get my car checked for the AMP, that ass guy charged me RM10 for a bloody fuse and it was his equipment fault and not mine, well nevermind .. serve me right for going to a blood suckers place..

Jason and Justin picked me up to go over to Henry’s crib, we hanged out and had Tea, no kidding, it was great.. well poor Henry was eating duck rice and me and justin was like eating it for him, ahah .. imagining 3 people eating out of one portion of rice, and it was suppose to be Henry’s lunch. haha

went over to play snooker, teamed up with Henry and my stress level blew a sky high, he was like the king of snooker and heeds no advice.. man .. EGO man, but its ok la .. we still manage to win, so i decided to change to my old partner Justin, so Jason’s got to deal with Henry haha .. too bad boys we Whoop your ass ! it was fun thought.. but all i can say is that HEnry has got his own mindset and that is the competitive part of him, i still want to beat him no matter what ..

Jason, please teach me your center pot, they all look so easy, i cant beleive it.. i want to throw my cue out the window when i shoot center pot, i cant believe you make it look so easy, sigh .. good game when we played single, got Trashed by Jason 40+ marks.. he was so good just like Henry, they are all so good .. praise the lord, haha .. well cheerios.. going out with them again. maybe want a rematch eh ? haha .. bring it on !

Sunday Morning.

well well.. such a beautiful Sunday, too bad i am working .. sigh .. got up at 7am , driving my car with the window winded down, the breezing air was cool and it was great, look at the highway thru my side mirror, no car.. see such a perfect day, no sun yet and it was chilly, man i wish i was out biking.

got at my workplace and GOSH, its not even 8 yet and there is tons of people in the gym , whats happenig, look at the pictures of the carpark its already full,.. mind you we only open at 8, whats these people ? FANATICS ? CRAZY ? for gawd sake its Sunday stay in bed.  warm up the coffee and toast some bread.. why come to gym .. guess i will never understand these people..

well .. went to ultimate toys again to check out the talking yoda, all sold out .. it only cost a mere RM400 to get that figure.. so kewl…thinking of getting the anakin lightsaber.. so kewl. I took a picture of the Macross Figure and it reminds of my old times.. its the Remember the Love series, i love that chapter of Macross.. i remember i followed everything to the last chapter.. i think we are all still kids inside of us, just that we dont dare show it out. its just a pity i saw, its the inner child in us waiting to come out and be joyful, but ages comes of us and we all have to be poised and be matured .. sigh .. its really a pity..dont you think so ? the secret of looking young is to FEEL and ACT YOUNG.. no wonder people think i am still 19 (snicker)


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