Astell&Kern Collaboration With Beyerdynamic

SINGAPORE – February 21, 2019 — Astell&Kern, a global leader in portable high-resolution audio players and accessories, announces a new closed-back headphone, the AK T5p 2nd Generation, produced in partnership with world-famous headphone manufacturer Beyerdynamic.

AK T5p 2nd Generation

AK T5p 2nd Generation headphone, is the latest collaboration between Beyerdynamic, the renowned German manufacturer with almost a century of headphone making heritage, and Astell&Kern, market leader in premium portable music players. Beyerdynamic has tuned the AK T5p 2nd Generation for Astell&Kern’s portable players, to deliver the best-in-class details, peerless clarity across all frequencies, and an excellent bass reinforcement.

The AK T5p uses Beyerdynamic’s Tesla Technology™ transducers for high efficiency and low impedance. The headphones comes with specially designed, audiophile-grade detachable cable. Each cable is made of four 99.8% pure silver cables and four OCC copper cables braided together. It is designed to present the exact characteristics of the headphone’s Tesla Technology™ drivers, with balanced and natural sound. The cable is terminated in a 2.5mm 4-pole balanced connector to match the balanced headphone out on Astell&Kern players.  A 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter and a quarter-inch connection adaptor are also included. No more sharp highs or too much bass, this unique cable bring perfect balance to your music listening experience.

AK T5p 2nd Generation

AK T5p 2nd Generation

Pricing and Availability
AK T5p 2nd Generation is available in Singapore at a recommended retail price (RRP) of S$1,799 (including GST) at authorized retailers including AV One, Connect IT, E1 Personal Audio, Jaben, Music Sanctuary, Stereo Electronics, and

5 Superstition for Chinese New Year to Believe-in

Only 4 days away and it will be the Chinese Lunar New Year, this year is the Boar but most will use the year of the Pig as it is more commercialized and cuter. Sadly Peppa Pig is bearing the wrath of all the sales of this CNY

Going back 30 years, I recall those days were truly exciting days for all the young kids and even adult, the festive season meant “new clothes, lots of food and meeting relatives and we children were allowed to “GAMBLE”

somehow all this feeling is gone, and even the kids these days do not have this culture of habit, not sure what has shifted (ignorant of technology) this or caused this, but It’s really sad to say the festive mood is now just another day. Do you feel this too? or maybe it is just me?

No doubt the feeling and atmosphere has gone, but these 5 superstitions is here to stay for me, if you have any others do share with me.

  • Opening of Windows, Doors and literally turning on all the lights in the house, the old adage saying is “Gone with the old, in with the new! At the stroke of midnight on Chinese New Year Eve, all the windows and doors should be opened to allow the “old year” to get out for the fresh New Year to be in.
  • Staying up all night, this is where we kids get to stay up the whole night into the morning and yes like 2 to 3 am because it will be a trip to the temple to pray for our new year. but staying up the eve of Chinese New Year to the actual Chu Yi is said to bring longevity to your parents – the later you stay up, the longer your parents will live. I kept this tradition till today.
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  • New Clothes is a must, and as kids, we always look forward to CNY because it is the time we get to shop for new clothes not only 1 but 3 pcs, the saying goes that we have to usher in the new year with new clothes (some say even underwear)
  • No Washing of Hair till the 2nd day, ok seriously I hated this one because when we’re young, from the eve till the first day we would go all our playing with our relatives and friends, like really all out screaming and running, with fireworks. and even spilt soda all over, and coming back home mom will say NO WASHING of hair. So why is this so? ” “Head” is associated with “beginning” in Chinese. So you are advised not to wash/cut your hair on the first 2 days of the New Year if you want a good start.
Image result for dirty hair chinese kids
  • Lastly no.5 could be the happiest for us kids, cause we get to mess up the house like dropping snacks or firecrackers all over the porch and yet there will be NO SWEEPING on the 1st day because sweeping meant sweeping out the luck and fortune.
Image result for floor sweeping

Anyway thanks for reading and I do hope I will find time to update my content more often than not, and thank you for supporting me all these while and reading all my articles and thoughts.


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Mind Rant

Eyes are dried up with the constant blowing of the table fan, looking at the screen for over 8 hours a day sometimes even more,scrolling the mouse through email after email which furiously typing on the keyboard is most often a day in the life of an office executive.

Why do we put ourselves in this position day after day, waking up to the sound of our phone alarm, turning it off then just lazing and snoozing dreading the time to wake up, to get dressed, to go to work, to get that next pay check, but pay check to do what? Why are we so enslaved with this thing called money? Just a piece of paper with a numerical digit printed on it but it makes the world go mad.

Just recently a man threw money over a roof-top in Hong Kong to attract or create awareness on their cryptocurrency platform, it was borderline crazy thinking that it will get attention, yes attention it got but it was not the good kind, the other attention he caught was on wrong side of the law. I believe he was sentence to jail, and did you know that Hong Kong requires you to report all money found if not you are an offender.

Ok this post is not going anywhere, and this post is just that, there is no topic of conversation, yet it has no direction, just like me now. I have come to a point in my life I am asking myself, what am I doing to move ahead. Be in the rat race like everyone else and go through the motion in life like how most adult go through.

I don’t seek solace, nor do I seek fame, yes maybe I am lost and I know I am not alone, is this a phenomenon going on where people just quit their jobs without knowing what is the next step, but as my Linkedin post have said, “Good Things come to those that wait” Have patience and he shall guide you in the right path.

This post is to tell all those that you are not alone and everyone have a fighting chance. You just need to try

I might be starting another WordPress page soon other than sports. 

Happy Boxing day guys !

The Styrofoam Cup Story

This is a story about humility, and how we should only stay humble all our life no matter how high we go up in life. 

There was this this high positioned man, that was giving a speech at a conference in another country, he was flown in with in a private jet, and upon arrival a Bentley was there to pick him up, and without lifting a finger he was already checked into his hotel and was served a hot coffee in a beautiful ceramic cup in the waiting area before his speech

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Next year he had retire but was still invited to the same conference, this time round, there was no private jet, no car and not even a cup of coffee, he had to grab his own coffee and he thought to himself from there while holding his cup, people were only respecting the position and not the person. 

What can this story be taught to us? 

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Mark your calendar for this coming 11th November as the highly anticipated YOLO Run Singapore edition launches for a third consecutive year, whats even more challenging is that they have added a 21KM category into their route to excite runners in Singapore

47275200 [Converted]-01.png

The YOLO Run is a fun and performance run event where participants are encouraged to free themselves, be a part of a run that gives back and also partake in a mass yoga session after the run. The spirit of the YOLO Run draws from the aphorism “You Only Live Once” and encourages participants to seize the day, not care about what people think, and free themselves from labels, stereotypes, body types and inhibitions. This action of liberation is signified by participants running shirtless and is supported by X-Change Republic (the creators of the YOLO Run) or the sponsors, through donations to the adopted beneficiary for every runner who runs shirtless. YOLO Run believes in the appreciation of life. Everyone only lives each day once, therefore when one is able to, he should always help those in need, simply because there could never be another chance for it.

After two successful years in Singapore with 3,000 participants in 2015 and 9,000 participants in 2016, the third 2XU YOLO Run SG will take off at the F1 Pit with 5KM, 10KM and 21KM category options. “We have kept all the unique features of the YOLO Run and will be making it even better with the inclusion of the 21KM category and the entitlements made available to all. This year we are grateful for the continued support from title sponsor 2XU Compression Wear, and we are excited to partner with popular home-grown yoga studio – Yoga Lab,” says Mr Alex Loh, Managing Partner at X-Change Republic Pte Ltd.

Soak in the spirit of 2XU YOLO Run SG 2017 where participants are encouraged to seize the day, not care about what people think, and free themselves from labels, stereotypes, body types and inhibitions. This action of liberation is signified by runners running shirtless. In line with freeing the participants’ minds and connecting their body and soul, 2XU YOLO Run SG 2017 will end the day on a high note with YOLO Yoga, a rejuvenating mass outdoor yoga session of mindful stretching led by renowned Yoga Personality and Instructor from Yoga Lab – Jasmine Chong.


“It has always been Yoga Lab’s mission to make yoga accessible to the masses, so we are excited to do exactly that at this year’s YOLO Run. Just as how running is for all, so is yoga!” says Miss Jasmine Chong.

Join in the meaningful way to YOLO, free yourselves and come run shirtless for a good cause. Early-bird registration is priced respectively at S$38 for 5KM, S$48 for 10KM, and S$58 for 21KM. For more information and to register, visit

Come #runshirtlessforcharity and #runforcharity this 2017! #FREEYOURSELVES

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2017

Most of you must be wondering what does Yellow Ribbon means, or why was the Yellow color being chosen, year on year you will see me posting about Yellow Ribbon Prison Run as I am a firm believer of 2nd chances

It all started in 2004, whereby a Read the rest of this page »

How to Sell Combs to Monks

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3 sales professionals applied to work for a huge company. As they were all evenly qualified, the interviewer decided to set a sales challenge and the person who sold the most would be awarded the job.

The challenge was to sell combs to monks of any temple up in the mountains. “You have 3 days, and the person who sells the most will get the job” said the interviewer.

After 3 days, the 3 applicants returned, and reported their results.

Candidate 1 said “I managed to sell one comb. The monks scolded me, saying I was openly mocking them. Disappointed, I gave up and left. But on my way back, I saw a junior monk with an itchy scalp; he was constantly scratching his head. I told him the comb would help him with his scratching and he bought one comb”

Candidate 2 said “That’s good, but I did better. I sold 10 combs.” Excited, the interviewer asked “How did you do it?” Candidate 2 replied “I observed that the visitors had very messy hair due to the strong winds they faced while walking to the temple. I convinced the monk to give out combs to the visitors so they could tidy themselves up and show greater respect during their worship.”

Candidate 3 stepped up “Not so fast, I sold more than both of them.” “How many did you sell” asked the interviewer.

“A thousand combs”

“Wow! How did you do it?” the interviewer exclaimed.

“I went to one of the biggest temples there, and thanked the Senior Master for serving the people and providing a sacred place of worship for them. He was very gracious and said he would like to thank and appreciate his visitors for their support and devotion. I suggested that the best way would be to offer his visitors a momento and the blessing of Buddha. I showed him the wooden combs which I had engraved words of blessings and told him people would use the combs daily and would serve as a constant reminder to do good deeds. He liked the idea, and proceeded to order a thousand combs”

You got lucky,” one of the other candidates said bitterly.

“Not really,” the interviewer countered. “He had a plan, which was why he had the comb engraved prior to his visit. Even if that temple did not want it, another one surely would.”

“There is more,” the third candidate smiled. “I went back to the temple yesterday to check on the Master. He said many visitors told their friends and family about the comb with the Buddha’s blessing. Now even more people are visiting every day. Everyone is asking for the comb, and giving generous donations too! The temple is more popular than ever, and the Master says he will run out of the combs in a month… and will need to order more!”

Learning Points:

The three different candidates show us the different levels of sales performance:

Candidate 1 displayed the most basic level, which is to meet the prospect’s personal needs. The monk with the itchy scalp had a personal need; it was specific to him only.

Candidate 2 shows the next level – anticipating and creating new needs for the prospect. Perhaps the monk doesn’t have an obvious need for the comb, but how can it still be beneficial to him? When you can educate the prospect on new possibilities and benefits for his business, you are already outperforming your competitors.

Candidate 3 demonstrates the best level of all; an ongoing relationship resulting in repeat sales and referrals. Everyone was a winner, the monk, the devotees, the 3rd candidate and the interviewer. Help your prospects benefit their prospects, to create maximum value. View each prospect not as individuals, but also their contacts and network beyond them. See each customer as lifetime clients instead of one time sales.

Our beliefs and thoughts shape our actions and ultimately, our results. When faced with a challenge, how do you respond? And how big do you think?

How can you create new needs for your prospect and benefit their customers?

As shared by Joshua via Linkedin




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