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PArtyting down in Taiwan !

Go Crazy over Parties in Taiwan (so hot but still only number 3rd hottest girl in my list) This club is called XAGA club and it used to be called Seduce, there you go, now don’t that make you wanna start clubbing again? girls these days are so hot and wild ! bring out your dancing shoes and make sure you got deep pockets !




It’s Getting HottER MAN !

Parental Guidance is needed for this Clip ! dangerously hot !

THAILAND Girls ROCK the house !!

Oh Thailand so Rock, I can never stop talking about Thai Girls, They are the hottest, well 2nd in my list after Japanese! here is a flick for you guys out there, don’t go drooling but start packing and booking your tickets to Thailand ! No matter how many times I visited Thailand, its always GREAT knowing you would be surrounded by Gorgeous girls ! I got to so blog about this, but infact i was looking at the Phuket Triathlon to be featured here, but This Video Caught my Attention ! Check it out !!

I just cant help it, i got to post this up too ! Infact i am buying my ticket to Thailand now ! hahaha


A triathlon Journey


Whats in a triathlon ? well to me Triathlete are..LOL (Woah even msn spell check doesn’t have triathlete in its vocabulary, well anyway Triathlon is a Multisport where it incorporates Swimming, Cycling and Running, here is a quick history of the sport

Triathlon is an ancient Greek word that refers to an athletic event made up of three contests. In contemporary usage, the name triathlon is mostly applied to a race consisting of a combination of swimming, cycling and running, in that order. In most modern triathlons, these events are placed back-to-back in immediate sequence and a competitor’s official time includes the time required to "transition" between the individual legs of the race, including any time necessary for changing clothes and shoes. As a result, proficiency in swimming, cycling and running, alone is not sufficient to guarantee a triathlete a competitive time: trained triathletes have learned to race each stage in a way that preserves their energy and endurance for subsequent stages.

well to me, I never got bitten by the triathlon bug YET and this is how it happened, It first happened with the Adventure racing bug when I was working as a personal trainer, there was this event in Genting called the Trailblazer run and I was very enthusiastic about this event and so was the rest of the team , I asked everyone to join and they all said OK, wow its gonna be my first adventure race, but in the end everyone just backed out of it, and I was really disappointed with all of them, so it never happened. My first race was AXN challenge 2005, it was a great journey as you can see from my archived blog, this was the event that started everything. I was so inspired to join all the adventure races because I felt alive when doing all this stuff, from the Pre-training to the Actual Day to the Post feeling, There is no word to describe the feeling you get after these events. Well if you want to know what it feels like I would say ADRELINE RUSH ! (like how a drug addict wants more and more) and so it happened, i wanted more, I even went as far as Thailand for these adventure races, I missed the Macau leg and the Sabah due to some other races that I have already signed up for,

So whats all this got to do with triathlon, well you see, when you go for adventure races, you cannot do it ALONE, you need a team member and you guys have to stick together and train together, Be like one and HELP each other along the way, this is where i found the problem to be a bit hard to tackle, none of my friends are as fit as me, so this is where Triathlon came in, Triathlon is an event where you can enter as a individual, I have joined many events after the adventure race leg, but i still crave for more adventure races, due to its harsh nature and many style of racing, its not only stops at Swimming, Cycling and Running, but adventure racing incorporates anything and everything that comes to mind, imagine abseiling down from 80 feet above grown, or even swimming through rivers full of snakes or whatever down there, and trekking into jungles full of leeches and also wild animals.

So far i think that triathlon is for everyone, not only for athletes or any sports people, a tri-event can be done by anyone that is fit enough to swim 1km, cycle 40km and run 10km, this is not a big task if you are not RACING but to complete, well i always say NEVER COMPETE with the others but YOURSELF ! this is not a race if you are not a athlete, this is a event to see if you are able to finish a multisport!

to all of you all who thinks you cannot do this event, let me tell you a story on my behalf, I was training like crazy for the Port Dickson Tri, and guess who are my opponents, Pro’s, Athlete’s, ARMY personal, Guys, Girls, and Kids, not to mention old man and old ladies (I was even passed by a guy in his 50ties and he has a belly bigger than my whole chest). I felt no shame even if I lose to him, cause He is a winner by joining in the fun, at least he tried, but I know he finished the event and congratulations to all who tried, like the saying goes:


I know this short blog won’t inspire you to do a event yet, but sit down and think hard at your own fitness level, is it any good ? try taking a small step (i know i have inspired a few of my friends but i hope they would join me in my Tri-event, who knows maybe even Ironman Singapore)

Living conditions


My last post was about renovations of my new house and how I am gonna miss my friends, well i am on the bus right now and I just got to share this with you, As I was saying about the renovation of the house we would be meeting all types of people but this time its different, I met with different type of living conditions, yup, you heard me right, i was over helping my grill and gate installer fxing one of the house, well dont ask me how I became his worker for a day, long story short: he needed help and i helped him (i am always a nice guy)

He asked me to meet up with him over at Pandamaran, its this place in Klang town on the way to Port Klang, its known for its notorious type of people inhibiting over at that area. Usually when you tell people that you stay in Pandamaran in Klang, people would note that you are one of the bad hats, well anyway i dont judge people but its just a perception of people, where i think its wrong to percieve people in that sense, It doenst mean that you come from Damansara heights it means you are a elite, I don’t believe that. Well it may seems that people stay in Damansara are seen as moving up in society, well I hope they know how lucky they are to be living in such a good living condition, Actually I myself felt really bad living in such a big house already, no doubt its a small and humble home to me, but others may see the house as big,

This place i viisted is called Pangsapuri Permai Indah (Beautiful Permai Flats) and after driving in to this area, i really felt that I was the luckiest guy on earth, its a broken down flat, with very bad living conditions, when we parked the car before going up the flat, there was this young guy no older than 23, without any shirt, Tattoo all over and yellow haired, i was thinking oh no, I am gonna get robbed but instead he asked if we had seen a little girl which turned out to be his daughter, we took the stairs up cause the lift was broken, the hallway was reaking of urine and the hallway was litered with rubbish, and also peoples bed and mattress was hanging on the staircase to dry, Sigh, the smell is not that pleasant i tell you, we reached the so called apartment and I just couldnt believe my eyes how big the apartment was, (detect sarcasm?) well here is a preview of the Flats

that is the hall and the kitchen, YUP KITCHEN,

 This is the view from the hall window, if you are wondering whats that, its the sewerage system for the whole of that area, and guess what living on the 4th floor is aint that bad you get breezy hot shit smelling air coming to your apartment everyday !

well yes this is what i came to do, its to fix the awning of this apartment and its not easy, check out my gate and grill guy living on the edge,

 ahAHahA, spiderman in the making, well i guess my job is done for the day, heading back to my own house after seeing all this makes me think i live in a palace, well I really want to thank GOD for blessing me with such a beautiful life, Thank you !

The last day


This month of February has been a roller coaster ride of emotional effects, This is the month where I renovated the new house and I am a slave to the house for this whole freaking month, My friends thought i ditched them for a girl. A matter of fact its not that case, its the house thats tying myself down to, Actually having this house and renovating it has brought me lots of lesson in life and learning of relations with people, in this process i have met countless people and the hardship of renovating a house, its not that simple yet its not hard. I have grown to create a friendship and trust with everyone in this month of February,  from the Indonesians to the Electrician to even the Tiles lady boss

Remember when my msn nick was "my first photostated ang pow was RM50" well that was given by the lady boss’s daughter, hehe . .pretty cute girl but mischevious, but anyway its not about the girls or the indons,

This is about the last few days i spent with my friends for Chinese New Year, Justin came back from Thailand, my NSoa(pet sis) came from bangkok, the times i had with my friends cant describe the feeling i have inside, the emotional happiness that was inside of me, the laughter and the craziness, there was no tears to be shed, the feeling of all our friends together in Jack’s place and over at Kah Wane’s place was a feeling that i never had for over 26 years, and this feeling wont be the same anymore after next year.

when it was about 2.15am and we were leaving Kah Wane’s house, i felt there was a very emotional exit, i kinda feel that i am gonna miss all my friends back in Malaysia, but lifes got to go on, its like a melodrama where you need to leave a place and all your friends cry, there was no crying but there was a hugs from Matthew and handshakes from everyone, I will not be in MAlaysia anymore but I will be close by, I really am gonna miss you guys back home, I am sorry if i have ever said anything wrong or have done anything to hurt you guys, I hope you forgive me, Take care you guys, Life is never ending till the last breath, hope to see all of you all successful and great someday soon.


(the last time gambling with you guys)

(The craziness of Feng Shui (check out my ONG LAI earring)


(the last group picture for me)


ps: oh feng shui dont work neways, I lost alot of money that day, ahah ..


1st day of CNY


something is missing I tell you? but what is that thing that is missing this CNY ? somehow this CNY seems very empty and spaced out, could it be that of economy ? or is that what we have grown up ? I dont know, just feel very sad … maybe i feel lonely.. .

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Today is the first day of Chinese New Year ! Wishing all surfers and bloggers a VERY VERY FATT FATT CHAI !

X-rated Hypnotism

Lack of update for the blog doesn’t mean life has stopped for me, its because I am as usual busy with the new house renovations and stuff, been at it forever, so took some time off and surfed the net, I dont’t know what made me surf for hypnotist but It just turned out in my Youtube search phrase

the most hilarious stuff these guys can do I tell you, you won’t believe it yourself, do you know that this guys can make you do anything they want? I am really skeptical about this but I think it works to a certain extent only, would you believe if a person can make you think that you are a porn star and you are in a middle of filming a porn movie, so leave the rest for you to imagine whats gonna happen,


most of my friends think I am crazy, well crazy over what you say? its my obsession over Gucci’s yes, I love it  very much , ahah … just can’t stop buying Gucci’s, its not that I love designer stuff, not that I like Louis Vuitton alot, (well their new bellboy line is very nice)

but that’s beside the point, I do like Gucci, usually their design is very sleek and beautiful, Gucci are adorable and i don?t know why i cant stop talking about it at the moment,

well as usual I would not bore you with the history of Gucci, if you are interested do click here !

neways I am posting this because I want to share this picture with you,

what you see in this picture is actually a actual building in Ginza Japan, this is what they call Gucci Ginza, its a eight level story building solely selling only Gucci’s and has a office and cafe and skyroom in this building itself, gosh.. beam me to Ginza


at the moment I am hunting for these handphone strap, they are extra long and its the older accessories, but i have been looking for it for the longest time, seen people using it, but i want to get one for myself now,who ever buy me one I will give you anything you want*


*does not include myself or involves money or my own valueables and anything associated with me, hehe


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A few more days

Yeah in a few more days, my life new chapter would unfold and i would need to face it with a mightier pen and smoother ink, well the new chapter is in fact a blank book, a blank book of faith i call it, its about my new job, my life and everything that would come along in 2007, i have fulfilled 75% of my last years resolution but i have yet to make one for this year, Whats happening to me? my craving for challenge has died down ? my dreams has all turn into nightmare? or is it that I have stopped dreaming of dream

dont think i want that to happen to me, but life got to go on, and we all have dreams to dreams and life to live. Life is so tough sometimes, but thinking back at one litre of tears at my previous blog, we all had it good, sigh.. shall not take things for granted. love life and the people around you.

I got to go, its already 1am in the morning and I got to wake up to go meet up with the contractor for the house reno, and i am down with flu and cough, must be the hours of sleep i get everyday,

The Real Hustle


You know a regular day surfing the internet, I came about this tv series called the REAL HUSTLE, it is about how people get con in England, anyway not all of the scam are only in London, some of it are actual scams thats happening around the world, the offer great tips on how NOT TO BE SCAMMED! I saw a few really good one like "the jam auction", "window tap" and also the "laptop exchange"

i would say that not all scam can be performed so easily like the laptop exchange, here how the scam goes, you know in Airport, or Bus checkpoint, we have to slide all our belongings into an X-ray machine? two blokes would be working together in this scam, this is how the exchange the laptop, as they have spotted a mark (mark = victim) , they would follow him to the checkpoint closely, and standing infront of him at the checkpoint, the one carrying a laptop bag would then place his laptop on the Xray machine and let it pass thru while, his other friends stands behind him, and the victim behind them both. Ok here how it goes: once the guy carrying the laptop goes thru, so does his laptop bag right? well his friends would be carrying alot of metal stuff on his coat then triggering the alarm, delaying the people behind where one of them is the victim, which obviously let his lappy go thru the scanner already, his other friend who already pass the metal detector would then take the victims laptop bag instead of his laptop bag, while his friend holds up the line, when they both gets thru, the victim would then take the FAKE laptop bag which he think is his, Thats how the con works, you can see more con’s like this in Youtube.  (click on the video to see the laptop theft)


ok, here is the dearl, not everyone has the same laptop bag these days, there are so many designs on the market and as well these checkpoints have cameras located everywhere, surely your face will be on camera and you are surely to be caught real soon ! enjoy the con. ok me gonna go out now, busy bee lately, catch ya later



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