Marvels Avenger Singapore Style

Have you guys watched the movie Marvels Age of Ultron yet? well as you know movies are always never the same with comic and that’s what really annoys me.

I know they can’t be talking about Hank Pym cause he will be in the upcoming Antman movie, or the different time line that went through for the Avengers killing Ultron, none of this was ever in the movie so dont worry I never gave anything away, but word from me is if you are watching “STAY BACK AFTER THE CREDITS

This post is not about the movie, it was about this commercial by Subway which totally caught my attention. Hilarious as it is, the actors was brave enough to act as they were in the commercial, check it out, let me know what you think

Bangkok Airways Launches “Bike On Board” Campaign

Bangkok Airways now offers Free Bike Loading on All Routes to Promote Ecotourism. Yesterday, Bangkok Airways kicked off its “Bike On Board” campaign to offer free bicycle loading apart from personal baggage. The 1st phase of the airline’s new service commenced on 15 October 2014 and will end on 29 March 2015 on its entire network except sectors that are operated by ATR aircraft.

For more information please call Bangkok Airways 24-hour call center 1771 or visit

15 Ways to Stay On Top of Your Game: For Men Only

15 ways that can make a man a better person, We personally like and follow number 9 to 15,wishing we can have more of number 12, so lets get a move on for the 15 ways to improve our MAN life, sorry girls you gotta look for your own for the time being.

1. Smile to Impress

People start to get a sense of you within the first three seconds of meeting. Start off right by smiling. Besides making a good impression, it may also improve your mood and slash stress, boost your immune system, and briefly lower your blood pressure, too.

Smiling man introducing himself to woman

2. Pursue Goals With Passion

People who achieve a lot tend to have a strong zeal for what they do. One way to find your passions is to think about what you loved as a child. What excites you? Makes time stand still? That’s a clue that you’re on to something.

Carpenter chiseling a large section of a tree trun

3. Focus on the Bright Side

A good  ‘tude can keep your body humming. It may even slow signs of aging and help you bounce back from illness. Notice what’s working in your life and make a plan to change what could be better. You want to appreciate what’s good and move forward.

Man in leg cast enjoying family time

4. Get a Move On

You’ll gain mental sharpness, sleep great, and have better mental health. Aim for 30 minutes a day, five days a week to help you control your weight, get stronger, and help your body from head to toe.

African American man lifting weights

5. Mind Your (Table) Manners

Put your best fork forward at meal time. Good table manners show that you’re a class act and you think your friends are, too. Top table manners to cultivate include maintaining good posture, chewing with your mouth closed, using your napkin, and excusing yourself from the table when you get up.

Man wiping his mouth with a napkin

6. Keep It Clean

Scrub up! Wash your hands for 20 seconds before you cook or eat. Ditto after you use the restroom. It’s one of the simplest, least costly ways to help avoid colds and flu all year long. No soap and water handy?  Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Close up of man using nail scrub brush

7. Smell Good

A nice, clean smell can make you feel good, and that confidence boost can make you look better to others. Wear clean clothes. Shower daily, and always after a workout. Find cologne, shampoo, soap, and deodorant with scents that you like. For fresh breath, brush, floss, rinse, and follow your dentist’s advice. If you wear a scent, only use a little.

Father and son applying aftershave in mirror

8. Dress the Part

Looking sharp shows that you’re prepared. To dress for success, start with classic colors: black, grey, or navy. Add same-color socks, a matching tie, and dark, polished shoes. Your hair and nails should be neat and clean. Keep jewelry and other accents low-key.

Woman admiring well-suited businessman

9. Be Kind and Polite

It’s basic: Being nice to those around you shows you value them as people. Practice being polite. Think about other people and what you can do for them. They will notice and you will impress. Treating others well has been shown to make you feel better about yourself, too.

Father and son applying aftershave in mirror

10. Be Prompt

Being on time shows people you’re in control and that you respect them and their time. Use datebooks and set pings to remind you of meetings and tasks. Prepare for big events and meetings the night before. Try to figure out how much time a task will take. Plan for bumps that might throw you off, like rush-hour traffic. Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need.

Woman kept waiting at restaurant table

10. Gain From Giving

People who often volunteer tend to be happier, with better self-esteem and a sense of purpose. People who give of themselves are also more likely to live longer and enjoy stronger relationships. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Male volunteer dishing out food at a soup kitchen

12. Take Time Off

Take a break from time to time. It’s not  wasted time. It renews your energy, curbs stress and worry, and lets you enjoy and explore. You’ll come back better.

Man fishing in the middle of a scenic lake

13. LOL: Laugh Out Loud

Laughing helps your body, most of all your heart. Research shows that laughter is good for blood vessels. This may help keep heart disease at bay. Enjoy a funny film or see a comedy show with friends. Humor and health go hand in hand.

Father laughing with son

Practice Manly Limits

Knowing when enough is enough shows you’re in control. Overdo it and you will feel the effects. If you drink alcohol, limit it to no more than two drinks a day — and of course, never drive after drinking. If you find it hard to set limits with alcohol, talk with your doctor or a counselor

Man taking sobriety test on side of road

15. Learn to Love the Long Run

Success is rarely a sprint. It’s more like a marathon. If you keep striving for what you want while prizing what you’ve got, you’re doing well. Take pride in that.

Man jogging over foothills

Samsung S Action Bluetooth Mouse

Whats the use of a tablet for most people? surfing the net? entertainment hub? Gaming platform? Well I took one step further and bought myself a bluetooth wireless mouse from Samsung, This mouse needs no dongle to plugin like the one you use on your PC but this one connects through frequency hence eliminating the dongle, I have paired both my wireless keyboard and mouse and it works seamlessly

So now not only is the tablet just a table, it is also my laptop and after using the mouse on my laptop tablet it really felt like I was on my pc, I really can’t wait to try it out on my next travel, I will try to blog on the go as it has the full capability of doing all the things I do on my laptop. What’s there not to like, (Video editing apps, High quality pixel camera, HD video recording and editing apps). Do watch for the unboxing and how easy it is to pair

Eliminate the inaccuracy that you get with some types of wireless mouse! Samsung’s Bluetooth® mouse combines all the convenience of wireless connection with the precision of a wired mouse. With an omnidirectional range of up to 10metres, fully supporting Bluetooth® 3.0, the S Action Mouse delivers seamless connectivity with full control and high accuracy.

The Smarter Way To Communicate

Optimised For Multi-tasking

Optimised For Multi-tasking

Samsung Action mouse’s Recent App / Menu and Multi Window modes are optimised for Samsung Android™ tablets*. Briefly press the S Action Button to view recent apps at a glance at the bottom of the screen. Press and hold the S Action Button to run menu functions to access the setup of App Tray or Apps running, or the right button of the mouse to run Multi Window.

More Control In More Places

More Control In More Places

With Blue Trace technology, you will have excellent control and accuracy with the Bluetooth® mouse. And because it works fully on many different surface types*, there’s no need for a mouse pad anymore!

Ergonomic Design – Compact and ergonomic for easy gripping and maneuvering 

Bluetooth Type – Bluetooth wireless connectivity with an omnidirectional range of up to 33′

Gesture Recognition – Five gesture function keys for use with Windows 8 ; go back a page, switch apps, close apps, zoom in and out, or open the Charms menu with just one touch

No mouse pad needed – Blue trace technology combines optical and laser technologies to ensure accuracy, and allows it to work  on nearly any surface including wood, granite, and carpet

Fully optimized for Windows 8

Thanks for watching and reading this. Have a fabulous Monday people.

Roast of Bieber #BieberRoast

CC Roast of Justin Bieber - First & Exclusive Asia  Premiere

Awesome Night yesterday Thursday, had the chance to attend Comedy Central Asia’s exclusive event for the up-coming Roast of Bieber happening this coming 18th April 11pm, Oh yeah it’s so gonna happen and if you happened to have watched Roast of Donald Trump, I am sure this is gonna be even better as I am sure ton’s of people or maybe EVERYONE hate’s Bieber (Think Puberty Jokes, Gay stuff) being thrown at him.

No Holding back guys Rain FIRE on Little BIBS, I am sure many people will tune in for this one. So for you guys who have not watch it you can warm up to it by watching our local comedian first

I want to say our local comedians are funny as hell, come on guys, Russell Peter jokes are stale, try local flavors and I have to give it to Sharul Channa (totally awesome) and everyone on the stage today Jinx Yeo, Kristal Zweers, Fukkah Fuzz, Matthew Giffen and Rushi Budhari. Thank you for the solid 3 hours peeps. I would surely watch you guys again if you all come on stage again.

Are you gonna be a Belieber ? Kevin Hart sure killed it and DAMM Funny YO ! Dont Miss it !

Thank you Influr and Comedy Central Asia for extending the invite. Love you guys *MUAH*

Alcoholic Fitness Monday ?

Do you know what gets people motivated in sports? I like a bit of challenge but for most people it is the motivational quotes as well as inspirational words that people say,I am sure some of you hold one or two motivational quotes to heart and it does help us in the long run when we want to achieve our goal, Be it Half Marathon, Triathlon or even the Ironman Event.

Some people really do think out of the box and since it’s a slow Monday, I wanna share with you how creative people can get, like how some people say it is all in the perspective, some of it do made me chuckled but the last one is my fav (my favourite quote, not the drinking)

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And my Favourite quote of all

00379602Have a great Week ahead guys, lets go for a drink.. er… run ..

thanks to walltowatch for all the wonderful pics

My Dad’s Story

What is going on this cloudy Saturday, maybe it is reflecting the emotional feeling I have inside after watching this really beautiful short clip on Youtube, It moved me so much and I have to say if your emotional barrier is so thin and could just easily break ? You better prepare to wipe those tears away.

This clip was shared by Jason on the chatroom a couple of days ago and boy oh boy it sure moved all of us boys, and excuse me who says boys dont cry. Show this clip to your man…. or woMAN. Definitely a tear jerker.

Tell me what you think? did you cry ?

Mizuno Ekiden Ninja

If you notice most of my posting are on Youtube and I try to create more content weekly, product reviews, training on Swim bike and Run and if you guys have any crazy idea or product that you wanna see reviewed do let me know and I will try my best to make one for you guys.This is my posting for How to be a Mizuno Ninja, click to watch

but if you guys just want to read for good reasons please do so

Mizuno Singapore launches first ever full-fledged Ekiden Race in Singapore

Team spirit-focused ekiden run will be the first of its kind and aims to instil Japanese values of teamwork and perseverance

SINGAPORE, 9 April 2015 – Mizuno kicks it up a notch as they introduced today the first full-fledged Ekiden race in Singapore. Targeting at least 5,000 participants, the inaugural race, which will be the first of its kind in Singapore, will take place on 18 July 2015 at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay.

Striving to deliver an experience that will focus on Japanese values such as teamwork, performance and perseverance, the Mizuno Ekiden 2015 will showcase the concept of relay running that has stemmed from Japan and has been incredibly popular since its inception.

In the Japanese language, Ekiden is a term referring to a long-distance relay running race. Although the concept is not new in Singapore, it will be the first time a race in Singapore features only Ekiden-based categories, namely the Open Category (42.195km), Corporate and Schools Category (21.1km)*.

The first runner from all categories will start from The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay donning the traditional tasuki sash and race along a scenic route, passing landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and the Marina Barrage. Once they have reached the end of their relay leg, they will changeover at the transition point by passing on the tasuki sash to the next team mate who will continue the race. This will be repeated right up to the last runner. While waiting for the last team member to race through the finish line, runners are able to enjoy the Japanese cultural activities planned in the Matsuri race village and thereafter proceed to the Finish Line to warmly welcome their team mates.

Incorporating the Japanese cultural element into the overall race experience, runners can expect to be flagged off in grandeur with taiko drummers, an ancient Japanese form of percussion. On top of competing in the relay race, runners will be welcomed to a Matsuri race village, also known as a Japanese-themed race village after crossing the finishing line. Matsuri, commonly known in Japan as a festival or holiday, is widely celebrated and Mizuno Ekiden 2015 plans to bring just that to all participants.

In the Matsuri race village, runners can anticipate Japanese gourmet such as ramen and sushi, artisan desserts and delectable drinks, amongst others. Coupled with Japanese cultural performances and activities for all, Mizuno Ekiden 2015 aims to provide an all rounded Japanese experience for both the leisure and serious runners.

Racing in teams of four, the participants will be entitled to compete in their respective categories for a prize purse of $1,600 and $600 worth of Mizuno products, along with the honour and prestige that comes with winning the inaugural Mizuno Ekiden 2015 Race. Running in an Ekiden race allows participants to experience the importance of a team working in sync with one another, encouraging each other to carry on when the going gets tough.

“Singapore is a country with a large and passionate running community, with runs and races available in all manners of capacity. With Mizuno Ekiden 2015, we hope to show Singaporeans the importance and value of camaraderie, teamwork and a strong support system. As much as running is an individual sport, we want to instil in participants the discipline required to work as a unit and to understand the rhythms and limitations of each teammate; after all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” said Mr Kiyoshi Tatani, President of Mizuno Singapore


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