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test of patience

Life aint all smooth sailing I tell you, Its never enough of bumps and humps, Life is like a box of… nope.. life is like a ROLLER COASTER full of emotional hick-ups and lost feelings, for me as I can tell u, Emotional loss is more like it, I tell you sometimes I feel nothing anymore. its like life has no ends or meaning to live, why so sien, its all accumulative don’t you agree ?

Iron out all this outstanding issues one by one, and you will be from emotional pain free ! trust me, if you dont know what is bothering you and not talking to people about this problems, your as good as dead ! it will eat from within till outer frustration ! life’s good as I alway say .. abit contradicting to the end, yeah rejoice life while you still can ! LOVE AND PEACE ! no youtube happyness for this moment !

Our Weekend Acuisition

Our weekend Acquisition.. I don’t know whats gotten into me, just felt like buying some stuff to indulge in,
And I don’t even have the money for it. ahaha. anyway .. still looking for a nice fridge, this is just a few of the bottles
that I have acquired over the weekend. just a few ..

This are the few bottles we bought, and tried over the 2 days.. guess which one we bought again after testing..

We Had this one for lunch on a Satruday, stir fried bee hoon from Taiwan and Thai chili very international but then the Wolf Blass went so well with it and look what We did..

yup all of these are sitting in my cellar, aka Store ROOM !! no proper
wine fridge yet but my current fridge is already stocked with nearly 11
bottles of wine
and this are just the new one.

Not forgeting this one as well


I wonder what does the vintage taste like? I just buying them to keep em for special occasion, I wonder what it taste like. its a year 2004 and 2005, one pinot noir and the other a rose from the Yara Valley. Anyone want to contribute to my Wine collection ?

Tasting note for Long Flat
Moscato 2008
on the opening of the bottle and first taste, it was a flat fruity note, a hint of pineapple but not over powering, yet subtle to taste, easy on the throat and will go down easily with asian food especially oily stuff,

uncle at 36??

OH MY GAWD !! anybody tell me how old am I ? i got to recheck my ID again as of today and everyday ! I was talking to ****** no name mentioned.. this was my conversation with me loveable niece.. ahahah ..

Girl says: nolerr….u same age with Emoboy…but u look much much more younger! kekeke

BOy says: ER…  how old is he ? do u know how old is me anot ?

Girl  says: 36 right

Boy says: shoot head *DEAD*  hang myself  eat poison   *half way dead*

Girl says:  i tot u told me…

Boy says: ahahah  wait .. i go blog about this (not I am blogging)

Girl says: when i told u how old is emoboy aiyooo Haha!! uncle…u so drama laaaaaa HAHAHA (see I kena accuse sommore)

Boy says: ARGH !!  wait .. i go peel my blood out of the floor and wall first (picking up the pieces of my eyeball and my head from the wall) continue typing to argue that I am not 36 !!!

OH NO !! i am going to need some surgery to make me look younger !!! Recommend me a GOOD DOCTOR!!!!

Commercial can make “U” cry.. i mean INSPIRE !!

oh my gawd.. Alvin u evil bro !! why send me this at 1am and make me sniffles till the end ! haha .. u know anything with Canon in D would make my heart stop.. DARN it .. damm softie la I !! sound so darn gay ! anyway .. enjoy !! let me know if you feel the same way !!

This is hilarious, I just got to Share.

Its a view of Singapore and JB, haha .. by MrBrown Show
check it out !!

My Busy Schedule for the week ending 24th April

short quick review of what happened this Week

Monday: At office clearing up emails
Tuesday: Meeting at Thomson Reuters (met up with Rahim aka POPOK)
Wednesday: Meeting at Marina Properties and RDIF and CARD Exhibit.
Thursday: Conference of Integrity Issues
Friday: do no yet.. hope not a another meeting ! but I guess its inevitable ! ahah .. more meeting to come.

wanna show my work area, but lazy to upload my pics la .. darn it.. ahahha .. get my ass off the floor and work it !

ok, here is my workstation..with my favourite Anime, Luffy and the crew, and the back is the meeting room, most people would always get a  peek of what I am doing, so better not watch porn ! LOL dont really wanna show my desk la.. so messy


No matter how many times I have watched this, It always AMAZE me how SHEER determination can make one man do!! He is superb RESPECT !!


wow .. two blogs in a day .. one jap and one K-pop.. but i got to put this down as its such a catchy tune,. the girls of Wonder Girls are to me not great,, but great fashion sense and great physique.. but their singing is so so to me, check out their original mv, then the other cover .. the 2nd one by puma shock is my fav for vocal and the last one is for their creativity for cover ! love them all !
by Pumashock (for her vocals)
and lastly by thai school boys for dancing

HAndsome Suit

In Life Who dont want to be handsome? well I was watching Handsome Suit through only 10min of the movie and I have shed a tear, OK !! i am pretty emotional when it comes to saving people or helping people, the last blog was about helping the hardcore poor, What about you ask me this time that made me shed a tear? Well, it was into the 10th minute of the movie or so, where this old man who had ate in a restaurant but had no money to eat, Tried to sneak our of the restaurant without paying but was caught by one of the patrons, So he wanted to call the police, Old man confess saying that he havent ate for two days, So here comes the owner or the to be in handsome suit savior, his words touched my heart, He told the patron do not call the police, this old man just forgotten to bring his wallet, then he looked into the old man face and said this to him….. shed tear Crying time..  dont worry you can go back and bring your wallet anytime.. I will be waiting, today .. tomorrow or even next year !! WOW!!! SUCH UNSCRUPLES ACT of KINDESS !!! , I stopped watching after that scene, thinking I know what will happen to the rest of the movie, I am guessing that the whole movie is based on kindess and telling people that you dont need artificial looks or physical physique to be attracted !! well thats just my hunch ! if you want to know more go catch HANDSOME SUIT showing in a cinema near you !!! below is the movie trailer check it out


Kids With Camera

Currently watching this show called born into brothels, I dont know why I chance upon this show on Okto but Its really good, it shows the hardcore poor that is living in the City of India, there is this lady from I dont know where, there was no introduction but the main topic in this series is the kids, I do feel for this kids because I have a soft side for all this, I always imagine myself what happens if I was in their shoes, I truly feel lucky being born to what I am today, I always give thanks to god, but on to the show, here is the show’s synopsis:


The most stigmatized people in Calcutta’s red light district are not
the prostitutes, but their children. In the face of abject poverty,
abuse, and despair, these kids have little possibility of escaping
their mother’s fate or for creating another type of life.

In Born into Brothels, directors Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman
chronicle the amazing transformation of the children they come to know
in the red light district. Briski, a professional photographer, gives
them lessons and cameras, igniting latent sparks of artistic genius
that reside in these children who live in the most sordid and seemingly
hopeless world.

The photographs taken by the children are not merely examples of
remarkable observation and talent; they reflect something much larger,
morally encouraging, and even politically volatile: art as an immensely
liberating and empowering force.

Devoid of sentimentality, Born into Brothels defies the typical
tear-stained tourist snapshot of the global underbelly. Briski spends
years with these kids and becomes part of their lives. Their
photographs are prisms into their souls, rather than anthropological
curiosities or primitive imagery, and a true testimony of the power of
the indelible creative spirit.

Watching the series, I will remember this kid called Avijit, he is truly a big talent, the way he draws and paint a picture is truly amazing, he has talents which surpass kids of his age, then what does this lady do? she comes into the suburb and changes the life of all this kids by teaching them photography, they know nothing of taking pictures and here this lady hands them 35mm film cam and teach them composition and BASIC photography, the pictures they took are truly amazing and it even put me to shame, I am no photography but I love photography, and now that lady that came to stay with them for over 2 years is selling their pictures to raise fund for them to go to boarding schools, I do hope all this kids will do well, I wish them all the best. in case you are wondering what program I was watching?? here is the link to it. please donate if possible, doing charity despite the economy is to show how unselfish oneself is. the picture below was taken by Puja, I am looking for the avijit’s picture by the beach, He has so much talent, I could only find his self potrait which is also below Puja’s by the beach pic.

OH I FOUND IT !! I don’t know if you can find why I love his picture by the beach so much, but if you do let me know., see if you have eyes and mindset like mine. hahah .. I love his quirkiness in his creativity and photography. As i was reading the website more, I was right about Avijit, he now currently studying in NYU and finishing his senior year and is currently pursuing medicine and film. WOW !! but I pity some of the other kid as they have gone back to the brothels. click on the update of the kids to read more.

for more information and contributes or donation please contact the following or visit their website at KIDS WITH CAMERAS

Kids with Cameras

122 Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

(646) 213-1333  voice and fax

For General Inquiries






For screening and speaking events with Ross Kauffman



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