How to use WhatsApp (and other chat apps) free of charge without internet.

I can’t believe how far humanity have gone in technology and the best part is that it is still unraveling  with new wonders and surprised every day, the most recent one has got to be … get this having able to chat on your phone without Internet (yes, WITHOUT)

So you got to be wondering how does this work? well in-fact it is pretty simple, it is a sim that allows you to connect in over 150 countries which leaves you no contract issues with your current telco, but I do see that we won’t be getting subsidies phone sets for sure.

This cool sim is called Chatsim, ChatSim allows you to connects your Chat Apps around the world. This way you can chat free and without any limits with WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, LINE, QQ and all other instant messaging Apps to give your words always a new meaning. ChatSim lets you stay in touch with friends, family or colleagues when you are abroad. It helps you stay in touch with the world and live every moment to the fullest.

The only charge they are charging you is an annual fee of only €10 which is US$11.40 or SGD$15.40 with the current exchange. This new sim intrigues me and I really want to try it out.  I dont see why not since we are always on chatapps these days.

These are the countries they cover but you can always find out more through their website

What are you concerns ? First of mine is that it doesn’t have FB messenger. Big downside, let me know what you think will you get yours ?


Turn your commute to a spinning class


One British fitness company is planning to kill two birds with one stone and combine your morning commute with a fitness class. No, we’re not talking about aerobics on the Tube — although that’s a pretty awesome idea.

pic by 1Rebel

1Rebel has announced plans to transform a London bus into a mobile spinning studio, so you can combine your commute with a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

The fitness brand is currently in talks with a number of bus companies, however it doesn’t yet have sign off from government. If it were approved, the bus could launch after the summer.

The unusual vehicle will travel the most popular commuter routes across London, finishing up at the 1Rebel studio, where riders can have a shower and a smoothie before work.

Mock up Route

The 45-minute classes will cost between £12 and £15; not too bad considering the money you’ll save on your commute.

from: Mashable

Discount Code for Mizuno Ekiden Run Singapore

I am so excited that in  just about two months from now, the Mizuno Ekiden Run will hold their second race in Singapore and what better way to run with your buddies and sharing the burden of running a full 42km, if not a the 21km run will suffice if you guys want a fast and furious run on that day because it will only be 5km route for each person.

Got to be honest that I have not been training for this run and I feel totally guilty about it because of work load, I bet my team mates are giving me the dagger stare right about now when they are reading this. Luckily it is a Ekiden and not a full 42km race, but still this does not give me the reason to slack off on my run position. OK MOTIVATION HERE I COME.

Also I bring you guys good news if you are reading this because you wanted to register for this event then you came to the right place because I am sharing with all my readers a special redemption code for a full $60 off for each team signing up, but remember this offer is only limited to the first 10 teams. So sign-up here while you still can.


If this is your first time trying out Ekiden with your friends, here are some tips that you might want to use to align your runners according to their speed but this is just a guideline feel free to use it

  • 1st Runner should be your 2nd fastest
  • 2nd Runner could be your remaining or slowest
  • 3rd Runner should be your slowest
  • 4th Runner should be the best runner to play catch up

Hope to see you guys there and Happy Training. Don’t say I Boh Jio

Mizuno Ekiden 2016

Race Against Cancer 2016

The annual Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer (RAC) is back for the eighth year at Angsana Green, East Coast Park, on Sunday, 03 July 2016 at 7.00am.

The race will feature two competitive categories – the 10km and 15km Competitive Runs and a 5km Fun Run. Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, will be the Guest-of-Honour at the race.

Registration for the Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer 2016 will close at 8,000 participants or visit and sign up today!

RAC 2016 aims to raise awareness of cancer and the services which SCS provides and rallies the community to join in the fight against cancer. SCS also hopes to raise $1.1 million through the race for its cancer programmes and services, including the Help the Children and Youth Programme, financial and welfare aid to needy cancer patients and their cancer treatment subsidies, free cancer screenings, research, public education initiatives, hospice care services for terminally-ill cancer patients, as well as rehabilitation support for recovering cancer patients and cancer survivors.


Using Motorized Bikes for IRONMAN events

Image result for ironman medal showing off

Why do people want to go through all the trouble of swimming 3.8km, cycle 180km and run a marathon in a single day? well, if you don’t know what I am talking about you don’t need to read this because it is a total SHAME on the IRONMAN event.

This event has been the epitome of challenging one endurance and discipline but I think  people these days got caught in the lime light that having a Ironman bling will make themselves some sort of celebrity.

For myself participating in Ironman events is all about self discipline and how we train and seeing ourself emerge better than previous before but hey, everyone has their reason for participating in endurance event. Just this morning I was browsing through my twitter timeline and this caught my eye, once I have read it I truly think that the glamour of the event got the better of some people out there. Seriously what happened to fair play?

Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewellery

I had the opportunity to test out a pretty blingy equipment code name SATJ which stands for Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewellery but before you go all crazy over bling check out my video where Ms Audrey talks about this little bling.

The Swarovski Activity Crystal is one of the first activity tracking jewelry collections designed to make you look great every day, all day long. The fully faceted Swarovski Activity Crystal measures your daily activities and quality of sleep, and syncs wirelessly with your smartphone.

This beautiful Crystal helps you look great throughout the day, whether for sports, work, leisure, or special occasions. it helps define your personal fitness goal and set Swarovski Activity Crystal to track your everyday activities including walking, running and cycling.

It is also helps towards understand your sleeping pattern, a first step to improving your quality of sleep. Best part of this SATJ is that there is no charging required. The battery lifetime is up to 4- 6 months depending on your usage and batteries are easily replaceable (CR2025 coin cell where you can get it from any hardware store)

Swarovski Activity Crystal is water resistant to 50 meters. Reach your goal by taking that extra lap around the pool to see where your activity level stands.If you ladies like the tech and loves a life of glamour, I am pretty sure SATJ will blend into your lifestyle with ease.

The Swarovski Activity Jewellery Tracker is now available at all Swarovski outlets

Here are some Miranda pic for you guys out there

K-Swiss 50 Love Singapore

Last week, I had the pleasure of celebrating the 50th anniversary of American footwear brand K-Swiss, where a new heritage collection of all their classic, signature models was unveiled.

Founded in 1966 in California by two Swiss brothers, their aim was to bring their knowledge of ski boot technology to the emerging tennis shoe market, as both sports require footwear with a tight fit to support sudden and powerful side-to-side movements.

The collection will consist of seven classic styles that have been updated with modern footwear technology and high quality materials. The first shoe to be released will be the Classic 66, which is fitting as it was the first and only shoe to be produced in the first 20 years of the brand’s illustrious 50-year history. There will be a limited stock of 1,966 pairs as a nod to its humble beginnings in 1966 and will run alongside six other models; the Si-18 International OG, Surf ‘n’ Turf OG, Lozan III, The Classic VN, Irvine OG and Hoke.

KOBE 11 MUSE PACK: Tinker Hatfield Honors Greatness

Kobe 11 has landed on Singapore shores but in very limited quantity

Today Kobe Bryant is a muse, but growing up Bryant had his own hero. In addition to admiring Michael Jordan’s commitment to greatness both on and off the court, he was intrigued by the Jumpman’s signature line, which Jordan created in collaboration with Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. “Tinker has caused my parents a lot of headaches over the years,” Bryant recalls, “from being a kid and having to go find a bunch of Air Jordans.”


Among the line, however, Bryant had a particular favorite: “The Jordan IIIs were my all-­‐time favorite, still my favorite to this day,” he asserts. “To be able to grow up and appreciate all the Jordans and then to actually sit with the man who designed those and kind of understand how he designed them the way he did, why he designed them the way he has… That’s amazing.”

The KOBE 11 Tinker Muse is available in limited quantities beginning May 5 at SGD329 at selected Nike stores in Singapore



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