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Post KL Marathon Report


2 Days
before KL Marathon :

 I’ve Landed in KL 2 hours late due to the
delay of FIREFLYZ service disruption, It was suppose to be a Friday Night which
I am to land and head out with my kaki’s for supper and some chat session on
running strategy, well no thanks to FIreFlyz, It was a bad first impression
they had on me and I thought they were reliable, I always believed in JETSTAR
as 10/10 times I’ve taken their airline, never had a service disruption till
date, anyway landed late and headed back to sleep, Got to wake up early to pick
up the race pack in Stadium Titiwangsa with Anand and my sis


1 Day before
KL Marathon :

Picked up
Anand and headed down to Midvalley, cause we didn’t want to drive down to
titiwangsa cause we don’t know where that is, We Googled for it and we still
can’t make it out where it is, Shame on us. So we decided to take a more eco
friendly way by taking the Train and Monorail. We did some shopping in MV
before headed down, got a T-shirt and a dress for girl in this shop called
People, pretty good quality I might say but Anand tried one of it and he said
it made him look “gay” with nipple standing out and oozing chest hair, I
thought girls dig that kinda stuff?

Bad move
in taking the train, It delayed for over 30min but never mind that, we wanted
to take a cab to Stadium TT, but then cab didn’t even want to send us, want to
pay them good money yet they do not want to. WTF.. that is why I always say
WELCUM to Malaysia, the land of BOLEH’s and GREAT
lousy EFFICIENCY. We just gave up and
wanted to walk to the stadium and while walking we saw a sign which says
shuttle to Stan Chart. Who on earth would see the sign if its 100meters away
from the LRT station. Sigh another point to GREAT Efficiency of Malaysia.  Met a guy on the shuttle bus and he just got off
the plane from Jakarta, Friendly chap, his name was Prince, we all chatted and
exchange numbers, he was doing the half marathon just like my sis, and Anand
was doing the 10k run, We all parted ways after collecting our goodie bags *I’ve
decided not to post any picture of the goodie bag as there was nothing inside
but a T-shirt and Guide book, really sucks to be receiving a goodie bag with no
goodie in it.



Mom and
Dad decided to drive us to the start point (was really surprised and Thank them
a million for supporting us, To think of it, it was their first time in
supporting me and my sis for all this kind of events), everyone woke up at 3am
and headed out of the house by 3:30am, the race starts at 5am. We headed to the
field to get changed to race gear and before I head off to the start off point.
It was drizzling and I was hoping that it will stop, Guess not, When I’ve
entered the pen it Begin to pour, Yes pour ! it was the first time I have
entered a race which rained. Feet all got soaked and it was a pain to be
running in the rain, I could feel the blister forming on KM 10, I was following
the 4:30 pacer till the 15k mark and I had to slow down, check my watch and
around the 18k mark I lost the 4:30min pacer, the blister was like a nail in my
foot, but I pressed on till the 21k mark, check my timing it was only 2:10min
so still doing good in conserving my energy, by the 30k mark, I had to stop to
ask for a plaster to close up the two blister, *BAD MOVE AGAIN* after I did
that and ran for a few hundred meters I heard felt something POP, no prize for
guessing, I had to adopt the walk and run technique now, cause it is really
painful. I was mentally preparing myself for the last 6km which is Bukit Tunku,
I don’t know why would they want to put a hill terrain on the last 6km of a
Marathon. The hills was unforgiving and I can tell you many people falter and
walked up the hill and so did I, didn’t want to push as It might just cramp my
legs, rather walk then not able to finish the run. Since it was only 6km to go.
After the 34km you could see the finishing line, Seeing the finish line in a
race is always a Energy Booster, I can tell you from experience that even if
you do not have any energy left or cramps all over, you will find the strength
and energy to run in stride like you just started. LOL cause I can say that
many eyes are watching! as I was running to the Finish line I could see my
family all waiting there for me, just like Girl with the cam. I was So happy
and I couldn’t believe they waited for me, I was ecstatic and gave all of them
HIGH 5 even my mom ! LOL ! it was a great day I tell you. Nothing beats seeing
the familiar faces cheering you on after a grueling 42k run. Thanks everyone !
Next race in 2 weeks time but not a full just a half marathon.

For all
you runners, Keep running and have fun. Never give up the ending is just around
the corner !

*will update the picture later 


I am posting the KL Marathon Route… enjoy… I think I am going to be in for a killer run !! the clip runs for 7 over min.. and it looks like a killer cause the last 6km is Bukit Tunku

What happens if you do not have sex regularly

This will happen if you did not have sex for the longest time

Readers Digest Sweepstake

How many of you have received the Readers Digest Sweepstake to be honest? I guess nearly everyone that reads this will say yes to it. Anyway I am always skeptical about this because I believe its just a scam to make you buy more books or magazine or DVD, I rather be buying stuff of than this website, But anyway to disperse this scam I will follow them till end of this year as they claim that I am very close to winning over $250.000. Lets see what happens. I bet you every dollar I have I will get Glitch ! NAda! ZeRo !! by end of this year.. they always say it so nice to tell you that you are the only 6 winners, blah blah blah, we are choosing one now, Win a Car.. the works. but they are not asking you or forcing you to buy their product its Your choice solely, I have been one of those but I always say hey no worries since I like to read and that book looks interesting enough, why not order it over mail catalogue and even get that Free gift they are offering. They say the free gift is exclusive to RD and its like very expensive and all, you will never believe what I go?? take a wild guess…

Yup a leaf shape saucer to dip my tomato sauce in it, and its made in CHINA Whoooppeeee.. i was so excited of this EXCITING AND EXCLUSIVE GIFT !! *thats not the actual picture* the real one is even smaller and made of cheaper clay !

Well.. I got RD email today saying that they have given me 6 more chance to be in the BIG SWEEPSTAKE ! WOOOOPPEEE AGAIN !!

So thinking I could win Additional Anniversary Privilege by winning a BRAND NEW CAR !! I will need to click there, so guess what.. if you click it it will bring you to a page of a car and non other than A BOOK, to see if you are interested in purchasing it to stand a chance to win a car, So far I have been asked to win this MAZDA 3, A PEUGEOT 308, MAZDA RX8, CITROEN and it all involves buying more books and no winners ever been announce..

Hey Readers Digest, If you ever select me as your winner, I am sure to tell the world this is not a scam ! lets see how it goes !

Worried for nothing

What is one problem? can’t someone be in a bad mood for no reason? I just hate it when things are not arranged neatly, house looks like a  refugee camp, can you stand it if things are not neat and proper ? I think I may have OCD for sure.. I can’t stand it if my wardrobe is not sort out from my colours to the stripes to the long to the short sleeves. ARgh, my shoes are to be lined from sports to casual to work and blacktie affair. Yes I have tons of shoe like a girl. but thats just me, My friends think I am gay cause I am er… well built ? and well groomed.. and I cook.. so ?? does that make one gay? I dont think so.. but so what I a guy is gay, I have plenty of gay friends and  they are very good friends I have to say. Yes I use facial products which guy these days don’t. Its just part of grooming, but I am short of tweezing my eyebrow which I will never.

I really don’t have my own time anymore, I hate it.. but whats it to say.. all I am blessed with now is my books.. thank you books.

Run Addict Thank You !

I have been reading a couple of books lately and I was following this group called @runaddicts, there were running a contest to win a novel, but aside from that lets talk about their website, they run a kewl website  (no pun intended) where they talk and breathe running ! its truly a website I like, Their website can be found at , All I can say is that when I enter their website the first thing that captured my eyes was they colour layout ! totally NIKE like, and i think they collaborate with Nike as well, not too sure, but all I can say is that they have got good article and great stuff to share. If you are a runner I am sure you would be following them or even follow them on twitter, check out the small preview of the website

So I was browsing on their website, I found out about this contest which was giving out a novel "Once a Runner"  and I instantly msged them asking if  the contest was still going on? I got a reply saying that Its already over, but I still retweeted the contest twit anyway because I was just a fan of their website, so win or no win it wont matter, cause we are all just runners.

I thought today was so just a ordinary day but its was different! How was it different? My Blackberry blinked with a notification from
non other than @runAddicts, it really made my weekend a GREAT Weekend !
it stated "Please send us your contact information. We’re
going to ship you a copy of ‘once a runner
" totally coool, Did I say thank you already ? well if I have not THANK YOU AGAIN ! anyway more about the "Once a Runner" , here is a short synopsis about it

Once a Runner
is a novel by author John L. Parker Jr.
and was first published in 1978 by Cedarwinds. In Once a Runner, Parker illustrates the hard work
and dedication that is required of an elite runner. Since its
publication, the novel has become a cult classic for competitive runners
of all abilities, but there are critics saying that this novel is only for the hard core runners!

Well @runaddicts is giving me the "Once a Runner" for free, or rather I feel an obligation to give them my review as Zappos had given me theirs to. Will finish the book on "Once a Runner" and do my review on it. I would like to thanks @runaddicts again for this opportunity,, b

I think this is a calling from the man above telling me to START Running again, Thanks and Many Thanks !

iPhone 4 inevitable

  Yes, the iPhone is generating waves of interest again. Looks like the hype for 3Gs just went down the drain the second Steve opened his mouth and said unveiled the future, but whats funny is that usually Steve really know how to captures the audience with his jokes mustered through his seriousness. He unveiled the iPhone 4 in WWDC this summer, and you can see people going ooh and ahh when the first slide came on, I did a blogpost on the first unveiling of the iPhone quite a while back then, but this time its not going to be a showcase of the new 4 functions and features, I think most of you have already know what its running on and its cool features, What I want to show here is the funny incident that happened in WWDC 2010, usually this happens on Microsoft presentation but this is the first for Apple. check it out


“UPS” = Usually Progress Slowly

I recently signed up for a bloggers program with and after about a week or so there was no news from them, I was thinking no worries, even if I don’t get the advance copy, I would just go out to my regular Borders and get one after it hits the store on the 7th of June, but as I came back yesterday from work, There was a note on my door stating of a failed delivery of 2 times from "UPS". TWO times? It was the first time I saw that sticker on my door stating of a delivery to be honest? so how could it be a 2nd attempt delivery ?


So today I called up the hotline and Ms. Chandra picked up my call, Kudos to those who had replied me like Mr Siva also, they have served me well over the phone, don’t get me wrong, I do conduct training for "SERVICES" for my company and even have been a couple of awards and certificates for excellent service from my previous companies. So we should always give compliments to those who provide exemplary service.

So here goes the conversation between me and Ms. Chandra

me         : Hi, I need to confirm on delivery timing
Ms.C    : Sure no worries
me         : What are the timing available after working hours
Ms.C     : Oh you work office hours and no one is at home? Can I arrange the delivery to 7-8pm
me         : Yeah,sure why not, Can I change it to 6pm onwards (smart me thinking that if I set a 6pm I would be able to receive it faster and go out for my run)          BIG mistake
Ms. C    : Sure how if I change it to 6 – 8pm (I answered in agreement)
Ms. C    : ok do wait for the delivery at home
me            : thanking her and hung up the phone

After 5 Pm, I quickly rushed home from work and waited in anticipation. So 6pm came and went, 7pm came and went. So I picked up my phone to start looking @Leonnyan previous post on one of his delivery servicing being screwed up.I just wanted to confirm if he was using UPS as well, and guess what IT WAS !! DAMM ! he was cursing like mad as well and now I understand his feelings! so 7:30 came and some of my friends already Twitted me telling me to call UPS and screw them up, but me coming from the service orientated side understands other people work processes and problems. Maybe Delivery was
stuck in the jam *given the benefit of the doubt* 

8pm came and nothing from UPS, took up my blackberry and started emailing the previous CSO who contacted me thru email and advise if I got the date wrong? I was still wondering if It was me who got the date wrong and not UPS… so I called their hotline again and Ms. Hamdi answered my call and was quick to call the operations ppl and guess what ? the operaions was not contactable, LOL ! man It got me thinking that UPS delivery system with a broken down communication. thats BAD !

All the time while waiting from 6pm – 8pm, I couldn’t go out for my daily run, or even my dinner, So I am just going to forgo my dinner and just
hope and pray that I don’t get gastric. Do you think I can sue them if I get gastric ??  any lawyers wanna comment? LOL

8:30 came and so did the delivery guy, well I didnt blow my top off at the delivery guy, I was even nice to ask him if he was stuck in a jam.
Well at least he apologized, but all this could have been better if ……..

I dont know if how many of you guys will know how to answer that? but I guess I do… but hey if you are service oriented you would know how to answer that question

Future Planning

I thought this is a very interesting article and should be shared for general knowledge, a very good article for someone who would like to have a rough gauge on their life investments. Read on boys and girls ! I am sure you would agree with me !

Written by:
Roy Varghese
Director, financial
planning practice,
ipac Singapore

UPPER middle-class families in Singapore typically have four main
lifestyle goals: replace the family car every five years, upgrade the
primary residence at least once, educate the children overseas, and
achieve financial independence by age 60 or so to enjoy a comfortable
retirement lifestyle.

But unless the family’s combined household income is in the top 10
per cent bracket nationally, there are limitations and trade-offs to
consider before constructing a realistic financial plan that includes
all four goals.

Find out what you can do to achieve these.

Car ownership

The price of new cars has fluctuated considerably over the years
owing to COE, import duties, foreign currency exchange rates and so on.

If we assume that our model family owns a 2-litre Japanese car which
they replace every five years over a 40-year period, this is how the
math works out in the Singapore context.

At an average price of $120,000 (in 2010 dollars) for a new car, the
monthly instalment for the car loan works out to about $1,000. The road
tax, insurance and maintenance costs add up to another $500 per month.
The cost of petrol, ERP and parking fees similarly may cost a further
$500 each month. From age 30 to 70, this couple will have paid the bank
close to $500,000 in absolute dollars ($1,000 per month over 480 months)
for owning a new car and replacing it every five years or so.

The price for convenience makes car ownership the top lifetime
consumption item and drain on family resources.

With the money spent on eight new Toyota Camrys or Honda Accords, you
could send two kids to Princeton or Columbia, if they manage to get

Home mortgage

Let’s paint a picture of a hypothetical couple’s home ownership

They graduate from university, work for a few years, marry at age 28
or 30, buy an HDB apartment for $300,000 and then upgrade to a private
property by age 35.

If we assume a very nice condo or even a terrace house, the purchase
price in 2010 dollars would be about $1.5 million, without renovations.
We can amortise renovations over the life of the house and treat this as
an operating expense rather than as capital expenditure for the purpose
of our analysis.

Let’s assume that the HDB flat was fully paid for at the time of sale
in 2010 and that the proceeds were used as equity in the upgraded
private property. At an average interest rate of 3 per cent pa, the $1.2
million mortgage over 25 years would result in a monthly outlay of
$4,000 in cash and CPF. The interest element to the bank for the
financing of the private home would be about $600,000 in total.

It may appear that the borrowing cost for the home is comparable to
the money spent on cars.

However, there is a crucial difference – the home has an investment
value in retirement whereas the cars depreciate the moment they leave
the showroom.

Saving for retirement

This is the one long-term goal that almost everyone has in their
financial plan. ‘We need a retirement income of $5,000 per month in
today’s dollars from age 60 onwards.’

A very modest lifestyle aspiration indeed and realistic too. If you
exclude mortgage payments, income tax, life insurance premiums, and the
children’s higher education costs, the model couple can live comfortably
on $5,000 per month if they retire today.

To make the retirement capital last till 90, without having to sell
the family condo or terrace house, this 60-year old couple would need to
accumulate at least $1.5 million today.

With a combined monthly household income of $12,000 by age 40 (see
The Business Times March 20, 2010 ‘Double Your Income Every 10 Years’),
it is possible for our hypothetical couple to save and invest an average
of $4,000 per month over 20 years for the target retirement capital

This works out to about $1 million ($48,000 per year over 20 years)
saved or twice the amount spent on cars or mortgage interest on the
home. An average annual rate of return of 5 per cent compounded over 20
years will provide this couple with the nest egg for their retirement

Apart from having a roof over your head, saving and investing for
retirement is a non-negotiable financial goal. The issue for young and
middle-aged parents is: can you afford the trappings of upper
middle-class lifestyle (present and future) and educate your children
abroad at a world-class institution?

Ivy League education

If you embark on constructing a comprehensive financial plan in your
early 40s, funding your children’s tertiary education is usually a
medium-term goal.

If you have 8-10 years to save and invest for the children’s
university education, there is a high probability this can be achieved
without having to compromise your other financial goals.

The math is fairly straightforward.

If you wish to send your child to SMU, NUS or NTU, the cost is about
$50,000 per child for a 3-year degree program in today’s dollars. This
is almost the equivalent of financing one new Camry per child’s entire
local tertiary education.

In order for your child to graduate from Yale University, parents
will have to shell out S$300,000 today for a 4-year undergraduate

If you have more than one child, good luck as you have to play
Solomon and decide who stays home and who gets to go to New Haven,
unless your resources are unlimited or there is a scholarship available
for at least one child.

There is no doubt that our children can receive quality tertiary
education in Singapore despite the widely-held perception in some
circles that a degree from a prestigious foreign university provides an
edge over a local degree.

There is no data available to suggest that an Ivy League education
guarantees a higher lifetime income compared to local degrees. It may be
that a child who qualifies for admission to an Ivy performs better in
her career because she is a high achiever by nature.

In conclusion, there are some lessons to be drawn regarding funding
overseas tertiary education. If you can accept driving a smaller or used
car, there is some hope of capping spending on car ownership. The
affordability of housing is critical in limiting finance charges for
owner-occupied private property.

By the time you are 50, you will most likely have set money aside for
your children’s local or overseas education. This means that retirement
funding is typically the last goal to be realized and for some, this
may be leaving it too late. To fund a comfortable retirement lifestyle, a
good number of upper middle-class families may need to trade down their
private homes in their 60s to make up for the shortfall in liquid

I know many parents are happy to scrimp and save so that their
children can enjoy the returns on a world-class education. And it is
laudable to help our children realise their dreams and reach their
potential with a branded college education. But unless we are confident
about being financially independent in retirement, it is best to
consider trade-offs for the big ticket items in life before promising
our children an expensive overseas university education

One more day and I am back..

This Friday I am heading back to Malaysia for my dad’s Bday, well more like belated Bday. I was wondering what can I do in those 2 days on Saturday and Sunday. After much thought to it, I realized that I have like a gazillion thing to do and no time to finish them all, All this are activity that I use to do back in the days, a typical day would sound like this,

6:00am : Morning 5k run
7:00am: Brekkie with parent
8:00am: back to bed to rest
10:00am: Laps in the pool / Gym time
12pm – 2pm: hit the books
4:00pm: do my 30km Ride
5:00pm: 5k run
7pm – Late: Family time

Well that is the typical weekday. A weekend would look like this

8am: out to ride century ride with the group
2pm: back from bike ride and rest till evening.
5pm: 5k run
till late: family time
or either

10am – 3pm: either Rock climbing / Kayaking
5pm: 5k run
the rest is family time

I enjoy those days, I had a body 13% body fat ratio to 63kg body weight, never did a muscle composition check, but I was just lean,
These days I am like *tellytubby* someone mentioned that when he say a picture of me doing my 25k run recently, but I was telling him that its the angle of the picture, he didnt believe me, till he came and saw me, then he realize it was true, I may not be the 13% body fat I was back them, but I am sure I am no telly tubby ! a typical office day would look like this

8am – 6pm WORK in OFFICE
7pm: just enough time to squeeze a short run
8pm – Tired but still have to cook dinner
9pm – read up and surf the net,
11 or 12am: Hit the bed

Isn’t that a sad schedule, but its very true to a everyday regular worker, if family comes, more commitment will be added and I believe that you wont even have a "you" time. Its just going to be family time and thats it, nothing for yourself anymore.

Sad but true reality of life !

Ipad Weighing Scale Apps

Wow, I have to say this is one cool gadget , the Ipad can even be your personal weighing scale with BMI and Fat analysis, looks like time for all the company to pack up! Ipad is definitely taking over everything in the world, including the cure for AIDS and stopping the WAR in the middle east !

If you have a Ipad, do download the application from the ITUNE store when its available!

PS: its just a joke, dont take it to seriously


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