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Musical Fiasco

i was with Justin and Jason yesterday, both of them feeling the vibes and calling of the music god, music indeed but these time its in their car, this is what i call the realm of In Car Entertainment (ICE) , i think they have been bitten by the ICE bug, and both of them are going crazy over upgrading their regular set of ICE entertainment ever since, first it was regular stuff.. but now.. its going crazy, spending over 5grand on it systems and all..
would anyone pay RM2K for a amp ? if you think thats crazy,  thats just the amp, wait till you hear the whole package.. aha .. i will define ICE later as i have to go to work now.. take care guys .. catch ya later.

Not another one..

hi guys, as i came back from lunch with Mr Chiam, i went to the cafe and Qi Lian said: hey i heard that Amber is here, so i guess are you sure, so i looked around, and no where to be seen, so i asked her again, ARE YOU SURE ? she said i think so. well so i told her i will go check it out, i walked all the way to the free weight area and there she was AMBER CHIA, as for people who dont know who she is, er.. hehe .. actually i also only know her as a model from Malaysia (kinda famous i think) so ya she was training with my boss, and she look (hey amber if you see this dont kill me) scrawny from the billboard which i saw her in, which is the Pensonic or was is Panasonic, i dont know. well ya another Celebrity Spotted in the Gym, i know you guys want to see the picture. well this time i didnt take one.. cause she was busy training. i will take one for you guys ok !


man i tell you the phones that is coming out these days.. its just CRAZY man .. its CRAZY ! but its for the better of us, well i am a tech geek and i most certainly love what is happening to the phone scenes right now, anticipating the N91, seen the N90, looked at the 8800, IPAQ 6500 with built in GPS, O2 xphone 2 ! wow..  tell you if i have the money i would invest in everything.. its just to collect.. i am going to buy the W800 very soon as Elysia already have the ericsson 750i, any takers for my Samsung E700 cheap cheap la .. hehe, well here is a picture of the so called prototype Ericsson phone, i think it would blast the competition out of the market.. wait for it .. should be coming out soon in the near future..

Carpenters Greatest Hits

oh i forgot to tell you guys that on the day of KL chicken Wing, Jason, Justin and Me went down to Jenjarom to have a Table HAND MADE by ourself specially for the BBQ, i would say its a better Quality of IKEA, haha.. so if you guys want furniture looks for us ! JIJ furnitures ! ahah .. check out the workmanship ! oh i am the only one with the finished products pictures not even Jason himself, so this is a internal spy reporting to you guys out there who is interested in Furniture ! LOL
ps: pluspoint even do delivery right up to your doorstep for free*

My Encounter with Deanna Yusoff

Island far far away.. I always dream of going to my island far far away, it’s a happy place for me, to set loose my soul, to re-live the dream i never had,  I just want to be free, free from the trouble world.. anyway ..

Today I was in a good mood in the gym and was talking to one of my client Ely about who is the our favourite local celebrity while training her, I told her that male for me has got to be M. Nasir and for the female would be Deanna Yusoff.  Well she agreed with me on Deana thought..  so as I was waiting for Eddy who was my next client on my schedule for the day( My clients are lined up back to back , not good for me) and suddenly I saw this lady walking into the gym, she looks familiar… thinking to myself (wondering in my thoughts gathering who could that be) after which I left it as it was,

Ok I was trying not to stalk people in the gym ok , I then started my training session with Eddy on our usual regular session, then .. when it was in the middle of the training session with Eddy (had him on the treadmill doing hill intervals), I asked him,  hey do you know that lady ? he looked and said .. erm .. nope.. maybe.. he was in doubt as well,

LOL .. so then I walked up to Morna who was training with this lady I was curious about ( Morna is a gym member also my buddy)

With my extra thick cow hide skin, I asked, EXCUSE ME MORNA sorry to interrupt your conversation.. I have to ask this burning question on the tip of my tongue.. HI ARE YOU Deanna Yusoff ? and she said .. Ya I am .. ahah .. so I told her. . it’s such a irony that me and my previous client was talking about you, and now there you are standing right in front of me.. LOL.. so I requested to have my picture then with her, the rest is history.

Well here you go guys! my Favourite Malaysian Female Actress, now let’s see if I can capture M.Nasir.

Blog Update: 23 April 2o13: I have lost the original picture of me and Deanna and now this is all is left of me and her, memories will not fade. Thank you Deanna


feeling all screwed up tight and shitty !

i dont know whats wrong with me .. i think its always me ! i know its me.. its all my fault ! dont you know that .. its never been yours .. i have the temper .. i am implosive.. i am wrong .. i just am screwed up in life and i am like a arsehole ! blame it all on me.. now wouldnt that be good to have someone to blame on ? its really cool, you screw things up, u blame the other person.. well i guess its just a way of life..
today i feel like shit and all screwed up.. i dont know what to do but sulk, always try to be happy and full of encouragement when i am working, but once something or someone said something.. my whole day is screwed up ! i would be TOTALLY IGNORANCE of my HAPPINESS ! do you think i am implosive ? or do you think i am explosive ? i am implosive definitly. SCREW YOU ! why must this happen to me.. sometimes i just wan to be alone in my island of thoughts .. well in a island far far away from here.. i really wish i can.. i know i will be doing that end of this month .. but i definitly wont be happy .. as the island i am going to be is full of sorrow.. visiting the island that was destructed by the tsunami.. jsut want to feel the lost soul and sadness in the sea.. i want to feel its pain .. i seriously dont know what i am blogging about these days .. i am going to stop blogging for a while .. i am going to gather my thoughts again. and hopefully i will return to my normal self !

today was the first ..

today is the first day of my Uni’s semester, apprehending that i have to go to school three times a week dread me if i am working, but if i am a full time student .. i really dont mind, finding out that i only have 5 class mate ? or was it 4 including me is a total drag, and all of them are girls.. sigh .. nto that i am gay or anything ..its just that what happens if all of them HAVE PMS ALTOGETHER ! SEI LOR(die lor)! imagine what would happen, or even the lecturer would favor girls and leave me alone, sigh ..   this is my discourse la and my myth to myself believe (bruce i know you would be proud of me for defining the correct ways of discourse) LOL
well i was planning a trip to go to island hopping again, but why do i have to give way to others, its always like that, when you want something , the other person wants another , and another person wants another type of stuff.. yadayadayada.. etc etc.. and it goes on, like for instant.. dinner, where do you wnt to go.. what do you want to eat .. then the othe person would ask in return WHAT do you wnt to eat ? wher do you want to eat ? sigh .. dont know .. what do you say ? it goes rond and round.. people these days arent alpha male anymore.. or alpha what ever .. sometimes caring for other peoples heart can be a real pain in the butt, so one person would need to make up his/her mind, then it would be ok,
i guess its all about caring for peoples feelings.. what would he feel if i say i want to eat this, do that .. etc etc.. will it hurt the other persons feeling, have you felt that kind of way before ? well i personally have.. you want to care more for the other party, in return the other party wants to care for us in return, so it will be a conflict.. sigh .. do you guys understand what i am saying ? i hope so ! LET ME KNOW IF I AM MAKING THIS CLEAR !
well .. i saw this VW beetle in the garage today and i was like WOW! wish i could drive one of these babies. i am tyring to figure out a way to own one of em by 30! actually i got the formula to being rich, its fairly simple..

KL chicken saga

just a hint of spice added to the night before, it was great i tell you, i really had fun as when i saw all my friends gathered around the tables and started talking its even better then going out to clubs or pool clubs. it was the Saga of Kwai Lan chicken.
We set up KL chicken despite it was late, well bad timing on the first day, bad management, blame it all on me.. sigh.started the bon fire, (bbq pit fire) at 8pm an hour late of schedule, we took quite a while to set up everything and it was hell lots of stuff to carry from Jason’s house to the site. no doubt its about 100meters.. haha .. the back and forth driving Jason’s car, Justin’s car and Henry’s bike it was no doubt really great.
i went over to 7-Eleven to get ice and big bag of ice i did. cost me RM9. first to arrive was none other than Lydia, wow i didnt recgonize her as she was sitting there in the dark, so i opened the table and sat her down properly, while doing so.. pop a kancil came driving by real fast.. i was like what the hell.. and then the familiar face came out from the car, it is our celebrity guy, Anand Kumnar aka Spooker. i was like happy to see him, i asked him why didnt you come earlier, he said once he read my blog about the chicken business he came straight away. I am so touched. its great having friends like him around. then slowly one by one came, the cars are getting overly crowded as well as the people, then came Ah Loong with Emily, Susan, Stanley and Audrey, Jack, Tien Seong,Mathew, Lawrance and  many more, all i remember it was totally packed with people. We didnt have a board stating that we are selling Chicken Wings so Anand voluntereed to make one for us, and i find it that its a rather decent sign board. but not the rest.. ahah .. good work Anand. keep it up.
time went by really fast everyone was hanging out and talking, its like a bond between everybody. i feel rather happy seeing a gathering like that. it was about 1am then a phone rang, tuut tuut, it was Jason and it was .. Ahem .. Yin Mei, we asked her to come along and bring some Booze.. i really appreciated her for bringing the booze.. thanks girl, the night couldnt have ended better than having JackDaniel under the Sky.. love ya Uncle JD!
well we cleared up everything and washed up, i reached home at 4.30am and i woke up 3 hours later for work. well i am back now blogging.. and i feel kinda SCREWED up cause i LOST MY FREAKING MEMORY CARD ! all my data’s inside.. sigh .. i want to kill myself ! check out the pictures ok !