Pre Presidential Ride

Hey guys i believe the Presidential Ride is over and here is the part where i blog about every detail that i have gone thru, this is the pre ride collection on the 17 which is  the Friday of November. I’ve only managed to capture about 3 picture of that day cause i was in a hurry to go back. Never the less its still are great pictures


 The organisers getting the name list out at a rainy 5pm in Boon Foo, it was really crowded and it was a real hype to see so many bikers around in Bikepro Boon Foo, not that his shop is short of any, but this is extremely alot, like around 20 to 30 bikers, usually it would be around 10 people at one time in his shop.







 Thats Mac sitting down waiting for the line to clear so that he can get his number. Jason in blue polo talking to Mac as we are convoying to the PPC ride this Sunday, Arrangement is Key to success ! and the other person is Lawrence aka Jesus, and thats this bike on the left, the White Element, it has new grip tape being wrapped up. we call him the white night as he has this lapierre jersey and white tights, really sexy, ladies dont drool when you see him ok. The pics on the right is Wahid in Glasses and the rest i don’t know, as you can see there is a lot of people in the shop, i rushed off after collecting my kit, which consist of a T-Shirt, POWERBAR, Some cap Tiga Kaki Oinment, as they say, that oinment is the EPO of mountain biking, as two legs is not enough for the ride this Sunday, thats why they giving us the third leg. Alright .. i am going to conclude this Preride report and await for my POST report on the Presidential ride. Adios and Catch ya later.












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