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I have a date tonight..

yes.. i have a date with Lady Luck tonight, cant wait to see what is going to unfold, hope its good.. well not sure.. meeting her at 10.30pm tonight !

Hulu Langat 60km

have you ever thought of rolling hills and cool breeze with nice scenery. oh not forgetting the ever endless roads that leads us to everywhere. I was on that road, I didn’t  take much pictures cause alot of people were cycling today. I love those hills i tell you, if i was living nearby, i would train there every single day. Well this are the pics that i have. It was a easy 50km today, wish i had more.. just got back so posting the pictures for your preusal. going out for more training later, Sunday ma.



 it looks like a straight road,but i tell you its not.









 James Bak with his Look555 and look carbon deeprims  behind me, lizi on the left on her P2SL with JEt Alp (sorry lizi cant really see you), who’s the other two.









 Oh Lawrence a.k.a Jesus with his Happy smiles on the start of the Ride..


wait ..








 Not really smiling liao right..









 More People, i can see PK, Pk’s Wife, Dennis, William, Lim, Kimbeley, Keong, and friends








 Lim doing a breakaway. I lespek the speed you go on the hills. already did 500KM this week itself. LESPEK !







 All of us waiting for the rest, Dennis with his Wilier WCS.








Kimbeley the Malaysia triathlete (easy 60)









Big Smile.







Neways, looking for more rides, longer and harder. catch ya all later, going to recharge my energy for my run later ! caioz


Asian Own’s Sports Illustratred

i bet you guys didnt know this, Almost three years ago Maggie Q sneaked into Malaysia for a personal project called Love Asia, an Asian version of the American Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions. The production is aimed at promoting Asian women and Maggie is featured in it as well.

"When we were shooting in Chinatown (in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur) in front of the shops, none of the shop owners said ‘No’. Most of the local people I’ve come in contact with in Malaysia are those working in my crew, and they’ve been really co-operative. That’s partly why we chose to come to Malaysia. You have no idea how hard it can be in some countries. And even the reporters. Halfway through, some Chinese press reporters found out about me and politely asked for permission to take my picture and talk to me. That’s so different from Hong Kong. That’s why when I say Malaysian people are nice, I really, really mean it." 

Tell Hong Kong-based Maggie Q that she is a Model-Turned-Actress and the beautiful one laughs out loud. "Yes, I’m a cliché. But I don’t care," she exclaims in a girlish voice, unembarrassed.

"I don’t blame these stereotypes," she rattles in an American drawl. "Look at Cindy Crawford and Elle MacPherson. Just because one can doesn’t mean one should," she says, referring to the lackluster acting efforts by the supermodels.

While the sylph-like Eurasian would not comment on her own craft, critics have been kind towards her few roles to date. Her most famous role was playing an FBI agent in Gen Y Cops (2000), which also starred Nicholas Tse.
Last year, her stage debut in Hong Kong even earned her rave reviews. South China Morning Post journalist Tom Hilditch wrote that Maggie’s was ‘a star performance’.

Then, there is Love Asia, the hour-long Sports Illustrated-styled production, lensed by Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee. Maggie is one of 10 models featured in the title, which finally made its debut on the decidedly non-prime time Star World on Friday, at 11:30 pm Hong Kong local time.

Why this production sat on the shelf for better part of three years collecting dust and not seeing the light of broadcast may give one pause, as to the interest in the production. Furthermore, that Star World picks it up only to run its premier during an off-hours time slot on a late night Friday make it seem less than a commercial success.

The production documents the ten models’ three days romp through Malaysia for their shoots at different locations throughout the tropical Southeast Asian nation

Maggie Q (a/k/a: Maggie Quigley) gets the video going as any headliner should. The Vietnamese-American beauty, (5’9", 33-24-32) born in Hawaii to her American dad and Vietnamese mom, gives a laid back interview about herself saying "My dream is to do good films, films that mean something, films that that affect people." The interview is interspersed with video coverage of her swimsuit photo shoot. 

This sets the tone for the flow of the production and each girl is introduced – by her first name only – in turn in the same style.


There is Chinese Chi-Ling, (5’9", 34-23-33), born and raised in Taiwan. Mainland Chinese honey Queenie, (5’10", 34-32-33), raised in Shenzen and whose parents found the ad in a local paper for her first modeling job.

Japanese Mayuko, (5’10", 32-23-34), a lusty Tokyo born girl who was raised in Yokohama from the age of 3, claims she didn’t know how to pose when she first started in the business "I do modeling jobs, but I am not a model." As a proper Japanese girl she says that she is traditional, and admits that she might ‘fall a few steps behind her man’, when out with him. Though this doesn’t seem to jive with her frisky side when she admits – and wins kudos from the other women – for winning ‘best sex location’ for having sex in airplane’s bathroom. Maggie is notably impressed. 

Chinese born and Hong Kong raised, Almen, (5’8", 34-25-34), says she was a tomboy growing up and that he family welcomed her transition to a more feminine role.


Grace, (5’10" 33-23-33), is ‘pure Filipina’ as she puts it and a simple gal who was recruited for modeling while shopping with friends at the mall. "At first I hesitated but my friends said, ‘go for it’" she recounts.

A lovely mix of Korean and Japanese is found in Kae, (5’11", 32-23-33) who -sadly – had to concede defeat to Mayuko, for only being able to muster sex on the beach, to Mayuko’s airplane antics.

Singapore born and raised Jacqueline has a Dutch father and Indonesian mother and proves to be a well-rounded, grounded and beautiful woman. 

Then there is Thai-Chinese Yo, (5’9", 34-23-34), raised in Thailand she is another girl next door who – to her surprise – was recruited for modeling and hopes simply to make the most of it while it lasts.
An outstanding beauty is Aysha, (5’10" 33-34-33), who is a testament to international relations through her lineage as an Indian-Pakistani-Chinese woman.

Maggie – who got a producer credit along with Fortune Asia for the piece – also isn’t shy about offering romance tips to her fellow models in Love Asia telling them, "Never ever, ever marry someone that you love more than he loves you."  Probe her about her romances, and Maggie, who was last romantically linked with Nakata Hidetoshi, the midfielder of Italian football club Parma, becomes all pensive.  "I like Asian men. I cannot fathom dating Caucasians. They don’t have to be pretty boys or beautiful. I can accept flaws in a man," she says cautiously.  Asked if any of her former boyfriends come close to fitting that mould? She smiles. "One of them was my ideal type, but I’m not naming names," she teases.  And although she is a picture of composure and confidence, she admits to feeling insecure sometimes. "I lack faith sometimes. I feel that I don’t live up to other people’s expectations of me," she says. But she looks confident, you point out.  Then comes her riposte, delivered with an exaggerated voice and impish expression.  "Why, that’s because I’m a good actress!"  Actress or model Love Asia, while it may not have been a stunning success for those who appreciate Asian beauty, it might just be a reason to spend a Friday night at home to enjoy all that is stunnin about this production. ok dont go drooling now catch ya later and take care

New way to say Hi in Japan !

one finger says it all !


and me trying it out,

Now for some gothic fashion


erm not my cup of tea, and me trying out gothic wear

LOL, what do you think, i would wear gothic, yea right , no way in hell !

now for some eye candy modeling down harajuku

and me strutting down catwalk of Malaysia, ok la.. sitting down bah

and now for some COSPLAY ! its costume for short in japan, my fav

and my favourite cosplay..

Darth Vader gone for sexchange !

and the hottest sailor moon around.







ok i got to go now .. catch ya later. life is just sucky at the moment ! hoping that someone can take my me away and cheer me up !

The bike is Coming

it is claimed as the bike of the month by Trek, its has laser cutting tech and its one of the best bike money can buy.  and its the Madone 5.2

"The aero-shaped frame was developed specifically for Lance Armstrong when he wanted a fast bike to to win his fifth Tour de France. With his win came a production version. The Madone 5.2 provides the same aero efficiency and made in Waterloo OCLV Carbon craftsmanship as the original we made for Lance. It’s time to make your own history!"

yes thats what the website said and guess what .. the bike is arriving soon .


i need a opinion survey on this.. which colour do the majority prefer? let me know what colour you like


the Chi Red


The Discovery Blue

Custom Flame Orange


Those baby comes stock with regular parts, this bike that is arriving in Malaysia in 10 days time would be handpicked parts. check the specs out

the Frame is made out of OCLV 110 Carbon,

Fork : Bontrager Race X Lite, carbon.

Wheelset: Fulcrum Racing 1.

TiresMichelin Pro, 700x23c, folding

Groupset Shifters
Shimano Ultegra STI, 10 speed, Front Derailleur Shimano Ultegra, Rear Derailleur Shimano Ultergra, Crank Shimano Ultegra 53/39 Cassette
Shimano Ultegra, 12-27, 10 speed, Brakeset
Shimano Ultegra w/Shimano Ultegra STI Levers


Saddle : Fi:ziK Arionne 

Seat Post: Ritchey WCS

Handlebars: Ritchey WCS 46mm

Stem: Ritchey WCS

Headset: Chris King Headset bearings, sealed

The Real Bike will arrive in just 10 days more, just await for the update picture. the price you say ? if i tell you the price can buy you a small little kancil. would you believe me ? well catch ya later. no helmet no ride ok !

Whats In a Name ?

i’ve took the liberty to paste this from henry’s blog, thanks henry.. hehe..

A- Damn good kisser.
B- Good all around person.
C- You’re wild & crazy.
D- You have one of the best personalities ever.
E- You have a nice ass.
F- People totally adore you.
G- You never let people tell you what to do.
H- You have a very good personality and looks.
I- You get hyper easily.
J- Everyone loves you.
K- You like to try new things
L- You live to have fun.
M- Success comes easily to you.
N- You are absolutely good looking
O- You’re an awesome person.
P- You are popular with all types of people.
Q- You are a hypocrite.
R- Sexy !
S- Easy to fall in love with.
T- You’re loyal to those you love.
U- You really like to chill.
V- You are not judgemental.
W- You are very broad minded.
X- You never let people tell you what to do.
Y- One of the best bfs/gfs anyone could ask for.
Z- You’re a little too hard to find.




I- You get hyper easily

S- Easy to fall in love with.

A- Damn good kisser.

A- Damn good kisser.

C- You’re wild & crazy.


OOoooooh check my name out.. i am a double good kisser, and not forgeting the hidden connotation of my name, hehe .. well dont be naughty and think of that ok.  if you want to put it, yes, It looks like its telling me i am a slut sleeping with lots of girls.. hehe .. as i get hyper then easily fall in love with any girl then i KISS and SMOOCH double good and then i ahem.. go wild and crazy..  with them. Use your imagination la. strictly for kids above 18.  catch ya later.. this post is just pure fun..



Emergency in Thailand

i’ve just receive this information from my ammie today, this is bad. taken from BBC news. There are even Tanks around the government area. i hope there wont be any problem anymore.


BBC Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006, 00:43 GMT 01:43 UK

Military leaders in Thailand have staged a coup, suspended the  constitution and declared martial law.

Army chief Sonthi Boonyaratglin said the military leadership had formed a council for political reform and ousted the Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.

The coup leaders say the cabinet and parliament have been abolished, but power will be returned to the people.


Mr Thaksin cancelled a speech he was due to give at the UN. It is unclear whether he intends to return home.

The military said the country’s stock market, banks and schools would remain closed on Wednesday.

BBC World, CNN and other international TV news channels have been taken off the air, while Thai stations have broadcast footage of the royal family and patriotic songs.

‘Temporary measure’

In the capital, Bangkok, soldiers seized government offices and took up strategic positions around the city

In a broadcast on all Thai television channels, the leadership of the armed forces said it had taken control of Bangkok, declared nationwide martial law and ordered all troops to return to their bases.

"We ask for the co-operation of the public and ask your pardon for the inconvenience," the announcement said.

A spokesman for the coup leaders, Gen Prapart Sakuntanak, said the seizure would be temporary and power would be "returned to the people" soon.

The military announced that regional commanders would take charge of their areas outside Bangkok.

It ordered provincial governors and heads of government agencies to report to them in the coming hours.

The rebels – who said they were led by Gen Sonthi – visited the king and declared loyalty to him.

The highly revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej has made no comment about whether he backs the takeover attempt.

There has been pressure growing on the prime minister to resign, including from groups close to King Bhumibol, following a political impasse in which April’s general election was declared invalid.

But the BBC’s Jonathan Head in Bangkok reports that while many people wanted Mr Thaksin out of office, there will be unease about the way this has happened, and people will be looking to see whether the king has supported the coup.

Opposition Senator Mechai Viravaidya welcomed Mr Thaksin’s departure, despite doubts about the methods used.

"I’m delighted he’s gone," he said. "It would have been great if he had resigned voluntarily, but apparently he was too stubborn. But at least it’s better than an assassination."

Another opponent of the prime minister, Chirmsak Pinthong, suggested that Mr Thaksin’s continuation in power would have been even worse.

"I would say that nothing is worse than what Thaksin has done," he said. "Thaksin has already carried out what I would call a silent coup, because he called the country as a dictatorship by using money in a corrupt way.

"Nothing is worse than the Thaksin regime."

‘Following orders’

Our correspondent says the coup is a surprising development for a country that had been viewed as one of Asia’s leading democracies, and events in Thailand will have repercussions throughout the region.

The streets in Bangkok were quiet on Tuesday night. People were calm for the most part, correspondents say, curious about what was going on, but some said they were scared.

Traffic moved through the streets normally and in the bars of the city centre, foreign tourists seemed oblivious to what was going on.

One soldier on a tank said: "We don’t know why we’re here, we’ve been told to say nothing. We’re just following orders."

Russell Miles emailed the BBC News website to say there were troops "dressed in Swat-style gear strolling around" near Government House, and "a tense, but fairly controlled atmosphere".

He said: "We saw a group of blokes bundling a cameraman and another chap into a van. We are taking photos, but not out in the open."

The EU’s Finnish presidency expressed "grave concern" at events, and the US called on Thais "to resolve their political differences in a peaceful manner".

It is the first coup attempt in 15 years in a country where they used to be commonplace. There were 17 of them between 1932 and 1991.