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Noble House luncheon

today is 30th April right ? yeah .. i lost count of what is the days laio, cause I don’t work anymore, student life is hard, sigh.. its only been a month and i feel like eternity, argh .. stop this pain..
went for lunch at this place called Noble House,seated at lovely table number 22, this place which serve really good Chinese food, it was actually a buffet spread, you pay RM39++ or either the RM50++ ok, why the two pricing, the first price is for some poor sharks fella that got his fins cooked in crab roe, and the other RM50 is for another shark who got his fin cooked in better broth, well you choose.
so you pay for those price and you get a whole buffet spread for you, i think its really reasonable, as the food was not say very excellente but not say very bad wor.. its in the 3.5/5star type. what you expect from Peking duck, lobster salad, fresh oyster and sashimi or even bakes scallop or fresh prawns.. sigh .. its just food wor.. the dim sum section got lots of wanton, pau, sticky rice and other variety, there is a clay pot section where they cook stuff like erm .. not sure..  was too stuffed to even visit the porridge section,
Liking the soybean milk and the fruits, but i was really stuff to taste the red bean paste and the ice creams.. well maybe there is a next time. oh do make reservation as its kinda full wan wor.. for the price you pay.. its worth it! have a try one day .. pics posted on my photos section

Face lift ..

right now am in jason’s room, just helped him cleared out his room and he is lying down in his sofa talking to his TEerak, UgH ! .. i dont care.. dont make me envy.. haha ..  am in his room giving his interior designing (ID) tips.
well still abit more to go.. cause he still dont know wether to throw away a wooden shelves he made, well i guess .. he should throw it away as the ikea shelves he bought is more porpotion than the one he made.. ngek ngek ngek..
ok going for dinner now .. back to blog on this later.. todeloo.. i think i am getting vocab blocks lately. bye.. ciaos 

Subjectiveness of Girls beauty

i was waiting for Jason while he picked up his car in the workshop and this hit me, (oh yeah flashback 5 hours back to 11am)
Lawrence came to pick me up at my crib and Jason came by to ask us to pick him up at the workshop, cause his car got knocked on the front, he was basicly fixing his car and that was suppose to be done by last saturday, lazy bugger.. ok then after we got him at the workshop we went off for lunch at none other than JIMMY’S Bah Kut TEh, wow .. it was superb, this guy used to be at Under the bridge near tepi sungai, well thats what Lawrence and Jason said, the BKT was absolutely great, the soup, the rice, the meat tenderness.. i ate the whole plate of rice even before they served the BKT, yeah i know .. i am a pig.. a hungry man is a sad man.. well so i totally recommend you guys to eat there, 5 star BKT !
They came to my room to hang out after the heavy lunch and lawrence was fitting some software into my comp, hehe .. not telling you what that is.. but its making me happy for sure.. ahah ..  Jason was watching this movie called HOSTEL, courtesy of JACK, the movie has gore in it.. and i like gore.. to be honest.. this is kinda sick, i like to see banged up car with head splatterd around the curb, or bodies of accident victim lay sproyling on the roadside.. what bout AXE being stucked to a person’s head while he is still alive.. woohoo.. the high…ahah .. man .. i am getting kinda crazy these days..
okok.. Jason picked me up later to go to IKEA to get some furnishing for his new REARRANGED ROOM, i think its a copy of my room, thats what i think . .ahah .. but its cool.. more place to hang out.. cause he will make the room nearly like mine, okok .. back to the workshop thingy .. i was sitting in his car waiting for him to pick his car out and this thing flashed in my mind,i was thinking to myself i dont think models are pretty, but some guys workship them like some angels sent from heaven, to me i think amber is so-so, but some guys would go like NO WAY ! AMBER is like the total bomb, nope.. nah .. she doesnt appeal to me, i think that what i see is pretty may not be pretty to you, its subjective.. what i see is perfect figure, you may think out of shape..
you wanna know who i think is gorgeous .. this girl right here..  she has everything, eyes, hair, curves, skin tone and sex appeal..the whole package..

Race Day, the report and pics

woke up at 4 this morning, feeling the rush of Malakoff, down all my breakfast and banana, packed all my bags and bike into the car, did a last minute check on everything, well everything was good,
went over to pick jason up at 5.45am, called him at 5.15 still asleep ler.. aha .. well its ok, reach Dataran Merdeka at around 6.15am, no cars yet, as you can see the pics my car is parked near the square ler.. hehe, unpacked all my stuff as seeing Jason still tired .. jason jason, (aka coach cum photographer cum busboy) well if it wasnt for him most of these photos wont be here,
anyway . parked my bike at the designated slot and it was 026, ahah .. somehow i feel that all my race numbers have to have 6 in it, ahha ..  my singapore marathon, my Northface, my Axn, guess its fated to be 666 (i am the devil) well cute little devil la, not those big bulky ugly red ass dude showing his forking skills with that big over sized table fork.
met a couple of my friends there, Don,Cecil and Jasmine, straight up before the race starts at around 7am, i got this feeling that i wanna pee, but no toilet around. so nah .. kept it in, (WRONG MOVE) ahha .. Gunned off at 7.30am, and yipee we are off, i took my slow stride as usual, i think even slower, cause i had this pain on my right side of my abdomen, so many people passing me, 😦 so sad.. BARGER must be the cheese na’an and Mee goreng plus the Milo Ais and Coke i down at 10pm last night.. shit.. should be la.. i am not sure.. the stomach has this sharp pain poking on me, guess i wont know what food i ate wrong.. but defintly no more mamak for me before race days.  past my 5k, i am beggining to burp out excess air, feels good.. now i can run faster.i did my 50min 10k, i know i would, running into transition 1,
 then off on my bike, sped off like a demon as i know i reserved my energy for this and my last 5k, moving moving, the sharp pain in turn becomes AIR, i kept burping air out from my mouth, must be the powergel mixed with my water and whatsevers inside my stomach, felt abit better now, moving even faster, (MISTAKE NUMBER 2) DONT MOVE FASTER (MAINTAIN) there is where i got my cramp on my calf, shit.. aRGH ! loss about 5min stretching out my calves.. agony of wasted time, the whole 45k i took it easy cause i worry a bigger CRAMP will gnaw my calves and thats it for my ride.. ahah .. so i maintain my speed about 20 – 25kph, good slopes and hills. i love it. i was downing my powergel at one point i nearly mistaken my route, ahaha .. skidded my backtire like some stunt dude.. ahah..ya la .. keep pyschoing myself, say this aint fun .. this aint good, quit ler.. ahah .. CECIL pass me on my lap2, he lap 3 liao lor.. 😦
came into last transition, change into my running shoe’s got out from the transition wanna take some yummy looking 100+, grabbed the can’s but shit .. it was only half filled ler.. so i accidentally knocked like 5 cans down.. sorry la, i want attention ma.. 😦 why they didnt give water? 100+ aiyo .. so gassy ..
Last 5k to run, running and running, but i felt so so slow, i over took some guys who OVER TOOK ME at the bike section thinking they king of the hills.. hmph .. kasi i chance la.. my first dualathon ler.. haha .. it felt good that my running legs are more power, into the 3km , i got into the swing of my run.. ahah .. got even faster.. at the finish line i passed two more dudes.. then at the near finish line the sache was waiting for me ler.. UNTIL !!
until one fella, macha, where is you number? what is your number.. i told him .. 026..026.. i showed him then he .. oh ok .. SHIT ! the other guy nearly over took me.. so i ran infront .. and we both landed on the timing mat together !  GERAM !! suppose to be me faster ler.. until that MACHA LA ! dang .. dont worry .. i still have the MMDS2 coming up in putrajaya. this time i did 3hrs 01min, i promise everyone that i will hit 2.50min below. i will train for the putrajaya second leg more properly now. YEAH ! finisher.. ahha .. it felt great , oh check out the last picture.. i wonder who did the race.. jason or me. .aah .. he fell asleep liao in the car.. looking more tired than me .. anyway .. thanks Jason, those pic’s were great !

Sheryl Crow – Good Is Good

this song holds lots of meaning, how you want to find the meaning is up to you.. i love this song.. it gives lots of inspiration to me.. what does it means to you ?
Sheryl Crow – Good Is Good lyrics
Good is good and bad is bad
You don’t know which one you had
She put your books out on the sidewalk
Now they’re blowing ‘round
They won’t help you when you’re down

Love’s on your list of things to do
To bring your good luck back to you
And if you think that everything’s unfair
Would you care if you’re the last one standing there

And everytime you hear the rolling thunder
You turn around before the lightening strikes
And does it ever make you stop and wonder
If all your good times pass you by

I don’t hold no mystery
But I can show you how to turn the key
Cause all I know is where I started
So downhearted
And that’s not where you want to be

And everytime you hear the rolling thunder
You turn around before the lightening strikes
And you could find a rock to crawl right under
If all your good times pass you by

When the day is done
And the world is sleeping
And the moon is on its way to rise
When your friends are gone
You thought were so worth keeping
You feel you don’t belong
And you don’t know why

And everytime you hear the rolling thunder
You turn around before the lightening strikes
And does it ever make you stop and wonder
If all your good times pass you by

When the day is done
And the world is sleeping
And the moon is on its way to rise
When your friends are gone
You thought were so worth keeping
You feel you don’t belong
Neither do I

Steamboat with the gang

it was the 15th, raining like cats and dogs, good saturday but ruined by the rain, sigh .. anyway .. last saturday we were suppose to have a karaoke session, but thank god the AHEM AHEM .. place was full so we decided to have a steamboat gathering instead cause of the cold night, the present was Kah Wane, Anand, Justin, Jee Khing, Jack, Beverly, Kwee Sendg and girl , me and of course the two Birthday boy Tien Seong and Henry, actually having that steamboat was a good idea bah, not bad mah .. rathre than singing like croaking frogs.. we gather and eat wor.. isnt that better? at least i have not broken my promise not to go Karaoke yet.. haha .. thank god.. well anyway .. for Henry and Tien Seong, wish you both the best of 26 years old. keep on growing old !  

pictures from Ipoh at last !

its the long awaited IPOH ride photos that i took from last last last week. god knows when, the reason was someone took my cable and my camera, but returned my camera without the cable, sigh .. so much for being responsible :P.. i am not sure if i can remember my trip ride but i will just post the pics up for you to see, ipoh as i can say is BEAUTIFUL , lots of mountain and the place is very cooling, no pretty girls thought.. i dont think ipoh has many pretty girls as said by many, i think its a hoax.. show me a pretty girl in ipoh i show you a flying saucer !
ok .. first up, i was cycling along bentong and bentong is this place which potrays the ghetto of America, its really screwed up and lots of gangbangers.. aha . using the exact words like those niggas.., well its not that bad, its just that it USED to be famous for gangsters and lots of murders etc..etc. u name it they got it, but now its not that bad.. its just a place for drug pushers and some little gang fights and all, but besides that .. its a nice place in Ipoh, i stayed with my friend Sam, we reached Ipoh on a Saturday evening cause Sam was working and we met up with Stanley for Dim Sum at a place behind Shell along Bruce road. slept early to get up morning at 7 to help Sam make some curry puff,
its a beautiful sunday morning, Sam and the gang, oops.. i mean Sam and the family is going out for church so i already decided to bring my bike along to see the scenery of Ipoh, i took off as soon as they went off to church while cycling i passed by this shoplot, as you can see (ok refer to the photos once you finished reading ok) there is lots of pigeon sitting ont he cable and the shoplot, infact, the picture is just the tip of the iceberg, there was plenty more wher that came from, i took picture of the old buildings and went to this small chinese temple below a bridge, its so funny how its situated underneath the bridge, as you can see the second picture of the temple, the old ppl was too shy when i told them to pose for me, see all the old ladies on the lefT ! haha .. so funny .. friendly people.. chatted with them .. making jokes as one of them kept asking me for money so that i can have good luck ? how is that by giving her money ? i rather give the temple .. ahah
i cycle on and i saw something that attracted me to stop, its this market on Memory lane, it looks just like thieves market in Singapore,i dismounted my bike and i was walking along the traders.. i can tell you, you can find any thing here, lots of old stuff thought, even screws, erm .. brush, painting, old vinly records, spoons, used shoes, etc..etc.. and all of a SUDDEN .. i saw this man selling COCK PUMPS and sexual enhancer.. ahha .. wah ah pek doing good business ler.
as i turned out from Memory Lane, i met two fello cyclist name KAPAK and TOK DIN, kapak is the apprentice of TOK DIN, famous among fellow adventure racers in ipoh and kl, Tok Din is wearing the purple jersey, i sat down and chatted with them about the adventure scene in KL and they told me about thier bit of adventure racing as well, GLad i met them, they brought me around Ipoh and they showed me some good hills to bike in IPOH, guess where we pass, yes LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN and TANJUNG RAMBUTAN! from ipoh town to tambun is about 20k, as we parted, i have another 40k to ride back, i was cycling all alone back to Bentong, but the scenery was just too good till i saw this bad jam along one of the roads, so i guess i was just maybe a small accident.. guess i was wrong, if you see the picture of a brown proton, look closely to the left edge, you will see a green sentra with its back screen smashed.. it was bad i tell you, i think the motorbike knocked into the back of the sentra and the rider or pillion smashed his/her face into the screen ! i saw the biker lying on the middle of the road while covering his face alot of blood is streaming down his face ! yucks ! as you can see the long jam and the people helping to put the motorist to the side so they can pass ! sigh .. lucky he was wearing helmet! i stress this again ! WEAR YOUR HELMET when riding !
ok on the way back to bentong, i saw this KFC.. wait wait . its KLG, its a rip off from KFC.. i wonder how they are doing .. ahah .. check out the temple in the cave. really beautiful , i wonder why ipoh like to hide thier temple under bridge, in the cave.. i wonder if there is a portable temple anot .. hhmm.. well before we left for KL i was hanging out with Sam sipping Soya bean at his stall, where he helped his mum to sell curry puff, hey i made some of those ok, i tell you the vadai and curry puff is YUMMY MAN ! well i would bring back some for you guys the next time k !
its exactly 7 more days  to my MALAKOFF RACE,  i am going off to train now, i will keep you guys posted on my race. hope i dont break my legs ! haha .. Tok Din and Kapak will be down for the race. will show you more pics then on the 23rd of April ! wish me luck !

Darude- Sandstorm

Jack, this is your favourite from Perth Uni time .. this is for you man ! break a sweat ! but before you do click on that link !