How to mod your car in a day

What a Season,  I hate raining season. Sucks Big Time ! check this situation out, warning this post is in Singlish, read on if you are accustom to the Singlish languace if not you would be going like WhUT this brudder saying???







White shirt: what is that ? rally car ar ?

Blue Cap: No la, checking out this ride, damm keng something i never seen before, actually i also shitting you stepped on some!

White Shirt: KNNBCCB !!





White: Wah, Beh ho Sei man this rally car wannabe, Modified somemore ler..

Blue: wah seh check out the  20″ Giovanna rims brudder !! (click here) (ok almost done shitting liao)





Damm Keng ler.. instant lower ride, no need for Tien, G.A.B or Sparco springs and absorber, do this and you will get instant super low ride,  Think its only 1 inch of the floor man.







Check out the side profile of the car, damm nice right, got special paint on the right side of the car, got eyelid on the headlights also, love the lowered ride. damm ganas looking !





See the colour styling of brown on the right side, no need to air brush, get it done via, they even spray the headlights for you for free !





Blue Cap: Brudder, how much your ride cost ?

Singlet: Not much, its all instant, visit my shop to modify or destroy your car at, its all free.







Blue Cap: since you no pay installment, brudder have to tow the car back liao. soli ar ! anyway nice ride ! anyway Catch you guys later, going for my weekly tuesday ride with the PCC group at TTDI!


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