the 5 secrets of love

1. Looks

2. Personality


4. intelligent

5. Height

Well I guess if any guy/girls would have all those qualities he/she would be the most wanted person in the world wouldn’t it ? what would one be without looks ? that is what attracts the eyes of the opposite sex am I right ? but alas beauty is in the eye of the beholder, where one thinks that she  is pretty the other think other wise.
Then comes personality,  plays a very big role, would the person be outgoing ? introvert ? extrovert ? romantic ? passionate ? considerate ? loving ? masculine ? feminine ? humorous ..wouldn’t it be great if the person you are into have the good qualities of a person.. hhmm.. it would be so perfect
Now comes the third secret ingredient its what i would love to call charms, oh this does not fall under personality, this is what i call CHARMS, the person has got to learn how to be charming, charms school thought me to tip a waiter generously if he had given me a good service, or even pay the bill politely even before the table of people know about it. opening door for ladies.. yes that is charming..
4th in the secret brew is Intelligence, sometimes you need to be able to hold a conversation long enough, thats how you are able to attract the someone that you want. if you are a one liner, wouldn’t that be a bore, sometimes its ok to be one liner.. make it a witty one liner and leave the opposite sex gasping in awe.. well i am no romeo, still shy with girls .. any person would love to teach me that..
THE HEIGHTS, yes.. perfect height is perfect answer to love .. haha .. if a girl is short, dont go for really tall guys .. its awkward.. if a girls is really tall .. do go for short guys like me ! ahha .. well .. i am shy 4 inch of 6ft.. sigh .. i sometimes wish i was 6ft, it would be promising for me then .. hehe .. but i am not complaining (DAMM) hehe .. well there you go.. the 5 secret ingredients of getting the girls/guys of your dream, see which you lack work on it.. haha .. (dont just take my advice, do leave me comments also so i can add on ingredients to my recipe of love) ahaha .. till then catch ya later people. Isaac signing off !

5 responses

  1. Joselyn

    hmm…much more interesting subject than the Girls are Materialistic! haha! I have to disagree with the 5 secrets of love, not all 5 points but the most obvious number 1 point –> LOOKS. U mean ur future sweetheart must be drop dead gorgeous?? or maybe love at first sight? Beauty of a person is not just based on the out look. So it’s impossible to love a person on first sight. The most beautiful person is beauty from within and this….is the truth. Only inner beauty can last forever where else those outer look will last maybe 20 yrs when slowly it will fade. So if u are looking for lasting love, don’t ever judge from outer beauty. Even height is not a problem, so what if the girl is taller than the guy or the other way round. It’s not even a problem if the both of them are in love with each other. I say the most important secret of love is communication, if u can’t even communicate with each other….u are not even going to last 2 months—> so forget forever love… and i mean communication as in heart to heart talk, sharing secrets and dreams and opinions.. bla bla.. not "hi how are u." and "I’m fine, thank u".


    09/10/2005 at 5:31 pm

  2. Isaac

    i have a few comments given to me, some say what about honesty ? another say men must be BLP ? i am yet to find out what BLP means ? (i am guessing its that but i wan to confirm it.. ahah) Joselyn is so right about the looks, and inner beauty, i would take that under personality, that has got to be communicatiion (being a extrovert helps tremendously dont you think?) take note: all guys in the gym who wants to get six pack (if you are reading this, go brush up on communication rather than outer looks) muahaha !


    09/10/2005 at 9:45 pm

  3. Unknown

    isaac, your tears touched me 😉 usually i dont like to leave comments on the blogs, but now i have to, you sound too desperate 🙂 so before i am going to sleep…i can bet that you know subliminal at least about the non existence of successful recipes to find your better half somewhere, anyway it is sweet if someone does ponder about that 😉 yep, the well working communication between two people can create wonders, i do agree. but it requires the first step – to begin that communication with a person you feel attracted. the introverts have the difficulties there. what can i add to that? no risk no fun. the breaking of the habits and the own limits, hum? the next point: we are attracted to those we believe are attracted to us (lol, i guess, you would love the book by brehm & kassin "social psychology" :p erm….its the reciprocity/balance theory, lol) so the conclusion here is to show the person you feel atraccted that you like the company of her. take you time to get to know the people, not all can be discovered at first sight (but that really does exist – the love at first sight :p provided one believe in). and the last point to all that about the physical appearance: de gustibus non est disputandum. what is the beauty? 😉 i love interesting faces (eyes!!! :p) of people but would all the faces ranked from another persons as very beautiful? maybe the person seems beautiful only for me? well, that counts and that is the point and the correct meaning in my opinion if we are talking about the looks and preferences…did you notice all correct? :p hug 🙂 you will survive all that and find someone for sure, till then enjoy the sun and waves there 😀


    09/10/2005 at 10:51 pm

  4. xluvtienluvx

    ummm…p’chair u there????5 secrets of love << yes, that all right !!!i agree with u [ Blar]good morning my lovely p’ chaihave a nice day**************miss u , AmmiE


    10/10/2005 at 4:48 am

  5. Isaac

    wow, gita i am glad you are touched by me for writing such a desperate piece, no i am not that type, its what comes to my mind and i write these blogs out, i have no thoughts on what i would want to write or plan to write, it just comes into my mind in the middle of the night and i type it all out, sometime it may be rubbish and sometimes .. witty (self praise) :PPP well i am happy to share that its true, in life we all need communication. that is true .. i shall blog a piece about it soon ! check it out


    10/10/2005 at 9:05 am

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