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after one bottle of Chivas 18 years, one hennesy, one MAgnum Chivas and a few bottle of wine all downed within 3 hours .. this is the outcome. CHEERS
oh whats the occasion you might ask, its actually our MERDEKA BOY’S BIRTHDAY non other than Justin the chocolate one sided moustache face boy !! as you see i was super patriotic .. i wore some other countrys name on me on the day of MERDEKA ! haha .. so if you are supporting Malaysia. BUGGER OFF !!

Summit at 2.45pm

man, i tell you today was the one of those lousy days of me, shit.. i tell you i was at the summit climbing gym and it sucks big time.. managed a few walls but when i reached the 6A wall’s i was like ArGH !! CRAMPS man .. i tell you .. i was showing my fingers to Ylian, Sam, Jeff and Yvonne.. it was so funny that my middle finger couldnt close.. ahha .. i open it.. it closes back.. i open it .. it closes back. haha .. first time in my life i was hanging on for my life.. there is two walls i am targeting .. NEXT WEEK ! I SHALL PREVAIL ! I SHALL CONQUER. let the drama unfold ! sigh .. i am such a wuss ..  😦

definition of BORED

went to skool yesterday, and its the same thing happened just different day, as we had this lecturer MR K.A he is completely clueless about whats going on, well ok, just to give him credibility.. he is a editor of a company oh yes he is, but thats to a certain extent that he knows about TEACHING ! some people think that they know everything and they can teach, well teaching and knowing something is different, trust me i know.. its really difficult in terms of explaining a idea or something to someone, it may sound easy, ya ..they may think, i can do that.. so they try explaining but it sometimes makes people clueless of what you say, if you think its easy its most definitly not. so rephrase and think of what you are about to say before blurting out your thoughts.
Here is Miss Sylvia in class dead bored and anticipating the time to go by.. hehe sorry girl, well see ya in erm .. class (ya right). catch ya all later and god bless
ps: regarding Fear Factor the lauch will be shown on NTV7 today at 1.30pm till 3.00pm. so catch it and see what the participants FEAR ! oh its depth defying stunt, its most unimaginable fear of creepy crawlie.. hehe .. dont say i didnt warn ya !

The waiting Game

Aiks, do you know how long it took for the fear factor challenge to take place .. sigh .. long enough .. we waited and waited on our ass for like 4 hours doing nothing ! luckly frank, elissya and Esnol was there.. met Anna too, met a few friends.. wow .. met this girl who is really gung ho also .. her name is Kim, dont know her that well but super friendly .. nice girl .. she put other girls to shame.. hehe . . (shame as in spirit wise) a girl with that much enthusiasm should be rewarded.. aha .. 
oh ya .. as for the games .. hehe .. we had the box of erm .. not sure what they call it.. but it was box filled with creepy crawlers.. there were TOAD, MAGGOTS, CRICKETS, EELS, TARANTULA etc etc.. so we got to put our hand till elbow deep and keep it there for 30sec.. WOW !! YUCKS ! haha
second challenge was kinda fun ., we had to dived into the pool in the deep end and had to collect these colour key tags.. and who swims back the fastest would win.. ahha .. i was with Jeff, this triathele guy, boy he was fit.. i was just 2 sec behind him .. man you still win ok ! but i am still dissapointed ! HMPH ! but hey good sport man..  hope to face you in the real world ! okok .. the screening for this official launch will be on this SATURDAY on NTV 7 channel at 1.30pm in the afternoon.. so check it out .. ahah .. see you then.. got to train for my AXN now ..

The Fear in Factor

i have signed my soul to the devil, hehe .. more like the devil of fear factor, cause i signed a 25 page contract and it cover their ass in any and every particular way.. wow.. to tell you the truth .. the amount of things i have to read.. its not funny .. have you guys ever read any contract beside your employment letter and your house contract.. this is a real killer..
well i signed it and i am going for the pre-challenge tomorow .. you guys are invited to come and watch the show at Sunway.. i think you guys got to pay or something like that .. not sure .. let me check , well the only website i can find about fear factor is the EVO AXN challenge held in Bandar Utama in the previous year.. well i saw one picture where this lady eating worms.. i think its kinda kewl.. cant wait .. ahha .. i practically eat everything .. except for … NOT GOING TO TELL ! incase anyone is reading .. ahha .. sayonara… catch me on TV very soon … see ya then ..   

The Award of Nong Soa goes to ..

You must be wondering what is a Nong Soa, well its actually  thai for God sister, this is someone who i call nong soa .. she is .. well let the stats tell you who she is.. really cool .. really super.. check her out..adorable dont you think ..
Name   : KWANCHANOK KHETTECHANICH (call her Ammie)
Age      : 20
DOB      : 04 November 1985
FAV food : Thai food , Japanese food OOooOOOuusssHHhiii…
Whats Interesting to her : Graffical / photoshop and computers
Whats her hobbies : chating / talking on a phone or catch the latest movie
Listen to : Alternative / hip Hop / R&B
she liks guys who are :  FAIR must be fair , tall , handsome , smart (she is SMART)
Sports she digs : Swimming / badminton / bowling
Book she will notice on the bookshelf : actually , i dont like to read any book
Favourite  Junkfood  :  french fries from Mcdonalds
Dislike : smoking / drinking 
Cant wait to : go clubbing (still underage) ahah
Song playing on my computer right now: 50cent
Favourite colour : EVERYTHING except Pink (aik, first girl i know who dont like pink)
Rain or Shine : Shine and Sunny
Perfume : Tommy Hilfiger
Tea or Coffee : Fruit Juice
Favourite Actor / Actress : Johnny Depp / Angelina Jolie

Leaving Last Minute

today is a friday and i am at home, well guess its ok .. cause you dont need to have fun being out clubbing every friday night getting drunk? you dont have to have fun going to the movies on weekend? you dont need to be cool and hip being at pubs downing jugs of beer do you.. infact..puking all over peoples car, pavement, premises..etc..etc.. is not a cool and hip sight.. haha .. well infact i am at home right now doing my so called assignment due yesterday. i think i am going to be so dead as i left it last minute, why do most Student leave thier work till last minute and then rush for it ? do this always happen ? what bout you guys reading this ? does it happen to you ? ok i am not only talking about assignment wise, what bout working life? ok deadlines ? erm .. interviews? etc..etc.. do people leave it to last minute? why wont we learn, sigh i am kinda freaked out for 3000words and yet i am still sitting down here blogging bout me doing my stuff last minute, how ironic.. aha  well you guys have a good weekend as i dont think i will be. i am going bouldering tomorrow and will do my assignment on Sunday. Sylvia if you are reading this, yes i have not typed out a word for the assignment, let alone proof read yours.. ahha .. see you soon !

World came crashing down

i dont think today was a great day, well it felt great today, i mean it started great. woke up feeling super energised from my previous run, i was like great. i feel like working out today, went to work at 6am did my back and shoulder workout preparing for this saturday climb. trained some PT’s and BOOM, it hit it right in the face.. some ppl with attitude just shoved right in my face, i didnt know what hit me cause  i hate it when you give one person full dedication and the next they turn thier back on you. i feel lost.. sigh why do ppl do that.. so after that everything went downhill.. it was 12 in the afternoon asked Sam if he wanted to go running ? he was busy doing his weights, so its cool .. told me he had a client.. well ok .. i went off to lunch after my 3k run with Jov at Johnnys Restaurant.. food was so so.. then i found out that SAM WAS WITH ANGEL having lunch.. ya right .. he had a client at 1, well maybe cancel ma.. maybe not.. i dont know .. haha .. its up to him ..
went back home at 4pm after shopping with azuan, sigh wanted to do my 5k run till i found out that my PC CRASHED ON ME ! ARGH !! THE ULTIMATE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE !! it really felt like the world has crashed .. cause i have my digital pictures.. my notes.. my everything.. sigh .. hope i can retrieve it back .. if not i would really feel sad for this whole month .. i am using my family pc outside.. 
oh only one thing made me happy today.. Ammie came online when i was blogging and she said hi.. she turned on her webcam and she gave me this million dollar smile.. thanks Ammie, u are great… that smile worth a lot to me ok .. it cheered me up a little