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Protest in KLCC

this was a recent protest taken with my cam in KLCC, as you can see it was those FRU that are really aggresive and they didnt care if you was a protester or a visitor to KLCC, i got wacked on my head as well as my legs, WOKE you UP YET ? ahah .. its not my cam and i dont go staging protest la, this was taken by someone and was posted in Malaysia kini and it was awesome looking at how our mainstream soceity are acting like this, to think that we are Malaysian and we seldom have exposure to these kinda stuff like a PROTEST going on, its because our news are controlled by the goverment and none of these would see the front page of the newspaper.  check out the link below and see the violence
oh did i mention this wasnt the first protest, the recent Petrol hike had a protest participant of nearly 2000 people, check it out .. really dramatic and so not malaysian, maybe people are begining to realize that the people needs more than just independance but more FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Hash Report in Dengkil

went to Hash in Dengkil today, woke up at 6.30am slept at 3am the day before as you can see my blog, ahah .. well 4 hours of sleep was ok i guess..went for power breakfast near tepi sungai, had 2 chapati and a hot milo, yeah lots of carbs and sugar with no oil! feeling tired cause of the night before, sigh.. first time hashing so i woudlnt know what to expect for some call signs that Jason told me.. its something to do what he said is ON..ON.. what checking checking.. in my head i was thinking oh maybe he sudah screw loose and he is NONO already.. so today’s ride explained it all
on the way to Dengkil saw a couple of roadie (i think its azwar, i go ask him later) as we are on the way to putrajaya, well as we got closer to dengkil we saw more and more bike mounted on roof racks and boot rack. wow the feeling was great, it felt as thought we are going for war, ahah . .this lady in waja was speeding away from us after knowing that she went on a wrong track to the Hash site (piaseh ma), ahah .. kinda funny..
got there saw tons of riders.. nearly 40 riders including the hashers..i even saw Geoff and friends, for people who did MALAKOFF you guys would know who is Geoff,so ok about the ON ON and checking.. for HASHERS
we have to go on a certain routes and find Markers which is white paper laid out on the grounds, so once you go deeper in the jungle aka plantation you need to find these markers and tell the people riding behind you that you are ON ON, that means you are on the trail made by the HARE. ok a HARE is actually a very clever rabbit on a mountain bike, sorry i just wanted to do that, ahah.. its actually bikers who have volunteered to locate and search for these tremendous bike route to be explored by us HASHERS, so once you have not found the markers .. you have to yell to the pack behind (assuming you are the first in the group that you are CHECKING) understand so far? so once you go find the white papers again you get the honour to shout ON ON! haha .. kinda like that word now.. ahha .. find it kinda sexy..
great.. all i had to say HASH-ing is GREAT! i had great fun as boys and girls and family could join in, this is totally for fun, the youngest boy i say i could say is 10 years old acompanied by his dad, great stuff, many powderpuff also, hehe if you know what i mean! the route is easy and dont worry about being fit or not, it wont be too strenous for anyone as we bike in groups. many helps around, but i can say there were many puncture happening, i saw this guys chain broke off, i even saw a spoke broke and i heard the RD was broken also. wow.. many stuff happening,  but hashing is totally fun, to tell you how easy it was.. after i went back.. i went out for a 10k run in Taman Rakyat, Hey i even saw Anand and friend, at least i pujuk them to join PJ half, YEAH ! another kaki to train with. for more info on hashing or the next hash do let me know if any of you guys wanna join ! SUPER FUN ! we all do it together again !

Hashing tomorrow

yeah yeah yeah, tomorrow going to Dengkil for the Hash organized by KLMBH, if you guys wanna come please do follow this route ! its TODAY at 9.30am the 28th of May 2006. Ajeep sorry couldnt make it for the Shah Alam Ride, promised kawan liao. as i am typing this its raining and i am guessing its going to be MUDDY AS HELL TOMORROW ! YEAH ! cant wait to get my bike in dirt and grim again .. oh its not road trip its mountain biking tomorrow. (yeah wanna relief some stress about someting) wanna go crazy tomorrow on the trail..  so tomorrow would be Bash #139 (jason picking me up at 7am) wanna pack my ride stuff and cant wait to meet some biker chicks tomorrow.
Directions to May Hash 28/5/2006 "Kg. Lalang – Dengkil"
Hares : Alex Chin, Robin Chin, Steven Chin & Veronica Low. Head towards Puchong via your favorite route. Look out for the Putrajaya signboard upon reaching Tractors Malaysia, follow the Putrajaya signboard.
Zero trip meter at South Puchong Toll Plaza (Plaza Tol Puchong Selatan).
There will be a Dengkil signboard before the toll, Do Not follow it.
Only follow the Dengkil signboard after the toll.
At KM15, highway downgrades to town road, you will see a cemetery on the left, travel straight.
At KM18.6 will be a petronas on your left,
KM18.9 you will reach a traffic light, Dengkil police station will be on your left. Turn left at traffic light (it is more of a left curving straight).
When approching KM 20, slow down and keep an eye to the right. There should be an unfinished road in progress, turn into the unfinished road.
We will put up a KLMBH sign there come Sunday. Travel along the unfinished road till you see the next KLMBH sign which will be turning right into Kg. Lalang.
Go straight until the end of the road and you will reach the Hash site.
You can park your car by the roadside or opt for some off roading and head into the oil palm plantation on your right and left.
As usual bring lots of water for the hot Malaysian weather and lots of mozzie repellent

Beach in Klang ! YAHoOOOOo..

i didnt know there was a beach in Klang, its aproximitly about 30km south of klang, wow.. i tell you its not gorgeous as the other beach.. but i can tell you that its worth hanging out .. ahha .. check it out..

Coldplay coming to Singapore

Rahim, u better not be kidding me about Coldplay coming down, cause i am going to kill you if you lie to me, anyway .. get me one ticket pls .. i wanna go see..  let me know the details yeah ! tjhank you popok !

Taman Rakyat (Andalas)

recently, been going out to do my daily run in places like Stadium and Taman Rakyat instead of my usual 10k on the side of the road, i feel safer and its more taxing, Lawrence and Agnes was the one who pulled me there, lucky Lawrence came to light and wanting to shed some kilos and he is consistent, he also bought a New Balance 845 to do his running, and KUDOS to him.. good buy i say, really nice and well padded with ample cushioning. good on ya pal,
Lawrence is begining to pick up the pace but he is not as full steam as he used to be when i saw him in the gym, we use to run on the treadmill with incline of 1.5 and speed of 13.0 for 30mins, you go see how fast is that and come back and tell me ok. but now his performance has dip tremendously and he has a pouch in his front, NOT A POUCH that you buy in the market but a small little tummy buldging out, maybe its because he’s got a gf already unlike me who has so much free time. haha .. so he got to follow agnes to eat and shop maybe. so less time for himself to do his sports.. ahha .. but i am glad his gf is able to do this kind of activity. yippee..
i am hoping he would regain his endurance and his problem of aching lactic acid tummy buldging intestine with protruding stomach up the heart problem would be solved soon (what a mouthful). he complains everytime we go running.. its funny when he complains.. ahha .. but then again he is still running.. i think its his excuse of not gaining speed.
when i was running in Taman Rakyat it reminds me of adventure racing when you go to the forest reserve part, ok adventure racing with walkway. haha .. its still good, i think that Taman Rakyat could be one of Malaysia best parks given if it was taken care of and extra amenities was places, LIKE FREE TOILETS (kiara has free toilets yet its still clean) 
YO MPK of TAMAN RAKYAT, here is a few suggestion that would make TAMAN RAKYAT the best in Malaysia as it has opportunity to grow.
  • the boulder side on the center of the field, please make that to a wall climbing facility (sure to attract)
  • in the center of the field you can actually put two basketball court, two takraw cum badminton
  • those funny looking gym lookalike equipment that stadium have but line with rubber mat
  • the road leading downhill near the miniature golf to the back field please place lights there as it could be dangerous in the night
  • oh good on the miniature golf course, but if its going to be locked up, WHATS the POINT !
  • at the back of Taman Rakyat, the place is so large you can either make 1.1 a football field ,1.2 a running track just like stadium 1.3 a fountain and more walkways for residents 1.4 more parking lot leading to the TMN RAKYAT (but i suggest walkway, as ppl will be able to utilise it
  • the track leading up to the water reservoir, half way going up there is another section of the Forest reserve closed up, that place is purely a potiential for Mountain biker to ride inside in stead of those bikers going on the on where people run.

i know you MPKians must be thinking.. need money what .. fine.. why dont you use the tax’s and really put it into good use rather than making that stupid side walk on Klang river, do you think that money could have built up Taman Rakyat, this Taman Rakyat could be Klangs number 1 park and also Malaysia given it chance! KLANG WE CAN DO IT ! oh i cant stop enough bitching about that waste cash on the park in Eng Ann also just opposite Hy Tien Lo ! ARGH ! WASTED MONEY ! also the river one again .. how many people out there know there is even a walking path there.. do you even know how to get there ? ahah .. i bet most didnt know man !

Vivaldi ? Mozart ? Bach ? Peer Gynt ?

time is 3.30am, YES AM, doing my last few assignments and i totally screwed up my time of sleep by turning it upside down, and guess whats playing on the Internet Radio, yes.. i switched it to Classical for a change, and guess what.. its really soothing and relaxing, i think its the only music to listen to when you are studying, its really nice to listen to it once in a while, mostly i listen to Jazz, so today i switched to classical for a change? whats your favourite music to listen to when doing assignments or doing something ?

Life is not Greener on the other side

daily musing about what happened a while ago, so do not be bored reading this..
i just logged on to MSN, and chatting with a couple of friends, looks like LIFE IS NEVER REALLY GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE, what do i meant by this. Well people of all walks of life looks pretty good on the outside, but are they really truly looking good, what i meant by looking good is not having good looks or smart clothed here, its how their outcome of lifestyle,
Some people have shown that they life in a very lavish lifestyle and some live life on the fast lane, i have talked to so many people but in my eyes, these people are living a good life, good jobs, beautiful life, everything seems smooth sailing but deep down, everyone has their own problems, yes even me, I HAVE MY SHARE OF PROBLEMS, some people see me as good life cause i dont work and i go for trips every forth month, Singapore, Thailand, Sabah, Perhentian, Australia, i am going to Hong Kong or China this end of the year.. planning..

well why do people envy others without knowing the other sides problems, thats why this quote came to life, LIFE IS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE, Please dont always see things that lays on the surface, once you dig deep into the roots it will rear it ugly head ! as for me.. money is hard earned.. thats how i bought my bike, people say wow .. ur bike can buy a motorbike already, yes.. but i saved hard for it, by the time i finish with it .. i can buy a car! some people laugh say i rather buy the car, then GO AHEAD ! its your life, i never said anything bout it.. but i do see your life Greener than mine and  i dont want to know where your roots lies..

what i am saying here is that people have their own share of problems, so take a REAL good look and dont take things for granted, be GREATFUL for what you me, water your own lawn and your grass will definitly look greener rather than looking over to others lawn grass thinking its greener !  peace out.. god bless everyone out there with a hope when they wants it most !