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Back at 1

well today is back to work day, guess lots of people think that i quitted that job for greener pasture, ahha .. well guess not, ahah .. looks who’s back… back to training people.  sometimes i feel i am missing something, sometimes i feel that i am fufilling something.. well thats just is left to the person of what he wants to think right?
doing my bench press i felt a nausea feeling when i got up to rest, again and again, my head begin to thump.. dont know if its got to do with my fall ? hope not.. as i am not going to the doctor again.. whatever will be will be.. the future’s not ours to see que sara sara.. called Jus asked him out to go mountain biking, looks like he is busy at work, jason’s legs still not getting anybetter.. better not call him out.. as for me.. i think i better go do my assignment as its due on 11th JULY ! yes .. before then .. adios.. and take care ..

felt utterly sad

i dont know, i am really feeling all mixed up right now, i dont know what to do.. i am confused.. i really am confused for the first time in my life, my work, studies, friends, family, etc..etc.. so many things to worry about, is it that once you hit a certain age you begin to realise that you are in deep shit ? or struggling in vain to sustain yourself in a position you never want to be in. i dont know.. i seriously dont know.. i need to puzzle it all together and get mylife back on track,
is there a mentor ? is there a guru ? help me manage my time, money, life..i need guidance..i feel lost.. this is the first time i am blogging after resting for 3 days after the Xray, i am kinda worried right now, as i felt something i never felt before.. i wont tell you guys what i felt.. but .. when the time comes i will let you all know.. but for the mean time.. lets just chill and enjoy life eh.. take care and cheers.. to blog from tomorrow onwards again k !

Accident recall

i’ve been getting remarks like, hey what happend, next time drive safely this that.. ahha well i would like to recap on the title of that accident blog, its actually ME who got knocked down by the car, yes its not my car.. its ME ! haha .. yes most people dont believe what happened. SAM please tell them how i flew in mid air landed with two times rolling on the floor and my shoes flying 20 meters away from my feet, while only substaining only minor injuries, i wouldnt say other wise for the car already as i have to pay for its Damages, and i was the one got knocked down, total Damage to the car was bad, cracked its front bumper, side mirrors and side doors. total cost of repair 2G man .. i wish i can pay him that much. i really feel bad, well i dont really care about the money , its just that its my life at stake and thank god i am alive,

i would like to tell everyone out there, if it werent for my active lifestyle for giving me the lightning reflexes and my gym workout to strenghten my muscle and bones, i would be paralysed from the waist down. thank god, so for everyone who is reading this blog. Please live a active lifeslyle you wont regret it, who knows it might save your life one day.. as it saved mine.

Xiamen is in China..

sending my mom and dad to the Airport, going to be the second time in a row sending ppl off to airport, ahha .. they are leaving off to China for holiday, good for them, sigh i wish i can go for a holiday, still waiting for the right time, i dont know when,

Gorgeous is coming back from Singapore today, so happy will be picking her up from the airport also hope you get a flight back baby, i will be seeing you soon, dont know what plans are we going to do ya, but i will plan properly, catch a movie, erm .. have some good food, go shopping, i owe you one big present! what do you want ? please let me know ok.

well .. its sunday i think Jason and Justin going for BKT in Angsa emas, of if you are wondering whats BKT, remember my blog last month its BKT is Bah Kut Teh for short, so i think they have it every sunday together .. ahha .. mom and dad did ask me hey you wanna go got BKT also, i turned them down getting fat already around my tummy, i think my body fat has drop to 11% but i think its not good enough yet.. i want to be below 10% thats my goal, lost 3 days of training due to my accident, SHit.. ahha .. i think i am going to lose.. SAM if you reading this BUGGER OFF you CHEATER !

7am to 11pm

woke up at 7am, saw fish’s car infront of my house with his parents, sending them off to KLIA, sent them off, we headed down to Christina’s house to get her and on our way to Dim Sum at Uptown, so yummy and i think its reasonable..

went to SAito Academy to do out photo shoot and some how they were figuring for about one hour how to fix the lighting, Jason was the supermodel also, check out the picturesman .. so handsome and macho..sigh .. after that we went to 1-Utama to go shopping, i just sat down and was damm tired, Jason, Me and Christina went off to Wong Kok and sat at the table that the workers eat, wow so honored.. ahha .. i was really dead tired and i fell asleep with the menu covering my face, didnt know that idiotic Jason covered me like a roof and side views also ,, ahha .. well its funny but i really had a good nap.

at 5pm went to Christina’s place to get her ready for the wedding dinner, so off on our way to Matrix, heard it was Naomi’s Last day so sad.. we sat down and hang out while having our yummy delicious tandoori chickens. haha .. worth the food and money. went to play pool and Cherlyn came to play with us, i told her aik , she didnt tell me she was coming, so Jason and Justin Kan cheong, so sad that Rachel didnt turn up. i was hoping to see Rachel but HMPH second time she lied, i was kinda mad.. but nevermind la.. she had her own plans.. oh i got Naomi’s number also, cant wait to play pool with ya ok 😉

back home at 12.14, super tired.. going to fall asleep anytime now , but it was good day, happy one also, tired but happy, this is like some primary one essay, Tired but happy .. ahha .. but its true.. i was Tired but really happy hanging out with my frens till late today. it was fun man . we should do this more often ok . take care see you all around man !

Day out At Matrix

8.30 anticipating Jason to arrive cause our booking for the table WAS at 8.30pm.. called Justin to go get the table first but he was not there yet, sigh.. bad timing,

arrive there nearly 9pm, got to our table and no sign of Naomi, sigh .. its ok kewl.. wanted to order a Chivas bottle, and we was asking for discount for it, well cheapskate buggers we are.. so Jason use my Name and said that we are friends of Naomi, then the waiter said ok sure hold on.. Naomi poped up and ask me whats up.. i was like .. WOAH .. wait a minute.. erm .. Jason used my name for that discount.. its not me ok (well made me a fool did he) sniff sniff..Naomi said she will try her best.. well good for Jason..

Naomi came back and talk to Jason as i was shooting pool, she told us that she got a good 15% discount on the bottle.. like WOW .. thanks. Jason also thanked her.. so we continues shooting pool till 11pm, Jessica and Christina came cause Henry went to pick em up.

i met this gurl name Cherlyn, she plays pool very well. and while talking to her Naomi came to change from her uniform to her clothes.. (OH NO) henry said her face was sour as grape.. i dont know .. erm .. i was just chatting with Cherlyn, Sorry Naomi, she is a stranger that i dont know ok,  well Cherlyn played really good pool, hope to play with her again. call you sometimes ok..we play again, i want a rematch..

after playing with Cherlyn, we guys went off to pay the bill, Naomi didnt even look at me, sigh .. did i do something wrong ? but i dont even know that girl.. i tried saying erm .. thanks for the bottle ya.. but she went like oh ya no problem. and then looked away. sigh.. well forget bout it

went to Banana Leaf or soemthing like that at Centerpoint, hanged out till 3.30am talking bout Relationships.. ahha .. kinda funny, got a few pointers how to KAO LUI (woo girls) from Jessica. thanks babe.. ahah .hope to get one with using your tips. sent everyone home and looks at the picture where Jason is dead stone in his Car while i was driving it back.. haha .. sorry boy .. i couldnt resist taking your picture while you were snoring.. ahha .. take care see you in 3 hous time, tomorrow got a photo shoot and i have to be there at 10am, havent pack my clothes yet and i’ve got to help Jason to send his parent to the Airport at 7am. well no worries. see you all tomorrow ok.. will show you the pictures from the photo shoot, that is if the photographer gives it to me. ciao adios and Cheers.

My X-Ray with Dr Lim

Thank God again for having frens like Jason, hehe .. thanks dude for sending me to the Doc, went off to Sri Kota Hospital to get my Scan done, we went from 1st floor then to ground floor to the receptionist, then we was sent to the 3rd floor and then the 2nd floor, sigh i was thinking this must be a roller coaster ride, shit.. i just want to get my head checked. so at last we was sent to the right doc, but in the end we have to wait, oh sorry back track the time,

 12pm Jason came to pick me up, on the way to the hospital and jason was driving but in my head i was thinking what if i have a fracture to my skull and i need to do a operations or stiches i would be freaking dead. i was so worried , at least now i know how it feels to be sent to a hospital.

1.30pm was told to wait for the doc as he is in a conference.. shit again.. waiting and waiting. then we went to the cafeteria, Jason said there is this cute chick working there, well got a glimpse of her.. well not bad to me .. she is fair and thin.

2pm. waiting for the Doc, still not here yet, me and jason having some fun with Jawbreaker.. its a game in my phone, addictive man.. ahah .. he tried to beat my 1150 score and so he did with a score of 1230, i will beat you again. haha

3pm. the doc finally came, saw me told me to go get an X-ray, was sent upstairs to get the Xray done,

3.30pm, Doc saw me again with the X-ray Results, doctor said …. OK you can go.. no problem with you. gave me antiseptic to wash my wounds and thats about it.

4pm went to get the medicine, this time i saw a babe working behind the pharmacy, CUTE.. i ask jason to check it out..  he said .. not bad.. cute.. well if you guys are wondering which floor the girl works in .. its 3 floor in front of the cafeteria,.. really cute..

4.30pm: in ACE snooker center, me and jason was like playing with Limp legs.. ahha .. really funny.

7pm:back home getting ready to go to Matrix to see the gang. see you all soon ! i need my rest and will recover within a week.. thank GOD ! bless all my frens for your concern ! you guys are truly friends to the end ! love you all *MuaCKs*

Found my Blood stained socks

ya i found this in my bag yesterday, it was evidance that i scrapped my leg on the road for about 5 meters without shoes..