80km that wasn’t

Its Sunday morning again and its the most anticipated day for me in the whole week, why i say this is because i get to ride my bicycle. Today’s route is Puncak Alam in er.. er.. i really dont know where.. Puncak Alam lor. We started in Centerpoint at 7.30am and already a whole bunch of people were there. Many new faces many strong riders.

here is Alludin giving the morning briefs on the route : Thanks Man and Selamat Hari Raya to all the muslim riders.

We started with 30+ strong riders heading out to Kota Damansara with easing leasure riding pace. Superb weather i tell you.

Teck Wai looking abit worried, i wonder why ? hehehe.. I know Mac is always up for the challenge, guess what he the hardcore spent 4 hours in the gym yesterday, doing 2 RPM classes and other weights exercise. Man how he does it i really dont know,

Valerie quiet quiet snuck up from behind and said this.. OH YOU GUYS AGAIN ! sigh .. i know la we all not leng chai do wan to see us.. hehe

so we all slowly started with riding in a peloton from Kota Damansara until Sungai Buloh, wait .. i have the pics

this is the first half of the group, the other half behind me, shiok ler.. we like pro riders oni.  After we reached Sungei Buloh we intersect out to Old Airport road and go off to Guthrie Highway,  TA DA !! guess what.. another group of 10 riders came, its none other than.. MR TAN BOON FOO ! haha.. they came from another route and conjoin with us before reaching Guthrie highway. Kimbeley also joined in.

Pure bliss i tell you this Highway is just pure open road. Saw another lone cyclist from Klang, Uncle Yap he also joined in. At the highway all of us started to get crazy, i joined the first peloton and broke away when we were out from the motor lane, at this time the odo was already at 30+km and i guess haha .. can speed la since the first stop going to come liao. WACK la.. meter already showing max speed of 50kmph plus while Teck Wai drafted behind, suddenly the chase group came and all were in a peloton again. We are pushing 45kmph in a group and the others were left out, Pandai pandai la we all go so fast, We are now a group of only 15 riders and we reached the sungei buloh hospital, EMPTY i tell you this place. like haunted. yucks .. meter already showing distant of 49.8km! hhmm.. guess we over shot, LIM said he knows the way to Puncak Alam. So on the way we go. Boon Foo also with us.. ahha .. Strong rider never to underestimate this fellow man. he will leave you riding in the dust.  BLAH BLAH BLAH all hills and riding.. we only made a 5 min stop to buy water.. and off we go.. At last we reach puncak alam and meter already showing 70+km! i was thinking shit.. i dont want to blow my tyres here (bad habit i dont bring spare) a few riders went off on their own after the break and now we were left with around 10riders. Pushed on and ahah at last we caught up with the ORIGINAL PCC group. meter already showing 89km and we are no where near Kota Damansara, we strayed off a extra 30km ahaha, Got back to Center point and i already saw Mac and Val having their drinks. Mac said that they were told to get off the highway by police, lucky we were too far in front hehe.. ok la.. this is the report for this Sunday Ride. not much picture as i had by cam in a sandwich bag. Next Week the hills of Genting !! Catch ya later !


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