Last Call for Yellow Ribbon Prison Run

Yellow Ribbon

Final call for registration! Come run for second chances and sign up for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run happening Sunday, 4 Sept! Enter promo codes YRPpuma5 (for 10km run) and YRPpuma3 (for 5km walk) to enjoy exclusive discounts. Registration closes today so hurry and run for second chances today!

And dont forget that Racepack collection will be next Saturday on the 20 Aug happening at Suntec City Convention Centre.

Sat – Sun, 20 – 21 Aug 2016

11am – 8pm

Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Level 3 Concourse

1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593

Yellow Ribbon Running Man Challenge 2016

Want to win free run slots to the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run? Join the Running Man Challenge from now till 14 Aug when you hashtag your video with #‎YRSecondChance. The 5 Most-Liked videos win a pair of tickets to the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run happening Sun, 4 Sep! Hurry and show your dance moves today!

Check out the video below


14 Myths Debunked on Giving a Great Presentation


I am sure that there was a time in your life that you were ask to present in-front of your colleague or public,  be it in a classroom or a auditorium and just the thought of the audience looking at you proves to be nerve racking, for me,  I have done this many times presenting to small to large group and even big corporation. I don’t deny that I still have butterfly in my stomach before presenting but once you practice you get better.

So as I was browsing through my twitter feed I came across Rowena’s article on 14 Myths debunked in and she sure dished out some pretty good tips which would prove rather handy in your future presentation.

Rowena Crosbie, an Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member from Iowa, is president of Tero International, Inc., a premier interpersonal skills research and corporate training company. We asked for her thoughts on presentations and how you can perfect your next one.

For thousands of men and women, speaking in front of a group is an experience that is feared. More than a fear of heights, spiders or even dying, if you can believe it! The statistics indeed support Jerry Seinfeld’s humorous claim that most people at a funeral would rather be the corpse than the person delivering the eulogy. But, it is the ability to communicate effectively with individuals and groups that is cited as the primary factor contributing to the success of the highest-paid managers. So it’s definitely a fear worth overcoming and a skill worth nurturing.

Like overcoming any fear, the solution lies in education, understanding and repetition. Here are some of the common myths surrounding presentation skills and the reality behind them:

Myth #1: Start out with a joke– it gets the audience warmed up.

Reality: Although it’s certainly true that the release of adrenaline and endorphins into the system heightens learning and interest, a joke is seldom, if ever, appropriate. Too many speakers confuse comedy with humor. Humor is the relating of funny, relevant and non-offensive stories, cartoons or anecdotes to support the message. When they fail in their purpose, you don’t. Leave the comedy to the professional comedians.

Myth #2: Write your speech out so the most powerful words are used.

Reality: Written communication and spoken communication are two distinctly different mediums. Taking one mode of communication (written) and translating it directly to another (spoken) without any modification is dangerous. The words, phrases and stories we all enjoy reading in our favorite novels are too windy when communicated word for word in a presentation.

Myth #3: Put your hands in your pockets. It will make you feel relaxed and makes the atmosphere casual.

Reality: Studies have shown the critical importance of the visual element in presentations. This includes eye contact, attire, stance, grooming and gestures. When a speaker’s hands are buried in their pockets (or behind their back), effectively one-third of the ability to communicate is eliminated. Supportive gestures enhance the message and facilitate learning.

Myth #4: Scan your audience; everyone will think you’re looking at them. That’s important.

Reality: Our brains take in information through our eyes in the form of movement, shape, light and color. Our brain has to process information very quickly when the eyes are scanning the room, allowing little time for thinking about this important presentation. Talk to one person at a time, holding your focus for several seconds and slowing the input to your already very busy brain cells.

Myth #5: An alcoholic beverage prior to presenting will relax you and make you sharper– just one!

Reality: Alcohol dulls the senses. Aren’t you glad your airline pilot or surgeon doesn’t have just one to relax them before they approach their job? Other no-no’s in the food and beverage category prior to presenting include caffeine, dairy products, drugs and over-eating.

Myth #6: It doesn’t matter if you run a few minutes long in your presentation. The topic is an interesting one, and after all, they invited you to speak.

Reality: People dislike a speaker running over their time. Even if the presentation is very interesting, it’s not appropriate to run long. In fact, it’s better to not even finish on time. Plan to finish early– five minutes early.

Myth #7: Share all of the background information and factors affecting the topic. It’s very technical but necessary.

Reality: Your audience only needs to know enough to understand your premise. Allow for a Q&A period at the end of your talk to answer those questions the audience is most interested in. Provide detailed information in a handout.

Myth #8: You’re there to inform the audience of progress–not persuade them–so why worry about presentation techniques?

Reality: Many people say there are two types of presentations; one to inform and one to persuade. Wrong. There is only one type of presentation– the one to persuade. Whether you’re selling a product, a service, an idea or your own credibility, you’re persuading, and you need to know how people are persuaded.

Myth #9: Take questions during your presentation to be certain everyone is with you at all times.

Reality: Unless your presentation is several hours long or modular, this practice can be deadly. Questions from the audience can be hostile, get you off track or, at best, be time-consuming. Allow time at the end of the presentation for questions.

Myth #10: Practice makes perfect.

Reality: Practice makes permanent. Practicing the wrong techniques makes for bad habits that are difficult to break. Learn the techniques that work and practice those.

Myth #11: Use the techniques you’ve seen used by the late-night talk-show hosts. It’s effective for them, so it must be right.

Reality: Many factors affect our success in a presentation. I wouldn’t want to assume my audience attaches the credibility and charisma to me that they do to the accomplished entertainer. Neither should you. Learn the techniques that work and then use them.

Myth #12:  Don’t worry about using visual aids. They distract the audience.

Reality: When you use visual aids, you are perceived as more professional, more credible, more persuasive and better prepared. In addition, research on the subject shows that when you support your presentation with relevant, interesting, colorful and multi-sensory visuals, learning is improved by 200%, retention by 38% and the time to explain complex subjects is reduced by 25% to 40%.

Myth #13: If you use the latest and greatest presentation technologies, you won’t have to worry about your presentation skills.

Reality: A quick recipe for disaster is to be lulled into thinking that all you need is the latest technology and your problems are over. That idea is unfortunately becoming more prevalent with the introduction of more and more innovative methods of incorporating visuals into presentations. Your visual aids are just that– aids. They are intended to enhance your presentation, not make it for you. Presenters must remember to focus on the human side. Regardless of how flashy or impressive your visuals may be, you are still the most important visual for your listeners.

Myth #14: If you don’t speak to groups often, don’t waste time and money attending a development program on the subject.

Reality: The skills for effectively speaking to groups are the same skills effective for speaking one on one. If you speak to anyone during the day–your clients, boss, co-workers, employees, spouse, kids–you need to develop these important skills.

PUMA introduces all-new IGNITE Dual

Puma Ignite Dual

Singapore – 6 July 2016, Global Sports Brand PUMA continues to expand its successful
IGNITE running franchise with the all-new IGNITE Dual for Autumn-Winter ’16 that offers
duality in both function and style.

Engineered to provide ultimate flexibility and cushioning for mid and long distance runners,the IGNITE Dual features the proprietary IGNITE FOAM midsole that’s visible on the heel and hidden in the forefoot to offer full length energy return. Articulated chevron grooves are designed to compress during landing and rebound. The molded EVA sockliner cradles the foot comfortably for an easy run. The outsole has been technically enhanced by PUMA to mimic the natural gait of the runner. A guidance groove that runs from the heel allows a smoother transfer of the runner’s weight from heel-strike to toe-off. Deep forefoot flex grooves add to the freedom of movement while carbon rubber is introduced on the heel for extra durability.

The duality story extends to the upper with a two-tone premium flexible mesh that delivers a comfortable fit, breathability and flexibity. Adding depth and dimension to the silhouette is the color shifting mesh and reflective panels for extra visibility in low light conditions. The look is finished with an exciting contemporary graphic that gives the IGNITE Dual a youthful appeal and hook back to the upcoming Olympics Games where the design DNA continues on the training and podium wear of PUMA-sponsored Federations and athletes.

The IGNITE Dual is available in IGNITE Dual Disc (pic below) and IGNITE Dual evoKnit iterations – variations of the upper design with the same tooling. The IGNITE Dual Disc features PUMA’s innovative laceless Disc Closure System that allows a quick, easy and custom fit with a turn of the Disc dial. Its upper is constructed with a combination of comfort foam that stretches to conform to the foot and net mesh for breathability and depth. The evoKnit Dual is created with a knitted upper for a soft comfortable fit, breathability, and flexibility.


The new IGNITE Dual (SGD 159) and running apparel range will be available at PUMA stores
and authorized retailers from 15 July 2016.

USA Blacklight Run comes to Singapore

SINGAPORE – Singapore is set to host the world’s largest nighttime 5km. A first for Singapore and  Asia, the Skechers Blacklight RunTM is the brightest 5km on the planet and will be organised by Singapore event specialists Orange Room on 29th October, 2016 at Palawan Green on Sentosa.

Less about speed and more about fun, there will be three Blacklight RunTM Zones along the course, each with a distinct colour – green, pink, orange – where runners/ walkers will be showered in Blacklight RunTM UV Neon Glow Powder that glows in the dark.

The Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM is legendary and coming all the way from the USA to Singapore is Guest DJ “DJ Automatic”, the original Blacklight Run DJ, who has shared the stage with Kanye West, Lil’ Jon, T.I and more, and will be spinning at the Skechers Blacklight RunTM Singapore. Joining DJ Automatic on the decks is one of Singapore’s most exciting new comers, DJ at Singapore most popular nightclude, Zouk, 47686789DJ Jade Rasif.

“The After Party is a big part of the Skechers Blacklight RunTM experience. DJ Automatic is the original DJ from the USA events and we’re flying him in for the inaugural Singapore event. He will be on stage alongside other great acts, to make sure the Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM is an unforgettable experience for all,” added Ting.

Never run before? No problem, the Skechers Blacklight RunTM is for everyone and children under six years are free. Gv The Standard Registration is S$50 and includes official white Skechers Blacklight RunTM t-shirt, Skechers Blacklight RunTM drawstring bag, glow-in-the-dark tattoo, Skechers Blacklight RunTM race bib, Skechers Blacklight RunTM Glow Pack at the finish line, and free entry to the Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM. VIP Registration is S$80 and includes lots more Skechers Blacklight RunTM swag. Early bird prices finish on 13th August.

“One thing we can guarantee is fun. Everyone will have a great time on the course whether you run or walk, and the Skechers Blacklight Run After PartyTM will be the best on the planet. Whatever you choose to wear, be ready to finish a different colour to what you started! All products are 100% natural and non-toxic, and be sure to bring your phones and cameras to snap the memories,” added Ting.

For more information:



Instagram: @blacklightrun_singapore

Training Alone v. Training with a Group

Is it better to train by yourself or with a group? Well, it depends on what works well for you and your schedule, as well as your general preferences. Below I list a number some pros and cons of training alone as well as training with a group.

Training Alone

  • Your training is designed specifically for you in terms of how it’s structured, training paces, and overall volume.
  • Your training will always revolve around your schedule, not someone else’s.
  • On a day when you’re feeling particularly good or bad, you can adjust your workout effort without affecting a teammate’s session.
  • You develop a mental fortitude unique to the solo ‘grind’.


  • Working with others, whose strengths might be your weaknesses, is beneficial to improvement.
  • The mental grind of doing everything alone could potentially result in loss of motivation.
  • Without a group of runners, you can’t run race-day simulations at practice.

Training with a Group

  • You can depend on others to push you along on days when you’re struggling. .
  • It’s fun! You’ll get to chat with friends during warm-ups, cool-downs, and easy runs.
  • Meeting with others might help you be more accountable to show up to your workouts.
  • You’ll practice race day scenarios with teammates.


  • Sometimes teammates end up ‘racing’ each other in practice instead of ‘training with’ each other.
  • You might run a workout too quick or too slow because of how other teammates feel.
  • Your individual training might be compromised by a workout designed to benefit the group as a whole.

At the end of the day there are a lot of variables to consider, but you should now have a general idea of the kind of factors you should be thinking about.

You know yourself best, so as long as you’re being honest in your evaluation you can choose the right path. There are plenty of athletes who have been successful in both scenarios.

Article by : Coach Arslan

Asia’s First Grand Fondo comes to Niseko

It is summertime now in Niseko Village, with warm and pleasant weather making Niseko the perfect destination for active pursuits. Whether it is action and adventure or a quiet exploration of this beautiful Japanese region, Niseko Village has it all, from PURE outdoor activity centre, countryside trekking in search of Hokkaido’s famed wildlife inhabitants, to horse riding, mountain biking, fishing, and rafting down the region’s rivers.

In the midst of all that action, an international Hokkaido premier road cycling race takes place in Niseko every year, and this year being the third year, the event has become part of the prestigious UCI Gran Fondo World Series; the first time the event is being staged in Japan. For cyclists around the world, the Boardman Niseko Classic is a great way to qualify for the Championships, and the perfect opportunity to experience racing in Japan and discovering the beauty of Hokkaido.

The UCI World Series is made up of 15 races spanning the globe, and offers age group categories to riders. Already with a huge presence in Europe, America, Africa and Australia, the Boardman Niseko Classic will be the first time the event is being staged in Asia and Niseko Village is proud to be part of the action!

Cyclists and their families can enjoy a weekend of non-stop summer celebrations, including a food festival, beer tents, live music, fireworks display, taiko drums performance, celebrities, guided bike tours, bike demos, fresh local produce, onsen hotsprings and a range of outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, rafting and so much more.

Enjoying closed roads, clean air and beautiful vistas, the 140km course includes 2,362m of vertical, leading competitors up the awe-inspiring Panorama Line climb, out to the Sea of Japan, and back to Niseko Hirafu Resort. A 70km race category is also available, providing a shorter challenge (includes 1,125m of vertical) and finishing together in Niseko Hirafu Resort.

There are KOM and Sprint challenges, plus prizes for all age categories, with mechanical support and product demos available during race weekend. Enter now at the Boardman Niseko Classic website, A race and stay package fully managed by Bike Tours Japan is available for your convenience, inclusive of 4 nights’ accommodation, breakfast and dinners, airport transfers, guided rides and support.

Last Call for Mizuno Ekiden

Have you guys been training hard for the upcoming Mizuno Ekiden? or you still thinking of signing up with your team of four, I have to say it will be challenging, it will be hot, it will be furious. Anyway it will be the last call for Mizuno Ekiden registration which ends this coming 10th June. I am not sure if my coupon has been used up but you can still try to register with it.

In Japanese terms, Ekiden refers to a relay-styled long distance running. Runners get to register in teams of four across three different categories, If you guys can’t run the 42km, you can always opt for the 21k, or the Corporate category (21.1km).

 The event strives to instill and portray remarkable Japanese values such as individual perseverance, teamwork and the ability to showcase a high level of performance in intense and challenging situations.


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