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its coming to a END !

its exactly 56 mins to the year ends, lets recap what happened along the year of 05, too much to say but anyway i hope ’06’ will be a BIGGER BLAST THEN THIS YEAR ! i know this year i had started a blog and its this msn spaces, so glad that i am still going strong despite the other ppls bigger and more famous  blogs out there, i am not competing with them in terms of blog wars or either blog popularity, i do have a steady stream of ppl reading my blogs and i do thank you all for following my blog, YEAR 06 would be different, i do want to know your comments on what do you guys want to know about me ? do let me know ok .. i will go dig out all my past and perils for you guys ..
its going to end.. my BDAY is going to end, i am glad i didnt go out as i stayed at home with my family, had a good dinner and spend my night drinking my piper heidsieck, so yummy.. glad all my family like it. waiting to share my dom perrignon with anyone out there ! but not to many ppl k ! i only have one bottle ! 😉 well i toast this glass to you all out there , to everyone who is reading this ! MAY YOUR 2006 be the best followed by health and weatlh ! opportunity rises and clench all deals given for. may all obstacle be tackled and dismay be shun away for happiness ! SMILE AND FEEL THE NEW YOU ! just like my new moto.. its a shamble and time to gamble, feel the new me !

Friendships last and having a blast !

     You know what , Friendship is very very important in life, without it, life of a school boy/girl would be very tough indeed, cause friends help us in good times and bad, they are there for us to comfort us or to help us in whatever occasion,
     i have known my school mates for almost 14 years now, wow time really flies, its funny how we all still keep in touch, in Year 2000, i thought of having a reunion dinner as to rekindle our school friendship and bond of all our friends so we had a CNY (chinese new year) dinner. And this dinner turned out to be a tradition for us now.. EVERY CNY we just had to have it in a restaurant and just for old time sake, gambling will follow after, just check out my pictures from year 2000 till present.. its how big the group has grown.. really great to know all my friends.. ( do look at the familiar faces that has aged and matured into handsome studs)
       its 2.32am and its my Bday. i just love to be at home and do nothing.. life is great when you are at peace. 😉 take care and HAVE A GREAT 2006 ahead ok ! may your troubles and problems be solved and new opportunity arrises for the occasion. great knowing all of you all (school mates, college mates, university mates, workmates, internet friends, and public readers) HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Await for pictures of Hunks !

well not practically SUPER HUNKS .. but just me and my friends, who i think are hunk in our own ways ..  today is my 2nd sisters wedding day, so i am going to snap alot of pictures for you all to see, all my friends are cute in their own ways la.. ahah .. well lets see la ok ! so tell me which guy you want ok ! hahaha ..

I fell and it hurts !

this what happens when you drink to much .. not knowing whats happening around you ! ths is the season to get drunk and get stupid !


update: that’t not me by the way.

Christmas Party at Pan Pacific Apartment with Alan and friends.

Singapore Girl Lost in KL

                          Aint traveling Fun ? but we bumpped into this girl name Wendy in KL recently and she is from Singapore, we kinda thought that she was lost so we helped her out, we picked he up from SS2 cause she was wandering around and didnt know what to do, so i suggested to Justin why dont bring her to Petaling Street for some Chee Yuk Min (roasted honey pork Noodle) so yummy, actually i had that noodle like 2 weeks ago, and i kept thinking about it every since.. its a SIN i tell you .. dont try the noodle or risk being induce to this delictable saviour.. we order like the claypot loh shi fun and the pork mee together, Miss Singapore didnt want to eat cause she dont eat pork, i assume she was of islamic religion, but then again, she said she is not ! (she explained how she watched this documentry and ugH) if thats the case.. we might as well just eat air, cause in real life expectency is that everything in the world is toxic mah, its how you wanna think about it only la.. 
 went for a walk in Petaling Street and got really cool shades, check the pics out.. really nice, aint we all ravers.. ahha .. time check was 12.30am, suppose to go back now, then .. Mr Russel Westwood called, and said he was in Holiday Inn with Melany remember those two from my previous blog? yeah .. we had abit too much to drink and all of us was tipsy.. Miss Singapore was good at finger games.. the 5-10-15 game.. she beat the shit out of me .. wow i tell you .. oh back to the club in Holiday Villa, let me tell you that it was DEFINITLY A CULTURE SHOCK ! if you want to know why please .. head there at night and check it out.. oh my gawd ! ahhaa .. well it was a nice place.. justin’s bladder was about to break, he was driving like a bat outta hell ! haha .. reached home from BU like in 15mins .. he said he was going 160kmph all the way wor.. well i didnt know cause i was knocked out already.. too tired..
 in the end.. it was all good.. had a good dinner at Petaling Street, met a hot babe from Singapore and went drinking with Russel and partied till late, have not had drinks for a long time.. i dont drink ma.. check me pictures out, there is the food that we polished, the ravers shades and geeky specs. and no trace of the hodiday in cause i was too shocked to take any pics ! till then again .. check you all out later.. in case i dont blog anything for the next few days .. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST FOR 2006 !

My 10k Mizuno

well, after days of preparing for this race, 8 days actually, all i did was my routine FLAT run.. thinking that it would be enough for this race.. as usual being the cocky guy, thinking this would be a walk in the park wanting to hit 45 min and below.. well this is my journey from the day before the race: (bare with my coherent rambling)
 Day before the race:
                Went out at 1.30pm to pick up Ellaine to get our bibs and race goodie bag. but we got Picked up instead.. hehe (hi Wendy, i love your batmobile .. really i do) it was Ellaine’s friend Wendy who brought us to padang Merbuk to collect our stuff.. got there , collected out stuff.. scooted out from there and back to PJ, Justin and me was heading down to 1-Utama to meet up with Andrew, had lunch and dessert till late, (Oohh we had yummy desserts at Miss REEDS, so sinful, yet so tempting.. (pictures on the right ok)  Russel joined us with Melany later into the evening for dinner, (sorry if i spelt your name wrongly girl)  at about i headed down to this pub in Hartamas called SODA, what a place.. dont even know where that is actually.. ahah sorry dudes i dont go clubbing or pubbing mah..  went off to SEPANG for this dragrace who i dont even know who was organising, not much of cars but heck.. its a DRAG!! (see pictures) not worth my RM30 bucks.. got caught in the rain as we were leaving Sepang at 1.30am, shit race starts at 7 but i am still awake.. OH NO!! somemore kana rain.. die lor..slept at 3.30am…ZzZZzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
                  would you believe it, got up late.. 😦 boo hoo .. managed to pick justin up and drove like a mad man to Padang Merbuk, saw lots of runners chatting up, feel like home.. hehe .. young, old, big, small, all races unite.. called Sam and Ellaine came by later with Wendy.. so the day was chilly and was a good day to run (so i thought) this is my experience ok.. hehe .. i usually train under the hot sun so my body adapts easily to hot sunny days.. GUN STARTED, RACE STARTED, my BODY DIDNT WOR!! skarly like frozen like that .. hehe .. i was like oh no.. this is too cold for me.. my whole body didnt had any blood rushing.. thought i was going to give up the run liao..but i was ahead with the elite pack.. boo hoo .. i had to slow down.. cause this is when i saw the first HILL !! ARGH !! hehe..i thought going up hill was bad.. try going downhill.. i didnt know how to catch my momentum so, i was walking all the way down.. all the time lost walking downhill .. 😦 HMPH ! my body didnt warm up till i hit the 6 – 7K mark, thats when i got into sync and happily running.. well finished the race at 156 position out of maybe 1000k ppl or less i dont know , not to say very good for my standard.. not to say very bad.. hoping to know my time soon .. (check my pics out.. really cool)
oh thank you WENDY for being our cheerleader and also our water girl ! you were great ! the race was great, ELLAINE, MANFRED and JUSTIN thanks for showing your support and running with me, you guys were fast !! see you all next year,catch ya all later..
**  a toast to a great finish and a great start of a running life ** 

Fullfiling Life ??

           FULLFILING LIFE?  ? ? ? ? ?
    What makes someone feel that they have enough of everything ? is there ever such a thing as having enough of everything? the question here lies with having enough of what ? mulah (oh that stands for money by the way) sex, family, love, books to read or just lying down doing nothing.  
     Is having a fullfiling life meant to have luxuries ? or having a peace of mind ?  Do you see some people being contended with what they have ? every seen someone being really happy ? aiks..sorry to start of my blog with so many questions already, i have always ponder about this .. what makes someone truly happy about his life ? well its cause i am having the void in my life right now, so i am trying to figure out what makes someone really happy..
    Some people will ask: "should happiness be the only goal of life?". Realize that for human evolution ‘happiness’ is realizing long term growing complexity of the total. So instead off individual satisfaction think of COLLECTIVE joy. well i do think that collective joy is what makes someone happy and feel fullfilled.. no matter what it is. YOU ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT !  understand ? well if you dont.. it means that when the day starts, you make your day .. you want it to be good or bad ? its up to you.. if you say you are always tired.. why ? BLAME IT ALL ON yourself.. ask youself .. why tired ? maybe because you slept late ? you party too hard? you work too much ? burn the midnight oil studying ? so dont say that you are tired and whine about it… you made it your own problems.. get what i mean ?
    My gym member said this "you make your own bed, its your choice" this converstation pertains to the role of being a dad, he didnt want to stop his kids from doing what they want.. so he said that statement. you make your bed you lie on it.. its yours ! go FIGURE !!
what makes yours day ? you tell me.. .mine is always when the right music plays on the radio in my car or in the gym or cheerful people comes in the morning and talk to me.. all this small little things make my day but if i meet some grumpy people.. man it will put a halt to my day but i iwll try to mix with happy people after that.
 pour out your content.. i want to know what makes your day ok .. it could be sipping tea and watching the sunrise ? it could be driving down the highway at 200kmph (dont do that) or letting your bunny chase you around the house ?  well i got to go.. check ya out later.. going out for my run !


oh my gosh .. Nokia is preparing to take over the world .. i am not kidding .. this is really a cool contraption.. but how long will the battery last this is the problem that lies with this latest phone these days.. JAM PACK with features but battery are still the same.. what are you guys at the drawing board thinking about.. HELLO !!! BATTERY ! no BATTERY NO phone usage.. whats the point.. but do check this site out.. really cool .. the NOKIA N92 (really cool) bet it cost a arm or two !