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Self Messaging !

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag zu mich! 
gelukkige verjaardag aan mij!
joyeux anniversaire à me !
Ευτυχή γενέθλια σε με!
Buon compleanno a me!
나 자신에게 축 생일!
Feliz aniversario a myself!
С днем рождения к себе!
¡Feliz cumpleaños a me!
May all your wish come’s true on the following 07 year ! wishing you all the best ! from Isaac Loo

RaIN LeGs is here

If you’ve ever gotten caught in the rain riding your bike, you might have noticed that the most soaked-through part of your body was your knees and thighs. Here’s an answer for that problem: Rainlegs, which are made out of wind and water-repellent parachute cloth. This unusual $43 garment rolls up into a very small package that you wear around your waist like a belt, and then if you get caught in a cloudburst, you simply roll them down and cover up those legs. These look like they would work for runners and walkers, too, where even when you have a raincoat on, your legs get soaking wet in a downpour. It just happened to me the other day. Now if they can just come up with a solution for that wet-back-from-the-tirewash problem, we writing riders of the blogosphere could stay completely dry while riding in the rain. Or we could just stay inside in our pajamas.

out of luck

just a short one today, cause went to De Hair Loom to cut justin’s hair, and waited for baybie’s perm to be done, me and Jus went to have a drink, we talk about the usual till this funny thing came up, well the topic of conversation was about life, and life it was, we were saying how we should not take life for granted.. this that.. money hard to come by etc..etc.. yada yada, but he mention this about LUCK, well its really true to know that EVERYBODY hhas luck on their side, its that god gave everyone equal luck in life,

This luck we are talking about is LIFE’s LUCK, it might come early and it might come later in life, there was this guy who had a tough life in the first 40 years of his life, he struggle in life just to make do with his life, he just had the worst luck oh his time, unimaginable stuff happens to him like being robbed, off and on jobs this and that, when his luck came.. it banged him like he can’t believe it, he struck the lottery like nobody’s business every month 2 to 3 times and its not winning 100 or 400 bucks its by the ten ‘s of thousand, and it was close to a cool million by the year end, well i dont know if you agree with me or not, but i do believe that everyone has equal luck, Jus says that it will come now or later or evenly distributed.. but to me, I say, some people just have all the luck ! :)

Lovely aint it

Lack of updates makes a guy very dull, well i ain’t it, actually i was spending my days sleeping and eating, well isnt that exciting? guess not. haha, just found out that there is is no longer a Kuantan Tri event, damm sad man.

neways .. i was really busy with my customization of my desktop on my computer and my laptop, i found out some new programs on the internet and i started to fiddle with it, and the end results are GREAT ! infact i am so inlove with the effect i want to take it to the next level ! ok here is a shot of my computers desktop (having problems with the livewriter but click on the bottom)

well that litte batman  there is a walking icon, so cute. i love it to bits.. he is so naughty that when you click on him he actually growls at ya ! 100% certified cute ! and as for those tach meters on the right ! oh so gorgeous, so sleek, looking like a DeFi gauge in those turbo cars !

and here is a the preview of my Laptop desktop (its a macbook liao)

yup thats my laptop desktop alright, no its not Macpowerbook, i wish it was, its gonna be a clone of it anyway. so yup thats what i am going to do, i am going to clone my laptop into a Mactop, the end result wold be this thats what i meant by taking it to the next level, i am going to airbrush my laptop into full glossy black !


best part of having a nice desktop is people will blog about it, this girl whom is a friend of mine blogged about it, FISH Hui’s BLOG, ya thats her blog. well thats for now, wanna take this opportunity to wish you guys out there. MERRY CHRISTMAS for those who celebrate this special day !

gonna have my christmas lunch !

Team Powerbar Elite


haha, i had hopes i had dreams to be in a special elite force, like some super starship troopers or some deathstar storm troopers or even the REBEL force but most of all this elite team is really realistic in terms of a TEAM.

whats this all about ? well its actually TEAM POWERBAR, paw wehhh !!  okok ..

Team Elite Program was started in America 15 years ago. Currently US have more than 8000 athletes and influence on board. In Malaysia, it was started in 2002. This year, Malaysia has increase it members up to 26 athletes. Team Elite is a program in which it will support athletes so they can achieve their goals, while also allowing PowerBar to achieve its goal. It is a “win-win” program for the athletes and the brand itself. Just as our athletes look to PowerBar to fuel their successes, we look to our athletes to fuel our success through endorsements and exposure they bring to our products and brand everyday. The athletes that been selected in Team Elite program are not only stellar athletes, but also a leader in their community. These are athletes of all levels, from up and coming young athletes to top age group, from amateurs to professionals. In short, these athletes will become PowerBar ambassador. We are not only focus on core sports such as athletics, triathlon swimming and cycling, but also concentrate on sports that is quite popular with the mass that can bring out the best of PowerBar products.

well, to be honest, all sports I do ler, but its just so great to be sponsored, imagine bearing a name on your shoulder. now why would you want to let It down, the responsiblity is given, so why not go all out and win something, but still i dont take that into account just because someone sponsor me I go win, even without sponsorship, i have been a motivator for many already.

oh why i wrote this out is cause i receive a letter today from Nestle products sdn bhd. NO NO its not stating that I am a elite member already, its to tell me that to wait and see if I am selected by early Jan. so wait for updates to see if I will be advertising and being a spoke person for them. no doubt if i am They will see Powerbar name go far far country. Cause i am planning to join alot of races out of Malaysia next year, already inline Thailand, HongKong and maybe Macau. see what happens and wish me luck !


memoirs of Anand !


Been hearing lots of break up stories , some anand facts of the day

Break Ups

  1. More often than not, breaking up is as hard on the person ending the relationship as it is on the person being broken up with – don’t assume just because a person is breaking up with you means that they no longer care about you, caring about you and wanting a relationship with you are not one and the same.
  2. Nobody likes to hurt another person, especially somebody they have been close to, and it is often very easy to guilt trip somebody into staying with you when they are trying to end things. Resist this urge! When you use guilt as a way to stop a break up you not only cheat yourself out of having a good and true relationship, you foster resentment in the other person which could lead to greater pain and heart ache in the future.
  3. Being broken up with does not mean that there is something wrong with you; it just means that there is something that is not working in the relationship. Try not to take the rejection too personally. Remember that lots of great people have had failed relationships – the fact that the relationships failed says nothing about their value as a person. The fact that your relationship failed likewise says nothing about you as a person.
  4. It is all right to cry, get mad and feel hurt when you are dumped. These are normal natural feelings. Just be sure that you let your feelings out in a safe place among friends or family. Do not make your ex the target of your feelings, even if they have done something to deserve your outrage. The sooner you let go of the other person, the sooner the healing can begin.
  5. Breaking up is never easy. You will have good days and you will have bad days. Take it one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up if you have an overly emotional day – you’re only human after all.
  6. Break ups are often followed by one of the parties starting a new relationship and when this happens it can bring up all sorts of old feelings. If you thought you were over someone who broke up with you and find yourself upset at the news that s/he has moved on, rest assured you are normal. Let yourself be upset, it is part of the healing process.
  7. Acting out in anger is never good for anybody. After being broken up with don’t spread mean or spiteful rumors. Don’t betray former confidences by telling old secrets to others. If another person was involved in your break up resist the urge to slam them behind their back. Acting vicious only makes you look bad and any satisfaction you may feel will be short lived. In the end this sort of behaviour will only make you feel worse.
  8. A big part of the pain of breaking up comes from a feeling of embarrassment. We often fear how the situation will look to outsiders. Refuse to be embarrassed, even if you did something outlandish to cause your break up. Letting go of the embarrassment will help you move on to the healing.
  9. Nobody ever deserves to be hurt. Your ex does not deserve to be hurt because you are hurting. Your ex’s new love interest (if one even exists) does not deserve to be hurt just because you feel jealous. You do not deserve to be hurt, even if you acted badly and caused the break up. Breaking up hurts, but it doesn’t have to be made worse by holding a grudge or drowning yourself in a pool of if only’s. Deal with the reality and let go of your anger, the pain will disappear more quickly if you do.
  10. Things may seem bleak now but you never know what the future may hold for you and your ex. You may get back together someday. You may not. Either way it is better to let go of a faltering relationship while there is still some caring left between the two of you. If you play it out to the bitter end and leave your ex no choice but to hate you to get rid of you, you close the door to the future. Bowing out graciously leaves room for a future relationship with your ex, even if it is just as good friends.

Bike Insurance ?

Advice About Bicycle Insurance

Monday 6 November 2006 @ 10:43 am

I thought that I needed to insure my bicycle against theft. I’ve heard that bikes get stolen every day in my city and I want bicycle insurance to cover my investment. I am very careful about locking my bike up every time I get off of it. I use a really nice U-Lock and wear the key on a chain around my neck. I found out that one of my friends was dating an insurance salesman and contacted him with my questions.

I asked him about bicycle insurance and he said that my homeowners or renters insurance policy would cover my bicycle if it was stolen. He said that there were a lot of limitations and exclusions, though. He said that my bike would probably have to be stolen from my home to be fully insured.

I was thinking that if I had bicycle insurance and my bike was stolen, insurance money would buy me a new one. That turned out to be untrue. The agent I talked to told me that if my bike was covered, I would be reimbursed for the value of a new model, less depreciation for every year old my bicycle was. I’m thinking that, depending on the rate of depreciation, I may end up owing money if my old bike was stolen!

The agent I talked to told me that I had to maintain good records for bicycle insurance. He told me to take a photo inventory of my possessions and to keep receipts. He also said that any time I am making a claim against an insurance policy for theft; I need to have a police report attached to the form. It is also very important to be accurate when declaring the value of the property stolen.

Friendster Shemster


On usual lazy Sunday morning, I was suppose to be out doing my training, but this time I did not, as I have already lapse two weeks in my training already, knowing that Kuantan Tri is near yet I am still sitting down and doing nothing much for training,

so ya back to my lazy ass on this Sunday, I was on my Friendster account and i decided to click on most viewed profile, and guess what i see, i see lots of pretty girls with sultry pose, but when you decide to click on them and see this hilarious similarity in them, well what’s the similarity you ask? its the friends that they have, its usually 900+ friends and this is not only one account that they have but 2 to even 3 accounts, this girl i seen has already 26th account, click here for 26th account, that that makes it 26000 of young people she knows, how ridiculous can that be? that’s like a small nation, is she the queen ? well i don’t know ! maybe. and for those who have like 5 to 6 accounts ? maybe the rule the island of Kurkorubora near off the coast of Kazakhstan

Friendster is becoming a haven for guys to perve and satisfy their sexual needs as you can see picture comments stating that they want to fuck, they want to do this do that.. sigh, what’s wrong with you guys ?  What happen to constructive criticism go get a life you doofus. Not to mention that there are accounts solely for lesbianism, wow, everytime when i clicked on one of these account i would always tell myself, oh great another GOLD MINE! its true, you would see this girls in pose that makes even Playboy look demure, and yet this girls are only 20ish, but hey can’t stop em and don’t want to stop em too !

I’ve also notice that some girls rip off other girls picture and pose it of as themself? why in the world you do that for? what do you gain from this ? i am really baffled with this move? can someone tell me ? why why why ? this morning itself i have seen this picture in three accounts, you tell me which is the real person ? Evelyn, Shuang or Sayuri, i cant tell if either one of them is the real person,

Why is people misusing friendster in this way? I have found that Friendster has really help me connect to my friends who are god knows where in the world they are, but yet it acts like my personal address book, I can msg them anytime I want, or telling them how we need to catch up on life. I do not add people I dont personally know and yes i only have a few hundred not even touching 400 people in my list, and some on this list are clubs and association that i affiliate to. anyway I think Friendster is great so use it dont abuse it ! Catch ya later !

ps: my Friendster account, just drop by and check it out 

The story of my love

Two crazy stories of my so called love I have that keep reoccurring in my brains.. it always gives me a good laugh when I think back in reoccurrence.. hehe .. let me reminisce the time of when i blindly fall in love. (but just two only cause its the funniest when i think back)

Love makes people do stupid things i tell you, Well i remember my friend bringing flowers on rollerblade and waited for a girl at her tuition center, (aw how romantic) i am not just talking about 2 or 3 stalks of flowers.. its like A DOZEN ROSES !

when i was in my secondary time, I was a active member of Leo club going to other school for Leo day and Interact club visit, i really don’t know why we do that also, to give support i think? ahah, or rather to meet girls, i think its a bit of both. Well no matter how far the school is we would be there. But there is this one school that i will always remember, it was in Taman Petaling Girls School and it was their LEO installation day, he had to sit there for their annual stuff and there were like a show or something like that, there was this particular girl that captured my heart, she was sweet and very cute, but knowing myself i was super shy when i was young, i didnt dare approach her or any other girl for that matter,well i did went up to her and found out her name was Wei Ting and thats about it, i didnt ask for her number or anything else for that matter, found out her full name in the booklet, she was the assistant secretary. well if you are reading this Miss Soon Wei Ting please know at that time someone had a crush on you ! haha

 Well that was the Leo installation story this is the Librarian story, ahah.. ok i was a librarian at that time and our school had a librarians 2nd Annual Buffet on this date 29/7/95. yes how did i remember those date, its not by chance its because i kept the booklet till today (means nothing to me i just keep it for memory sake) in this particular day a girl had also caught my eye also, i didnt know her name but i just had to get her name and number, i think she was from PJ also, (i must have had something for PJ girls la) well to cut story short at the end of the day we had a autograph session and i went to look for her but dont know why i picked up all my courage to go ask for her number, and guess what .. she wrote down her name and gave me her number, she asked me to call her (YAHOOO) it was darn funny when i reach home that night. My heart was fluttering and my stomach was churning.  the most funny thing happened !

yes the most funniest thing happened, i mustered up all my courage and gave her a call the next day, i remember it all well, i was in my grannys place and i beep her on my mobile. true enough she answered it and she remembered me, NOW for the JOKE OF THE DAY ! she only spoke cantonese and not english, and me on the other hand, well i am a OCBC orang cina bukan cina (and only spoke english) it was the most hilarious 2 min of my life, she spoke in cantonese and i in english, i wanted to communicate with her so bad, guess what i happen next.. we spoke in Bahasa MELAYU ! ahah.. man i felt so so stupid and it was a chicken and duck talk, imagine this both chinese and we spoke in BM, its so ironic man. Well i bid her good bye and we never spoke after that day, its ok cause i felt there was a barrier of communication. I regretted that time i never learnt chinese.  Her name was Siok Ling (cant really read the last name but i think its ling or leng) but i still have her number it is ***3608, its only 7 digit cause it was 1995 ma, well if you know any Siok Ling or Leng that is a librarian do let me know.. ahah .. it just hilarious to meet up with her again (oh dont worry i know cantonese this time)

Catch ya later. its just funny thinking bout those stuff that happens before


Serotonin is the KEY !

Do you have so much to do during the day you literally forget to eat – but then find yourself making up for it before bedtime? If so, the types of foods you choose could make a big difference in the quality of your sleep.

First, let’s look at the foods that are most likely to keep you tossing and turning.

  1. Caffeine. Now, you don’t need a doctor to tell you that caffeine will keep you awake, but it can lurk in unexpected places. Chocolate not only contains caffeine but also alkaloids which have a stimulating effect.
  2. Alcohol helps many of us feel calm and relaxed – especially that half glass of wine after a long, hard day. While this may help you fall asleep initially, it greatly diminishes the quality of sleep by disturbing neurotransmitter production, including serotonin. Alcohol is also a diuretic and may keep you running to the bathroom all night.
  3. Fatty foods take longer to work their way through your system, and the process of digestion can keep you awake. Fatty foods can also exacerbate heartburn.
  4. Spicy foods make heartburn worse as well.
  5. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame contain phenylalanine and aspartic acid, both of which are excitatory.

So what can you raid the refrigerator for to limit the sheep count? It has a lot to do with serotonin.

  1. Milk (warm or not) contains tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin. It’s tryptophan in turkey that makes us so sleepy after that Thanksgiving dinner. Cheese, chicken, soy, yogurt, nuts and seeds also have tryptophan. Eat these (and all foods) at least 45 minutes prior to your planned bedtime.
  2. Complex carbohydrates like beans, nuts, seeds, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, and berries can also help increase serotonin levels. Watch out for simple carbs like rice, pasta, and white bread. The impact these have on blood sugar can disturb the sleep cycle.
  3. Vitamins B6 and B12 are necessary for your body to generate serotonin. B6 can be found in turkey, chicken, spinach, whole grains and seafood and B12 in animal-derived products like eggs and dairy foods.
  4. Magnesium-rich foods like leafy green vegetables, whole grains, and almonds can also facilitate sleep

Posted by S. Brent Ridge, M.D.

Batu Arang 80km

Sorry this post came in one week late, just remembered i did a 80km ride last sunday and the picture was hanging on my phone memory, well to note the fact it was actually 88.3km ride as me and Lawrence clocked the same distance on our cyclometer, the starting point was at Centerpoint Bandar Utama, and when we arrived there we are 3 min late of the start of time (aiya we come from klang ma), lucky we weren’t the only late comer, there were more. (sorry Admiral)


We quickly got out bike assembled and changed into our gear, there were approximitly 20 riders today, saw a few familiar faces like Benny, Mac, Dennis and someone made it today after saying that 80k is still to far for him on this ride, it was none other than Shortcut Ashfraff with his Pinarello, hehe .. today he donned a new jersey which is the Quickstep Mapei team, well as usual Admiral Alludin would brief us on the route and then we start the journey !


as we went along the journey more riders from the surrounding area came to join us, like Geoff (the one i knew) and a few more, then came the Boon Foo’s Team after the intersection turning into Guthrie Highway going to Rawang. There were about 8 of them making our total riders 30+ again, a small peloton i would say compared to the Tour De France. The route of Batu Arang was infact quite enjoyable, no steepclimb, no steep descent, all averagely gradient and flat road, good for speed training, (skipping all the road stories) we reached at this small little pekan with a big Round about, there was a few stalled opened selling chinese food and malay food, but we didnt stop for food, me and Lawrence sat at a kopitiam while waiting for the rest of the group to come, we had KOPI-PENG, and guess what, the drinks here cost only RM1 wow.. can you believe it.. aahha. As Boon Foo’s group wanted to head down to Puncak Alam, was tempted to do more training but better stick with the group, as i always say never leave your group behind. hehe

here are the rest of the people at the malay stall having their lunch

the guy with the skull cap and Jean Delatous jersey is non other than Don a gym buddy of mine, i thought he went off somewhere and never returned, looks like he was busy and at last i saw him back all of a sudden, there is Nik having his lunch also, It was around 10.30am we said better start going if not its going to be too hot, before pushing off someone came riding down like really fast and it was BERNARD, the guy who was suppose to start with Boon Foo in the end he joined us to the finish. In PCC we always enjoy the ride, no pushing and many stop over for refreshment, check out the coconut stop we had,

Mac was laughing away when he had some real cool coconut to drink and refresh, nothing beats natural 100+. so the jouney ended with a puncture from Rahim (i think thats his name) you can see Lawrence in white at the background, and if you see those guys were actually pumping the tyre with a floor pump, no kidding the big one with the double hand grip, someone brought it along the way. Catch ya later


rested for this whole week and no bike ride no activity.

Morning Dim Sum

got a called from Lawrence and he told me that he wanted to go have Dim Sum, guess there was only one place in mind for him, its the usual dim sum place that we go to when we are hanging out at the bike shop at Tmn Megah, Its called Key Hiong Dim Sum place situated in Tmn Megah, here is a glimpse of the place.

  this place is placed in the front of Ming Tien if you know where that is, its a cosy little coffeeshop where people just go to hang out and have drinks, or rather catch up on life, we on the other hand catch up on our bike stuff, thats the Lady boss over there taking order,  i like the other guy who wears this french cap, Really Gaya uncle, but he speaks only Mandarin and i am not good, well infact all of them only speaks mandarin and cantonese, i suck at both languages, neways .

The ambience of this place reminise the time when i was young sitting down at my coffee shop having TUA PAU (big dumbpling) that place still exist but i think the dumpling not so nice already,

This is the place where i would eat TUA PAU without fail, did i mention that the flour they use is so soft and chewy when bitten into, the pork filling inside the tua pau is cooked just right, with the pork so tender it melt up in your mouth just when you bite into it, the gravy for the tua pau is not too salty and it has a quarter of a egg in it ! So VaLUE for money

Those are some of the variety that they have for dim sum in the morning, and as you can see the tua pau are all sold out in the last picture, :( well i didnt had my share of big dumpling but today i tried something which i wanted to try long time ago, its the CHEE CHEUNG FUN ! here it is, me and lawrence ordered two plates

I thought the little red stuff on the top is super spicy, but you had to try it to know it right ? so i taste it and guess what.. its made out of dried prawns and it taste sweet, WOW yummy, the skin of the chee cheong fun is smooth and the filling of the chee cheong fun is enourmous fresh prawns, wow, the fried onion on the top makes the dish all so OOOHHHHH !

Well to me Dim sum is actually healthy in a way, but dont eat too much of the pau, as its made out of flour (carbs is a no no) well this is what i choosen to eat in the morning, its Tofu with fish filling, Har Kau (shrimp dumpling, Eggplant with fish filling and siew mai, wow, good breakkie ! Cheers and wait for the review of the Salted Egg Crab coming soon.


Ambience: 2/5

Cleanliness: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Price: 2.5/5

Service: 4/5

A touching Story

I was on my usual hunt for my triathlon stuff, and i found something that really made me thank god for all that i have and everything that has been given to me, i will not take things for granted as some people are far off worst than where we stand at the moment. So you asking what i found ? well i found Team HOYT, after watching this clip from Youtube I found that i would do evertyhing better without complaining and thank god for the life that i have now, before you click that link, have a tissue next to you ok, cause you are gonna need it, here is the link. (remember our parents will always love us) A Very Touching Triathlon Either you click on that link of click on the youtube video loader up there !

I cried (yes) but its because i felt the love from Dick Hoyt that he gave to his son Rick! he never once gave up on him and i believe that no parents should, I know how hard is it to compete in a Triathlon let alone Ironman, Dick swam, cycle and push his son thru 6, yes SIX ironman (but the best gift of all was seeing Rick smiled at the end of the finish line, now if i was Dick Hoyt, i would definitly do it again, and that was what he did, TEAM HOYT raced in 911 events to date 1995, now could be more, from Triathlon, Marathon, duathlon and many others, now they are giving motivational speech around America,

Total Events

  • 206 Triathlons, 6 Ironman distances
  • 20 Duathlons
  • 64 Marathons, 24 straight Boston Marathons
  • 7 18.6 Milers
  • 78 Half Marathons
  • 1 20K
  • 34 10 Milers
  • 27 Falmouth 7.1 milers, 1 Falmouth in the Fall
  • 8 15K
  • 204 10K
  • 143 5 Milers
  • 4 8K
  • 15 4 Milers
  • 92 5K
  • 6 20 Milers
  • 2 11K

Total 911 events

Personal Bests

  • 2:40:47 Marathon
  • 56:21 15K
  • 1:21:12 Half Marathon
  • 40:27 7.1 Miler
  • 13:43:37 Ironman Triathlon
  • 35:48 10K
  • 2:01:54 18.6 miler
  • 27:17 5 miler
  • 59:01 10 miler
  • 17:40 5K
  • 2:10:45 20 miler

Biked and ran across the USA in 1992-3,735 miles in 45 consecutive days
Biked the states of Connecticut,Rhode Island, Massachussets,with "Axa World Ride ’95"
Biked from Pittsburgh,PA to Washington DC with "Axa World Ride 95

"LOVE" is the strongest powers in the world. I love my dad as much also, thanks god for sending me the best dad in the world ! THank you again ! (its really inspiring)


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