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Musical Fiasco

i was with Justin and Jason yesterday, both of them feeling the vibes and calling of the music god, music indeed but these time its in their car, this is what i call the realm of In Car Entertainment (ICE) , i think they have been bitten by the ICE bug, and both of them are going crazy over upgrading their regular set of ICE entertainment ever since, first it was regular stuff.. but now.. its going crazy, spending over 5grand on it systems and all..
would anyone pay RM2K for a amp ? if you think thats crazy,  thats just the amp, wait till you hear the whole package.. aha .. i will define ICE later as i have to go to work now.. take care guys .. catch ya later.

Not another one..

hi guys, as i came back from lunch with Mr Chiam, i went to the cafe and Qi Lian said: hey i heard that Amber is here, so i guess are you sure, so i looked around, and no where to be seen, so i asked her again, ARE YOU SURE ? she said i think so. well so i told her i will go check it out, i walked all the way to the free weight area and there she was AMBER CHIA, as for people who dont know who she is, er.. hehe .. actually i also only know her as a model from Malaysia (kinda famous i think) so ya she was training with my boss, and she look (hey amber if you see this dont kill me) scrawny from the billboard which i saw her in, which is the Pensonic or was is Panasonic, i dont know. well ya another Celebrity Spotted in the Gym, i know you guys want to see the picture. well this time i didnt take one.. cause she was busy training. i will take one for you guys ok !


man i tell you the phones that is coming out these days.. its just CRAZY man .. its CRAZY ! but its for the better of us, well i am a tech geek and i most certainly love what is happening to the phone scenes right now, anticipating the N91, seen the N90, looked at the 8800, IPAQ 6500 with built in GPS, O2 xphone 2 ! wow..  tell you if i have the money i would invest in everything.. its just to collect.. i am going to buy the W800 very soon as Elysia already have the ericsson 750i, any takers for my Samsung E700 cheap cheap la .. hehe, well here is a picture of the so called prototype Ericsson phone, i think it would blast the competition out of the market.. wait for it .. should be coming out soon in the near future..

Carpenters Greatest Hits

oh i forgot to tell you guys that on the day of KL chicken Wing, Jason, Justin and Me went down to Jenjarom to have a Table HAND MADE by ourself specially for the BBQ, i would say its a better Quality of IKEA, haha.. so if you guys want furniture looks for us ! JIJ furnitures ! ahah .. check out the workmanship ! oh i am the only one with the finished products pictures not even Jason himself, so this is a internal spy reporting to you guys out there who is interested in Furniture ! LOL
ps: pluspoint even do delivery right up to your doorstep for free*

My Encounter with Deanna Yusoff

Island far far away.. I always dream of going to my island far far away, it’s a happy place for me, to set loose my soul, to re-live the dream i never had,  I just want to be free, free from the trouble world.. anyway ..

Today I was in a good mood in the gym and was talking to one of my client Ely about who is the our favourite local celebrity while training her, I told her that male for me has got to be M. Nasir and for the female would be Deanna Yusoff.  Well she agreed with me on Deana thought..  so as I was waiting for Eddy who was my next client on my schedule for the day( My clients are lined up back to back , not good for me) and suddenly I saw this lady walking into the gym, she looks familiar… thinking to myself (wondering in my thoughts gathering who could that be) after which I left it as it was,

Ok I was trying not to stalk people in the gym ok , I then started my training session with Eddy on our usual regular session, then .. when it was in the middle of the training session with Eddy (had him on the treadmill doing hill intervals), I asked him,  hey do you know that lady ? he looked and said .. erm .. nope.. maybe.. he was in doubt as well,

LOL .. so then I walked up to Morna who was training with this lady I was curious about ( Morna is a gym member also my buddy)

With my extra thick cow hide skin, I asked, EXCUSE ME MORNA sorry to interrupt your conversation.. I have to ask this burning question on the tip of my tongue.. HI ARE YOU Deanna Yusoff ? and she said .. Ya I am .. ahah .. so I told her. . it’s such a irony that me and my previous client was talking about you, and now there you are standing right in front of me.. LOL.. so I requested to have my picture then with her, the rest is history.

Well here you go guys! my Favourite Malaysian Female Actress, now let’s see if I can capture M.Nasir.

Blog Update: 23 April 2o13: I have lost the original picture of me and Deanna and now this is all is left of me and her, memories will not fade. Thank you Deanna


feeling all screwed up tight and shitty !

i dont know whats wrong with me .. i think its always me ! i know its me.. its all my fault ! dont you know that .. its never been yours .. i have the temper .. i am implosive.. i am wrong .. i just am screwed up in life and i am like a arsehole ! blame it all on me.. now wouldnt that be good to have someone to blame on ? its really cool, you screw things up, u blame the other person.. well i guess its just a way of life..
today i feel like shit and all screwed up.. i dont know what to do but sulk, always try to be happy and full of encouragement when i am working, but once something or someone said something.. my whole day is screwed up ! i would be TOTALLY IGNORANCE of my HAPPINESS ! do you think i am implosive ? or do you think i am explosive ? i am implosive definitly. SCREW YOU ! why must this happen to me.. sometimes i just wan to be alone in my island of thoughts .. well in a island far far away from here.. i really wish i can.. i know i will be doing that end of this month .. but i definitly wont be happy .. as the island i am going to be is full of sorrow.. visiting the island that was destructed by the tsunami.. jsut want to feel the lost soul and sadness in the sea.. i want to feel its pain .. i seriously dont know what i am blogging about these days .. i am going to stop blogging for a while .. i am going to gather my thoughts again. and hopefully i will return to my normal self !

today was the first ..

today is the first day of my Uni’s semester, apprehending that i have to go to school three times a week dread me if i am working, but if i am a full time student .. i really dont mind, finding out that i only have 5 class mate ? or was it 4 including me is a total drag, and all of them are girls.. sigh .. nto that i am gay or anything ..its just that what happens if all of them HAVE PMS ALTOGETHER ! SEI LOR(die lor)! imagine what would happen, or even the lecturer would favor girls and leave me alone, sigh ..   this is my discourse la and my myth to myself believe (bruce i know you would be proud of me for defining the correct ways of discourse) LOL
well i was planning a trip to go to island hopping again, but why do i have to give way to others, its always like that, when you want something , the other person wants another , and another person wants another type of stuff.. yadayadayada.. etc etc.. and it goes on, like for instant.. dinner, where do you wnt to go.. what do you want to eat .. then the othe person would ask in return WHAT do you wnt to eat ? wher do you want to eat ? sigh .. dont know .. what do you say ? it goes rond and round.. people these days arent alpha male anymore.. or alpha what ever .. sometimes caring for other peoples heart can be a real pain in the butt, so one person would need to make up his/her mind, then it would be ok,
i guess its all about caring for peoples feelings.. what would he feel if i say i want to eat this, do that .. etc etc.. will it hurt the other persons feeling, have you felt that kind of way before ? well i personally have.. you want to care more for the other party, in return the other party wants to care for us in return, so it will be a conflict.. sigh .. do you guys understand what i am saying ? i hope so ! LET ME KNOW IF I AM MAKING THIS CLEAR !
well .. i saw this VW beetle in the garage today and i was like WOW! wish i could drive one of these babies. i am tyring to figure out a way to own one of em by 30! actually i got the formula to being rich, its fairly simple..

KL chicken saga

just a hint of spice added to the night before, it was great i tell you, i really had fun as when i saw all my friends gathered around the tables and started talking its even better then going out to clubs or pool clubs. it was the Saga of Kwai Lan chicken.
We set up KL chicken despite it was late, well bad timing on the first day, bad management, blame it all on me.. sigh.started the bon fire, (bbq pit fire) at 8pm an hour late of schedule, we took quite a while to set up everything and it was hell lots of stuff to carry from Jason’s house to the site. no doubt its about 100meters.. haha .. the back and forth driving Jason’s car, Justin’s car and Henry’s bike it was no doubt really great.
i went over to 7-Eleven to get ice and big bag of ice i did. cost me RM9. first to arrive was none other than Lydia, wow i didnt recgonize her as she was sitting there in the dark, so i opened the table and sat her down properly, while doing so.. pop a kancil came driving by real fast.. i was like what the hell.. and then the familiar face came out from the car, it is our celebrity guy, Anand Kumnar aka Spooker. i was like happy to see him, i asked him why didnt you come earlier, he said once he read my blog about the chicken business he came straight away. I am so touched. its great having friends like him around. then slowly one by one came, the cars are getting overly crowded as well as the people, then came Ah Loong with Emily, Susan, Stanley and Audrey, Jack, Tien Seong,Mathew, Lawrance and  many more, all i remember it was totally packed with people. We didnt have a board stating that we are selling Chicken Wings so Anand voluntereed to make one for us, and i find it that its a rather decent sign board. but not the rest.. ahah .. good work Anand. keep it up.
time went by really fast everyone was hanging out and talking, its like a bond between everybody. i feel rather happy seeing a gathering like that. it was about 1am then a phone rang, tuut tuut, it was Jason and it was .. Ahem .. Yin Mei, we asked her to come along and bring some Booze.. i really appreciated her for bringing the booze.. thanks girl, the night couldnt have ended better than having JackDaniel under the Sky.. love ya Uncle JD!
well we cleared up everything and washed up, i reached home at 4.30am and i woke up 3 hours later for work. well i am back now blogging.. and i feel kinda SCREWED up cause i LOST MY FREAKING MEMORY CARD ! all my data’s inside.. sigh .. i want to kill myself ! check out the pictures ok !

KL Chicken Wing Opening Today

KL BBQ Chicken Wing is opening today at 7.00pm at the Chi Liung Round About. if you guys are wonding what is that and HOW THE HELL that came about read on..
its been three weeks now that we have planned for this, you must be wondering who is we, well it was me, Jason and Justin sitting down at Chan Char Teng at 1-utama in Bandar Utama as they came to see me at work, i was on my lunch break and they came on one fine Sunday. We were chatting about the previous BBQ experience in the twins house and how people were giving comments (all good comment mind you) about the chicken wing that we was BBQing. We also talkabout the Mamak at the roundabout near chi liung and how so many stall was booming over at that site. All of those talk infused something into our minds..and BOOM KL Chicken came about, after that we were hooked on having our business running, so we sat down again that night to talk more at Shanmuga’s Mamak while having our sip of teh tarik, it was a good feeling.
so ya, it all started from there, i started telling them why not make it out of a business and just have fun with it, dont take it as a business just yet but its more like a try out business. To get the feel of owning a business and partnership. how life would be owning a store, not totally a store but just a tables and chairs under the stars, its more of a open concept stall. yes thats what i would call it, so at that time at Shanmuga it was exciting takling how this business would boom and how everything fall into place, we were talking about the recipe, the research and development, the location, the price, the cost, everything that would make a business run. It was a really good feeling and i was so hyped out about it. I told Justin do not back out as he always does…and he said NO WAY lets do it. LOL  
Yesterday we did the marinating and the day before we did our groceries, getting all the chicken wings preped up for the day. KL Chicken Wings is not going to open everyday neither would it open every weekend.! its going to be delibritly opened only once a fourth night so if you guys crave for the chicken wings dont blame us k. I know its going to be AWESOME as we were marinating the chicken yesterday the smell was GREAT. The chicken wings are going to be on sale for only RM3 for two pieces, YES ONLY RM3. we are also serving drinks for only RM1 a cup.  Jason’s mom popped by in the kitchen and said wow you guys are having a party eh, hehe well we told her about it and she said, so how much you guys going to sell those for, she said its way to cheap and she said she would call this Uncle Jimmy to come over and buy ten straight away. LOL
So for those who are reading this and staying near Chi Liung do drop by today 16/July/2005 a Saturday at  the Chi Liung roundabout at 7.30pm hope to see you guys there for those yummy chicken wings. or do drop by to say hi to the Cute Cook (justin) or the Adorable Waiter (Jason). see you guys there ok.

Accident at Route 666

This morning at around 12.15am when Jason, Justin and me finished a round of snooker at the old Bayu. we headed off to this nice little corner to have a drink under the tree, this particular place is where we were given tips from a mamak (a indian ethnic type of food) owner to apply a for license to start for a business. I think it would be cool to have a business dont you think. I had my usual 3 Hard boiled eggs and Jason had his 2 hard boiled eggs. Sitting down at the little corner feeling the cool breeze after a rain was just perfect till all of  sudden a few cars came rushing out from the housings like mad man, it was like a team of racers but in fact it was just those tow truck people, we thought there were having a Gumball 3000, so we look at all of them heading towards a direction….. we just left them to whatever they are doing..
when it was around 1-ish in the morning, we started to take leave and headed for home, to think of it I am working the next day at 6am. ASSHOLE JASON ! never send me back but FORCED me to go for midnight tea session. shame on you .. tsk tsk when we were taking leave on the way back to my house, we saw a lot of lights on the streets ahead, Jason was getting excited saying .. oh no.. i think those cars werent racing just now, there were going to tow some people’s car whose in a accident…there was a lot of commotion and i guess i also said that HEY LETS GO MAN ! Haha .. knowing that i have to go to work, but this is a chance of a lifetime to see the read DEVIL’s CORNER at WORK !!   why i call this devil’s corner as its a SHARP HAIRPIN CURVE coming in to Chi Liung Garden, this particular corner took many lives and also injured many. its a sharp bend while having big drainage from the sides of the railing just after the road. So we rushed off to park the car and we went to see.. its no good. the car was in the drain and it was facing backwards…(pictures included) we met someone we know and he told us that the car was driven by a young girl who just got her Probational Licence, this is really sad, i dont know how she drove her car but she spun it and driven the whole car down the drain, luckily she wasnt injured or anything like that (Thank GOD) so its a good lesson for everyone today, do not speed in your car.. value your life, if you dont value your life, value the one that loves you. till later check you all out ok !

Decisions of life..

something came up today, someone came up to me and ask me if i am ready for the Assistant Operations Manager.. but what should i do ? i dont know .. life is all about decisions..
let me tell you a story about decision making.. long long time ago in the province of china there live two king. One Name Emperor Ching and the other Emperor Ming, these two emperor were really good buddies till one day they met this princess of siberia, she was the most awesome girl you will ever meet, she was like..WOW.. long hair, nice body, supereb moral, intelligent, wise, calm, oriental, very feminine, takes care her loves one and ever so perfect…and mainly respect for her love one. ..the both emperor decided to woo her and knowing they are two buddies.. they decided to have a competition between both of them. the competition was simple to see who can collect the most land in one month. so it begins .. TAXAtion .. WAR .. and everything.. till one day they decided to stop it all because ..  the princess of Siberia wasnt around anymore (yes she dissappeared into thin air).. the both emperor made up as buddies again and lives on with their lives happily ever after… (MORAL OF THE STORY) there is no such thing as a perfect girl. (ya i know its got nothing to do with decision making.. i am just crapping it all out. ahah) 
well anyway .. i got to go .. catch ya all later.. i promise i wont make up stories anymore ok. LOL

aMm is going off… sniff sniff

sigh , why do people want to go to london? is it really nice ? i know this girl who is in Thai going off to London, so sad .. she said she want to bring me to a very fancy restaurant featured in her blog, i was so interested already and she said she want to hang out with me in Koh Samui also.. guess girls have to do what they have to do right.. so aMm.. i hope you come back and hang out with me when i am in BKK and in Samui ok .. i need you to translate everything for me .. hehe .. take care and may all your dreams come true in London! sorry guys cant publish her picture.. later she will kill me.. and its only for me to keep ! haha ..

New Semester going to start soon.

My mood has been pretty down these days, i cant even cheer myself up no matter what i do, i think for me its a matter of choosing to get over it or to go with it. sigh.. problems of assignments, problems with everything, problem with my luck,
i’ve just receive my assignment from Julianne Stewart, she gave me a resaonable marks no doubt i blew my brains resubmitting the assignment. thank you so much! i hope to go over to aussie and have a cup of tea with you someday ok.  
Me and Jason going to play snooker later. at least my stress it over. hope to break my century soon. NOT ! ahha .. u guys take care ok.. i am not really blogging my thoughts out yet as i am taking a break, sorry. will dig deep into my thoughts and really give you my two cent’s worth ! cheers buddies !  oh enjoy some of my Langkawi Pictures ok !

Assigments on my arse, glutes, whatever

there title is  just a
metaphor saying that all this assigments are really grinding me to the
bone, dont take it as i left my assignment on my arse.

oh i would to thank MR Paolo
Gomes, my Mentor for teaching me how to do my discourse, Myth and
Ideology, well still blurred out with the explaination thought.. but i
think i will survive.. HOPEfULLY ! hhehe .. thanks anyway dude.. owe
you one .. ur great for a pal man.. really cool dude.. hehe ..

sorry guys these few days till end
of the week i will only be posting stuff about my assignments.. sorry
guys .. really cant think of any other thing except for my Uni stint..
hope to get it all over soon.. anyway .i am getting better in my

oh did i mention i am heading to
Langkawi this Weekend ? just to get my blues away from my assignment,,
and to Phuket end of this month ! YAHHooOOooo…

BEACH TIME ! i lurve the beach ..
let me know if you guys are anywhere near those places ya.. maybe can
meet me in person and hang out .. let me know k !

well take care and check you all out later.. god bless ok !

back to blogging, just for today

hi guys, sorry for the no update sign that i posted on mood in my pool,
 i really guess that i felt no mood for anything at all till today, after knowing that i had to redo my assignment, i couldnt take it anymore so i emailed the lecturer who is Julian Stewart and  good thing she allowed me for anextension, if not i would dropped dead and kill myself doing the assignment and going to work.
what is happening to me? why do i feel like i am in depression, i feel tired and feel horrible, its affecting everthing i do. why do i feel like this ? hey doc tell me what am i feeling and why? why do i always want to go to sleep now ? is it because of a depressing  state that i am now, is it that’s why i want to sleep away my sorrows and my problems?
do i need paxils ? i heard its yummy, (just kidding) could it be post trauma from the accident ? sigh i really dont know.. nothing seems to cheer me up these days..heading off to Langkawi this Friday…hoping to get the big 2 liter Chivas. and to submit all my assignments to Bruce Horsfield, another lecturer from Aussie, well check you guys out later. if you want to know anything about me, just comment at the bottom ya.. god bless

Mood in my Pool

i guess i was just frustrated playing pool today .. no mood for anything..  maybe i will skip this blogging session till next week .. see you all then .. take care ..

P-O-O-L party

oh do forgo the thinking of bathing suit and water , this pool is Balls and Cues. its our weekly weekend hangout at Matrix again, remember the shitty feeling i am getting all the time, ya it got worst, i just got called up by my college mate telling that most of us got to resubmit our assignments and i was like HELL NO !! i was working and it really got my mood down.. so cruel..
i drove all the way there to get my assignments and it was true most of the assignment in the box was all about resubmitting and redo, shit .. is it cause i never put enough effort into it? is it that i do not understand the meaning of discourse ? what the hell is happening to me.. i never felt this down before.. and its not about money nor family nor friends.. its about life.. and i think i am beginning to feel life is shitty afterall.. sigh .. when will all this ends..
screwed up, dont know if i want to go to Matrix or not, sigh .. no mood for anything.. well see you all tomorrow ! take care ! and adios


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