I wanna be a ironman

wow, today was a full day ahead for me, its a BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY, alarm RANG AT 5am, suppose to do my 40km Ride to Shah Alam and Back, but it was raining, went back to sleep, woke up by a phone call from Jason, promting us to get ready by 7.45am, woke up did all the usual and got ready, i will skip the regular sunday bore (where we do out Sunday Kayak and bike in Putrajaya) but this time instead of doing my Bike, i Ran my 10km in Putrajaya, it was a breeze cause the weather was superb! i think the weather really made everything PERFECT ! i really dont know how to describe,
 oh not to mention today RACHEL followed us wor, she biked thats why i was doing my run instead of bike. yup thats the reason. anyway, after a good 10k run , we went down to the lake and grab a single seater kayak, i did my usual rounds around Putrajaya and i felt like i had the world . . u dont know the feeling till you cut your kayak thru a stream of water and going at a steady speed that i was proud of.. then again the WEATHER ! S-U-P-E-R-B !!
went back home after lunch in Tmn Tun at Penang Mari and then i turnned on my pc and checked some mails. without resting to long, i took my bike out for my usual 30k ride to KESAS highway and back ! today .. it felt a bit different even it was after a long day at Putrajaya, i poped on my headphones, (teisto flight653 was playing) and it made me think i can fly, the song was great, pumping in my ears to eskew all the enviroment away ! i was doing a steady pace all the way and i did the whole ride in 32min. All i know is that i am getting faster, i hope all this would reap some rewards in the upcoming Malakoff, i am targeting top 50 place in Malakoff (hey gimme a break la beginner mah). i know my stamina is getting better.
i will try my best in all the coming events. *blast em all* -isaac- my quote when i wanna psyhe up myself ! watch this space for more upcoming events and competition !
ps: i find this picture (the cartoon one) rather AMUSING ! haha ..

2 responses

  1. Haruehun AiRRY



    27/03/2006 at 10:14 am

  2. Rusty

    not only IRON MAN…….STEEL ROD!!!! 555555555555555


    29/03/2006 at 11:00 am

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