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Roger Sanchez & Steve Lawler

Tonight is the Raver’s night to catch Roger Sanchez and Steve Lawler at Sepang ! Yup thats right.. oh sorry for those who are not ravers and clubbers.. you would just guess that who is this punjab guy and who is this lawyer going to Sepang in Malaysia for? well abit about Roger and Lawler ok.

he is Born and Raised in Queens New York. Sanchez being DJing in the brink of adolescense, pre-rave at a time where dance music was being carefully welded together from a mass of conflicting sounds and pulses. and something about Steve

Steve Lawler is a definite DJ and Producer, grooving people from far flung as Zouk in Singapore to Groovejet in Maimi,Twilo in New York and the mighty Space Ibiza. after two months in 1999 he was crowned "KING OF SPACE" by the local- a rare and well deserved honour. 

so make sure you shake your booty and move your ass down to Sepang to join the Heineiken Thirst today 29/04/05. i definitly will be there .. Rave you out later ya !


dead stoned at 6

ya its 6 am and i am back at work,slept for a good 20min (recommended POWER NAP TIME) i managed to get my assignments done half way, thanks to the power of technology, (ironicly, i am doing technology determinism) hhmm such a coincidence. i dont know if my thesis would be good enough for submission on the 29th leaves me another half a day to complete.

who knows anything bout technology determinism? any idea or clue about it? let me know what your thoughts are might prove very useful to me. cant hold anything back here, dont mind any ideas from people around the world or the wholly spirits (LOL just kidding) 

oh ya back to my phone solutions, found a couple of buyers for my phone, SELL GAWD DAMMIT ! ahah .. got to get my O2 soon. wont be adding anything this friday as i am OUT (not out clubbing or in any watering hole) but dead ASLEEP in my warm bed.  check me out later this saturday ok, cheerios.

DeadLine is StressLine

haha , i know .. everybody hates Deadline, let alone Stress (ok i made up stressline) LOL

 i am currently facing all this right now, deadline for my assignments are on 29th but i am still in the midst of getting my assignment off the ground, its still not even on introduction yet, am yet i am still online thinking to myself what source of information should i compile? i think i am dead as a bug, bryan is good enough to help me thought Ari gato Go Gozaima su.

 hownowbrowncow ? what should i do, cant even managed my sleeping pattern, i am so dead.. i feel as thought i am having a surreal breakout of explosion on my face. nevertheless having to train people tomorrow, i got to get myself into 5th gear as i am stuck on reverse. haha. still driving my lame old engine car(hey refering to my brains), dont think i can hit 5th gear as i have my nice warm bed next to my PC ! DANG ! i hate the thought of lying there and having a good sleep.

 just refulled my car by glupped down a can of coke, need to get sugar high and tell myself to start RIGHT NOW on my assignment.. but distraction .. UM UM(chanting mantra) help me oh spirits of the world. LOL. well guess the stress spirit is always around. so a few tips to ward it off.

  • Run a 2k to get your self pumped up
  • take a break
  • listen to a great selection of music, music that you love
  • Go take a shower feel refresh
  • Go SMOKE (strictly for smokers) and then think again you dont actually need a ciggie to release stress (DONT NEED IT K) its all in your mind
  • Go run a 2k run and come back and shower and take a break while listening to some great music selection while smoking ( haha please refrain from smoking will ya)  

oh ya .. i dont smoke ok, and i dont ever will be. then again .. its 1.14 AM now .. got to work in 4 hours time .. ok ..will leave you all till now, check me out again soon k ! cheerios

ps: I attached a Anti Stress Kit for you guys to use Follow Guideline with Caution ok ! its proven to work for stress!

the irony

Guess what guys, i am over at my work place and the funny thing is that the Gym feels like a Sauna (cause of the broken down Airconditining) and the Car Park feels more airy than the bloody gym. well its good in kinda way cause we get to elevate our heart rate and also fatigue ourself MOre in a BAD WAY ! ahha ..

first time ever i see so many members sweating their Arse off ! it’s kinda of a turn on actually all the nice girls bod sweating it out. the smell of exercise is in the Air ! oh ya smell of sweat stench also, well got to go, oh ya couldnt open my eyes cause went back home late and only got like 4 hours of sleep ? guess how i look like today ? post a picture for you guys to see ? let me know !

Mobile / Handphone

whats the one thing that everyone has in this era ? yes moblie/hand PHONE !! gone were the days where phone was as huge as bricks ! haha .. its really interesting how technology seems so demanding and how everything and everybody in this new century wants their technology smaller,faster,slimmer,bigger memory space, much more functions etc..etc..

this demand has made all the new technology seems old within months sometimes within WEEKS ! would you believe that my Sony Ericsson S700i which just launch 4th quater of 2004 with a starting price of a WHOPPING SG1300 / RM2600 can turn into a piece of cheap metal by today, ya i am kinda PHISSED off cause i found out that my phone today cost a fraction of the cost which is only SGD800/RM1600. i feel like killing the technology today. could someone put a slowdown (not Stop) to this insane infatuation of technology of people to this hobby ? (collecting mobile/handphone)

i want my Mini O2. so really pissed off cause i have to fork out another 1G for the O2 while trading my practically brand new S700i, well guess we have to ultamitly give in to these cyberpunks a.k.a mafiasio of the new age. then again, thanks to all the cyber punks which made our life and dreams more beautiful with these tech.

and Yes Matt a.k.a pennywise 

            TECH is SEX !! cant live without "em" and cant stop thinking about "em" 

The morning after Next

   Was up so late till like 1 in the morning, talking to all my peeps on MSN messenger, one was about her gf having problems with her boy, and another was a girl so worried about relationships woes, and the other was Bryan and me trying to figure out how to do our exams online(CMA) well at least that exams is out of the way now. whats the world coming to these days so many dilemma so little time.

remind myself;

  1. to sleep at 9pm on weekdays
  2. to drink more water (freaking breakouts)
  3. do not do bodypump after a long day of workout
  4. do not attempt to go to bodycombat this coming sunday
  5. Elisa’s coming down from singapore, enroute a journey to the clubs of KL
  6. get my assignment done by the 29th (plugs and bugs)
  7. to get up at 4am in the morning to get myself going.

oh ya, its now 6.56am at my workplace, still waiting for my client, she is still not here yet, unlikely of her must be because i saw her in the gym yesterday working her self out to face me today. haha. am i all that bad ? she will be doing some swissbal,fitballl or exercise ball for some. hope she dont fall off and knock herself.

got to go, got to get the equipments ready before she comes (that is if she comes) check you all out later. will post some swissball work out for the ABS for you guys later.




girls are ..

    i sometimes think that what i do to other (girls in particular) in terms of feelings or words expression, i dont realise that i would either hurt them or make them feel good, better the latter,

 its just that guys do not understand the girls feelings or what do they want, i feel like they the girls are all of a different wave length, and all of a different species all together, no offence ok. numero uno for instant like me, i really do not know how to approach a girl, and people have this thought that i am Mr Casanova when it comes to talking to girls, but in fact they are all WRONG. tsk tsk tsk so judgemental of people these days. to be honest i really cant go up to a girl and talk. It takes lots of courage and erm .. luck. (fingers is the toes and belts and buckle and hairs and eyes etc ..etc..)

 basicly rejection comes to mind when guys talk to the i right ? do you ever have butterfly in your stomach when talking to someone you fancy or so call crush on ? you just cant roll your tongue in the right direction but somehow the girls kinda like it that way. make us all so UH ADORABLE !

i just want to know what girls want ? how and what do you all love guys to be like or how they act ? let me know. what is the top three criteria that you would want your guy to have. i accept brick bats and any comments. in order of most important to least ok.

Raise & Shine

   Most of you all still got to be in bed, cause its Sunday Morning (Sunday Morning-Marroon 5 playing in my pc right now) and bloody hell, I’ve got to work, well now thats what i call working for passion. its already 6.51am, cant be late got to see the morning sun raising up in the east !

   then again half of me wants to BE IN BED (HONESTLY) LOL. well see you later in the afternoon.