who own’s www.lcct.com.my

Update on this Post: – 26 July 2012

Well looks like the website is still alive and kicking, just went in to see the post after clicking on my archives :

they have updated the website and it looks neater by the way. If you notice my comment is on the top right the black box which has the title enroute via LCCT to KLIA.  It is definitely nice to know

(anyway its just a stupid rant no harm done) was just teasing the webmaster.
On another note, the webmaster did come back to me and apologized on his blogsite. It only show that he has class !

Read the feature here at : http://www.lcct.com.my/experience/enroute-via-lcct-to-klia-written-by-isaac-loo

The administrator of this website, took a chunk of my Blog on the date of May 07 and pasted on the website above, i was happy as this website does reviews and comments on the new current LCCT terminal in Sepang, i don’t mind doing a proper review on this terminal on my personal point of view but at the moment, Sigh this website got me angry because the problem with the webpage is that the administrator typo on my name. it was spell as ISSAC and not I-S-A-A-C ! man if you wanna do it don’t get it wrong ..  this person took comment from the likes of Jeff Ooi and people, not bad to be on the same page with Jeff, hey buddy i am inching closer to your everyday blog now ! anyway got to go catch some sleep, training tomorrow. Cheers

anyway check this out. picture speaks a thousand words


One response

  1. Isaac

    hey dude, don’t worry i was just actually kidding about this, no pun intended, no sarcasm or nothing to be angry about, was just kidding ok. relax, your website is good in recollecting information on LCCT account. good job


    18/12/2006 at 12:29 pm

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