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Blogging substance

CK told me that to be a blogger, you need to talk about .. wait wait .. sorry rephrase.. to be a FULL PART TIME BLOG MASTA , you got to talk about other stuff rather than yourself, then it hit me in my head. why mua blogging ? its not for reason where i want fame, if i wanted fame i would have use blogspot, er.. what other blogspace there is ? cause the interface is really nice etc..etc.. can put beautiful videos, picture.. and music,,. i know msn blog space also can do, but its more of a hassle aint it ? not too sure.. but i know whats the reason i am blogging for, its my own personal dairy k, i love to mesmerise the good old times .. yup…plain simple thats all .. my reason for blogging.. catch ya later (trademark k)

Gillian Chung naked In Genting

Guess what, Gillian Hung Genting pictures wasn’t that great. Its not really revealing also, I went to look for those pictures and I think this is it, guess its not really super great, whats the big fuss. Just like wearing a bikini wor, but I don’t think you can really see anything la this is one of the pages from the magazine easy finder,




Even some of the website bandwidth exceeds the limits.. wow .. sure is pretty hot topic at the moment. And Malaysia would be the one in Hot topic also, people would be searching for where is Genting, Where in the world is Malaysia ..etc..etc.


Last page of easy finder.




I don’t know if this is what the magazine published, if it is, I don’t think whats the big problem, its really nothing you can see, its just blurred picture of the actress, so all you peev out there, go get a life. Support for Gillian Hung.

Alcohol and fats effect


Successful weight loss is all about oxidizing (or burning), more
calories than you eat. When they go on a diet, many people
choose low-calorie alcoholic drinks, mainly because they contain
fewer alcohol calories than their regular counterparts.

However, drinking too much has a far more damaging effect than
you can predict simply by looking at the number of alcohol
calories in a drink. Not only does it reduce the number of fat
calories you burn, alcohol can increase your appetite and lower
your testosterone levels for up to 24 hours after you finish

Alcohol calories
According to conventional wisdom, the infamous "beer belly" is
caused by excess alcohol calories being stored as fat. Yet, less
than five percent of the alcohol calories you drink are turned
into fat. Rather, the main effect of alcohol is to reduce the
amount of fat your body burns for energy.

Some evidence for this comes from research carried in the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Eight men were given two
drinks of vodka and sugar-free lemonade separated by 30 minutes.
Each drink contained just under 90 calories. Fat metabolism was
measured before and after consumption of the drink. For several
hours after drinking the vodka, whole body lipid oxidation (a
measure of how much fat your body is burning) dropped by a
massive 73%.

Rather than getting stored as fat, the main fate of alcohol is
conversion into a substance called acetate. In fact, blood
levels of acetate after drinking the vodka were 2.5 times higher
than normal. And it appears this sharp rise in acetate puts the
brakes on fat loss.

A car engine typically uses only one source of fuel. Your body,
on the other hand, draws from a number of different energy
sources, such as carbohydrate, fat, and protein. To a certain
extent, the source of fuel your body uses is dictated by its

In other words, your body tends to use whatever you feed it.
Consequently, when acetate levels rise, your body simply burns
more acetate, and less fat. In essence, acetate pushes fat to
the back of the queue. 

So, to summarize and review, here's what happens to fat
metabolism after the odd drink or two.

• A small portion of the alcohol is converted into fat.

• Your liver then converts most of the alcohol into acetate.

• The acetate is then released into your bloodstream, and
replaces fat as a source of fuel.

The way your body responds to alcohol is very similar to the way
it deals with excess carbohydrate. Although carbohydrate can be
converted directly into fat, one of the main effects of
overfeeding with carbohydrate is that it simply replaces fat as
a source of energy. That's why any type of diet, whether it's
high-fat, high-protein, or high-carbohydrate, can lead to a gain
in weight.

The combination of alcohol and a high-calorie meal is especially
fattening, mainly because alcohol acts as a potent appetizer. A
Canadian study shows that an aperitif (an alcoholic drink taken
before a meal to increase the appetite) increased calorie intake
to a greater extent than a carbohydrate-based drink.

Researchers from Denmark's Royal Veterinary and Agricultural
University report similar results. When a group of men was given
a meal and allowed to eat as much as they wanted, they ate more
when the meal was served with beer or wine rather than a soft

Not only does too much alcohol put the brakes on fat loss, it's
also one of the most effective ways to slash your testosterone
levels. Just a single bout of heavy drinking raises levels of
the muscle-wasting hormone cortisol and increases the breakdown
of testosterone for up to 24 hours. The damaging effects of
alcohol on testosterone are made even worse when you exercise
before drinking. 

The effect of alcohol on testosterone could be one reason that
people who drink a lot carry less muscle. In fact, a 1993 study
shows that alcoholic men have bigger waists and smaller muscles
than teetotalers. 

This doesn't mean you need to avoid alcohol completely. 

A recent study, published in the November 2004 issue of the
International Journal of Obesity, compared the effect of two
different diets over a three-month period. Both diets contained
1500 calories daily, one with 150 calories from white wine and
one with 150 calories from grape juice. 

Weight loss in the grape juice group and white wine group was
8.3 pounds and 10.4 pounds, respectively. 

The bottom line
Although an alcohol-rich meal does increase your metabolic rate,
it also suppresses the number of fat calories your body burns
for energy — far more so than meals rich in protein,
carbohydrate, or fat. 

While the odd drink now and again isn't going to hurt, the
bottom line is that alcohol and a leaner, stronger body just
doesn't mix.

Pure Creativity

i stumble upon this art of creativity, its totally blew my brains away, i have to say you are pure genuis.. i totally agree.. check it out, click on the pictures, let it bemuse you too..

Helmet 101

 How to Choose the Right Bicycle Helmet
 Wear a helmet every time you ride. The saying goes NO HELMET NO RIDE, You may think they don’t look cool or that they’re too cumbersome, but they’re cooler and less cumbersome than memory loss from an accident. Plus, today’s helmets are more chic than a Paris fashion show and lighter than the omelet you had for breakfast.

Your helmet should fit you comfortably and correctly, and it should be certified for adequate impact protection. So, how do you choose the right helmet? Read on.

 Cycling helmets come in 3 basic styles – sport, road and mountain bike helmets. All types are designed to help protect riders from impact while being light, comfortable and stylish.
  • Sport helmets offer versatile protection at a value price. They’re ideal for commuter, road and mountain bikers as well as inline skaters.
  • Road bike helmets tend to stress lightness, ventilation and aerodynamic styling.
  • Mountain bike helmets are designed for maximum protection from trailside obstacles; these helmets usually include visors and extended back-of-the-head coverage. Special retention systems provide a firm and secure fit on rough terrain. Cyclocross riders also generally prefer these helmets

The biggest key to choosing the right bike helmet is finding one that fits you. Helmets come in several sizes (typically sized in inches) and most are designed to fit a small range of head sizes.

To find the right size, use a tape measure to measure around the largest portion of your head –– about 1 inch above your eyebrows. Look for a helmet that matches that measurement.


Once you’ve found the right general size, it’s time to make the helmet fit. Helmets have a remarkably versatile fitting system that includes sizing pads and adjustable straps. If you’re ordering online these will be your primary way to make the helmet fit. In store, you can try various sizes and styles before fine-tuning the fit.

A good-fitting helmet will be snug, but not tight. It should sit level on your head (not tilted back) with the front edge no more than 1 inch above your eyebrows. Push the helmet from side to side and back to front. If the helmet shifts in any direction, use the sizing pads provided with the helmet to snug up the fit.


Next, buckle and tighten the chinstrap. Push up on the front edge of the helmet, then up on the back edge. If the helmet moves significantly in either direction, tighten the chinstrap and try again. Finally, with the strap buckled, open your mouth. If the helmet doesn’t press firmly down against your forehead as you do so, tighten further and repeat.

Lastly Do you know when to replace your helmet? yes yes,,, read on

 Any time your helmet is involved in an accident, it’s likely to get damaged. Since damage isn’t always easy to spot visually, replace the helmet after any significant impact, even if everything "looks" okay. You should also replace your cycling helmet after 5 years, even if it hasn’t been involved in a crash, since pollution, UV light and weathering can weaken its component parts over time  So remember your brain is as important as your bike ride too.

Choosing a Bicycle ?

this is to help you people that has a delima of choosing what bikes are suitable for you, its short and simple.
Mountain Bike

Pick the statement that best suits the kind of riding you do most often:

* I like long, fast singletrack.
* I like tight, twisty singletrack.
* I like barreling down a mountain as fast as I can.
* I like to explore wide-open country lanes, fire-roads and old rail trails.
* I like riding over obstacles such as rocks, fallen trees, curbs and stairs

and this is for the road bikes
Road Bike

Road bikes are making a comeback as more and more people take to the road to feel the thrill of cutting through the wind at top speed. They have good reason. Thanks to advances in components, frame materials and clothing, riding a road bike is easier and more fun than ever before. Here’s a look at 3 styles of riding.

riding with the pack

long bike rides

riding along bike paths

hehe, but to me i prefer anything that can bring me outdoor, as i have both type of bikes, so far.. i love road biking more, as all of us ride in a pack, a group and a team, from MONDAY to SUNDAY we have rides thru out, and there are always about 15 or more people in the group, the largest group i’ve seen riding was nearly 60 people, and thats not the full force, i have given up on mountain as it has so little of trail for us in Malaysia, i nearly given up on mountain as there is no trails for me to ride on, most of the time we are on the road, and to go to a trail, you need to go drive further out to ride a good trial like FRIM, KIARA, FOR ROADIE, THE ROAD IS AT OUR LEISURE !  well thats not to say that mountain don’t have places to ride, i do ride mountain bikes for downhill adreline rush, its a great feeling to feel coming down a hill with uncertainty of what lies ahead, it could be a gap, a rock, or a water stream, but a mountain bike just eats up the hill below, i use my beat up 10 year old mountain bike for adventure racing nowadays, but the races have sky rocket registration fees iwhich i am kinda put off by this. 
to summarise these two bikes, (every where in the world) there would always be two groups of cyclist, a roadie and a mountie, both are always dissing each other, but the trend now is moving towards having both version as you get the freedom of choice as bikes now are very cheap, a decent mountain can be bought at RM1000 (with suspension, disc brake and decent component) same goes for a road bike, and if you feel you have a bit more dough in your pocket go for mid range bikes which cost around RM3000 and above, and for those who have tons of money sitting around, go for bikes which says it all, RM9000 and above, these babys would be the talk of the town. I was recently at a LBS and this Italian bike came in with good components and stuff, its going for only RM3000plus, not sure of the exact price, but if i was looking for a bike this would be it (see picture below), it has everything all set up.. team frame, good components and a decent price tag.  (its a Team Liquigas Bianchi bike) italian wan ler.. really nice.. drooolzzz…
next post i will post about "how to choose a helmet"

A different view of Guys and Girls

Guys drink to forget about the girl.. Girls drink to
think back about the guy..

Guys can forget, but cannot forgive.. Girls can
forgive, but cannot forget..

Guys care the most about the quantity of love..
Girls care the most about the quality of love..

Guys break-up when they feel love from another
girl.. Girls break-up when they feel the feeling of
separation from her man..

Guys feel curiosity towards all girls.. Girls feel
curiosity towards guys who care interested in her..

When guys are heartbroken, they try to forget
about the girl by going out with another girl.. When
girls are heartbroken, they try to find his
characteristics from another guy..

Guys wish to be her first love.. And girls wish to be
his last love…

well some of it is true i believe but not all la.. all the girls one is true.. muahah

The Contender

Went for a morning easy 20k ride today after a long long rest with Matt and Jesus, after the ride had a scrumptious BKT (bah kut teh) in Chi Liung, Chit Chatted for a while talking bout weight management till Matt blurtted out i will cycle to PENANG FOR SURE, i said .. ahah .. dont be too ambitious, we do PD first he said HO LAH ! (okla) then i gave him a time frame.. within 6 months he must complete this feat if not his bike is mine, todays date is August 23rd the final dead line to complete this is 23rd February, oh just to give you some info on Mats physic –

Name: Matthew Tan a.k.a Wa Ai Si Liao

Age : 26

Height: 6ft 2inch

Weight: 120kg sorry la.. type its 108kg

BMI: 29

Body Fat %: unsure but the last time i check it was on the high side

Past Time: Watching Anime, Manga, PC Gaming and computer programming, anything to do with computer

Recent Activity:  Started cycling and going for morning walk in hope of a better physic in a years time

Wisest decision: POLAR F55 Heart rate monitor to monitor Heart rate Zone

Recent Splurge: Nike Shox shoes

Future Splurge:  Trek Madone SSL Tour de France road bike price of bike (u dont want to know)

Why Isaac say he can do it : Has the motivation of a crazed human on losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass, recently bought alot of fitness gear and signed up for  gym that should be a very good start, have been monitoring his in zone heart rate very well, i will update a picture of him now and the FUTURE one.

Why Isaac say he can’t do it: Poor food control and food decision as well as sleep time

so do you think he can do it? who wants to challange me to say that he can’t do it or he can.. to me i am just motivating him to do this ! anyway his profile shows a very good percentage of losing a good deal of weight.