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Why do I have to CRY ?

             Please let the song load and listen to it before reading this, it creates the mood if you have not watched one litre of tears also known as Ichi Rttoru no Namida,

            When was the last time you watch a movie and started cying? when was the last time you felt really sad about something? when was the last time you think all hope is gone? when was the last you think that nothing is ever gonna be ok again, to me alot of those mentioned i have not felt (well for me I said alot,not all) sometimes I do feel like giving up in life or just giving up doing something, aren’t we all humans, ask yourself ? have you given up on anything? well Ikuechi Aya did not give up on anyhthing at all, she strive to better herself and challenge.

            This is a blog about Aya Kitō (木藤亜也), The plot is based on the true story of a Japanese girl named Aya Kito (木藤亜也, July 19, 1962May 23, 1988), who had the a spinalcerebeller degeneration disease. She kept writing in her diary to remember her experiences until she could no longer hold a pen. Aya simply wished to live until the end of her life, and the purpose of writing in the diary was to remind herself to not give up. She shed tears many times, at the same time encompassed by the rich love and support from her family and friends. Her diary 1 Litre of Tears was published shortly before her death. It encouraged many people, healthy or diseased, because of its inspiring and courageous messages. As Aya wrote, "Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing."

             As I was told by Alvin to watch this sob story, I was headstrong and didn’t want to, cause I dont believe in Sob stories, one day I was just curious when Alvin told me he cried out while watching the drama, so I guess it must be really good, and indeed I did watched it, But I didn’t cry ok, i shed a few tears for a few scenes but I did not cry, yes call me heartless, (ok ok .. episode 10 made me cry out as I felt that its really unfair for god to take a life away from a person so innocent and have so much ahead of her) i don’t know if I will cry one litre of tears on Epi 11 as, people review that as the saddest. Yup there is only 11 episodes and its only about 1 hour long each, The drama is so captivating till i can’t stop watching it from hours to hours end, it was 4am in the morning and i finished epi 9 and yet i want to continue, but i went to sleep and i woke up continuing 10, now as I am waiting for Epi 11 to load, I shall figured I write about Aya’s inspiration to everyone. Her dairy sold a whopping 18,000,000 in Japan and now its has translated version of chinese and i think they are translating a english version. Till then you can go buy the dairy in Japanese or Chinese or wait till the English like me, there are a few website that translate her dairy, here is two that i visits Dairy of Aya and onelitre in Xanga (click on any one)

WARNING: if you plan to watch this drama, make sure you have a box of tissue or a shoulder to cry on.

  • Ep 01: ある青春の始まり / The Beginning of my Youth
  • Ep 02: 15才、忍びよる病魔 / 15 years old, sickness that steals up
  • Ep 03: 病気はどうして私を選んだの / Why did the illness choose me?
  • Ep 04: 二人の孤独 / Solitude of two people
  • Ep 05: 障害者手帳 / A handicapped person notebook
  • Ep 06: 心ない視線 / Heartless glances
  • Ep 07: 私のいる場所 / The place where I am
  • Ep 08: 1リットルの涙 / 1 Litre of Tears
  • Ep 09: 今を生きる / I live now
  • Ep 10: ラブレター / Love Letter
  • Ep 11: 遠くへ、涙の尽きた場所に / Faraway, to the place where tears are exhausted

    That peson is the real Kito Aya, her photograph of her 11 years dairy would be shown on all the ending episodes, Rest in Peace Aya, you definitly have changed alot of people’s life,

    Aya’s only wish was "to live". By carefully depicting Aya’s earnest desire to live, and the love of her family, friends, and lover, the drama, "One Litre of Tears" wishes to deliver her simple but strong message: "Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing."


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    the longest time

    its been over two weeks since i’ve updated my blogsite, this two weeks infact has been crazy for me, have been going in and out of Singapore for like almost three times this month.

    What actually is happening is that I am transitioning from Malaysia to Singapore to work, I have secured a job in Singapore after countless times of my resumes had been sent out to Malaysian companies, but there was no response to it, actually i intended to stay in Malaysia for good, despite knowing that making a living as a wage earner in Malaysia is very bad, with the low pay scheme and bad economy and standard of living is very poor in Malaysia. I actually met a Malaysian who works as a quantity surveryor in Singapore recently while in the MRT station, he himself told me that he had to come to Singapore as Malaysia had left a bad taste in his mouth, he said he couldnt survive with the salary that is being offered in Malaysia with all the rising prices of Toll charges and also food price as well as cost of living, He initiated the conversation tell me of all the problems Malaysians is facing, not me,

    To me, Malaysia is still my country but I too have no choice but to leave it, as of all this problems. I dont live in a mansion or a bungalow in Malaysia, my parents dont own business or anything like that, we live on from day to day and manage our money well, as my youngest sister is going to Australia to study. I have even told her to stay there and secure a job. I do know that nearly 40% of my college friends are either in Singapore or some part of the world like Latvia, Australia, UK, USA, Bangkok and none other than Singapore.

    Malaysia will lose all its edge to neighbouring country as they have nothing to offer! if you are talking about social security? nada, what about foreign investment? and also GDP growth? are we in the world rankings of one of the highest growing economy ? I am not sure how far we have progress since the 80iest, as one of my friend stated

    "malaysia has become stagnant"

    I too agree with his comment, recently i think also commented something about the goverment, i have not read it yet. But I myself has lost faith in the goverments plan to make Malaysia a better county , I making it a develop county, remember the radio was quoting that our PM

    "we will not reduce the price of crude oil because who knows there might be another raise in oil in the future"

    So what happens IF it doesnt GOES UP? who benefits from the rise of the crude oil? who suffers? definitly not him, not those GOV officials. its the citizens who suffers,and what better way for those traders and business people to take advantage of all this price increase is to increase their own goods and services.. then again .. who suffers.. not those busines man, not gov officials, its the CITIZENS .. yet another blow to the people. sigh.. its us wage earners that will suffer in the end. I do hope that Malaysia will not turn to the likes of Indonesia, as the RICH is very rich and the poor is very poor, there is not more middle class, looks like the gap in malaysia is also leaning to that position, might not be 3 years time, might not be 5 years time.. i forsee it in around 10 years time. I am not a soothsayer or a Muse.. but i feel that the goverment is not doing anything good for the people, its not listening to the people and yet they have plans for their own agenda. I am not saying its the current PM, but the planning of all officials from the past to the present. LEts see what brings of the future with the 9thMP

    me signing off, check me out later.

    Animation =Anime

    I wasn’t addicted to Japanese Anime till recently in the mid of August , actually I do watch anime like dragon ball but its just that its just another cartoon to me and it had not capture my attention to seek other anime. I always wonder why people go to the extent to go crazy over it, like buying figurines or even wait for episodes for it religiously, reading the manga even way before it comes out on TV episodes etc..etc..

    Well 2006 when I was introduced to Airgear, it was about a bunch of school kids going around challenging each other in that displine, I was attracted to it cause it was a comedy and also its really spectactular to see how these artist can find ways to animate these character and give them personality, WOW it makes you want to be them, I was furious to know that they ended Air Gear at episode 25 ! so short lived and yet all the character wasnt well developed into the movie, they were starting to show potential but they STOPPED IT ! WHY ! sigh .. well no worrys i scouted for more anime to watch, i had watch countless anime after AirGear


    1. RedGarden
    2. WitchBlade
    3. TriGun
    4. GunGrave
    5. Hellsing
    6. Super Robot Wars
    7. D-Grayman
    8. One Piece (will talk about One Piece another time)
    9. Bartender (current following)
    10. Ghost Hunt (oh i love)
    11. History Strongest Disciple Kenichi (damm Funny)

    Shimano Dura Ace vs Ultegra vs 105


    A Comparison
    Which component group is right for you? Here are some differences on weight, performance and price between the Dura-Ace, Ultegra and 105 component groups

    Dura Ace vs. Ultegra
    The major differences are that Dura-Ace has more gear choices, chain ring choices – including triathlon specific chain rings and more crank lengths are available.

    Weight: The weight difference is 221 g or 7.8 ounces with Dura-Ace being lighter. If you are a professional rider, the wider choice of gears, chain rings and crank lengths might make or break your season.

    Performance: Some mechanics will tell you that Dura-Ace has to be adjusted more often due to the light weight construction and precise tuning. On the other hand, it might have a noticeably better feel for an elite or pro athlete.

    Price: Ultegra is significantly less expensive than Dura-Ace. For most of us, the 99.9%, the weight difference won’t matter. Don’t eat that extra ham sandwich. There, you shaved some weight and saved a lot of money.

    Ultegra vs. 105
    The major differences between 105’s and Ultegra are weight and the 105 is available in a 52-tooth large chain ring rather than a 53-tooth.

    Weight: The weight difference is 230 g or 8 ounces with the Ultegra being lighter. The major weight difference is in the crankset. The other components are very close weight-wise.

    Performance: According to most mechanics, the Ultegra will probably wear a little better and will probably be a little more durable. That’s something to consider for triathletes as many are not 130 lb. road racers.

    Price: As for price, there’s a noticeable difference when you are purchasing aftermarket. As a complete bike, it probably won’t be more than an extra $150 between a 105 and Ultegra tri bike. Go for the Ultegra, save a 1/2 lb. It will also increase your bike’s resale value and make it easier to sell when you want that next cooler bike.


    All three of these groups will perform solidly. All three are 10 speed. In fact, due to Shimano’s trickle down technology, the 105 of today is better than the Dura Ace of 10 yrs ago.
    Why 105 and not Sora or Tiagra? A few reasons are Dura-Ace trickle down technology, construction (plastic steel plate), weight (heavy), durability (lack of compared to 105), 8 speed (not 10 speed).
    You can’t tell from a ride around the parking lot. 105 components will let you ride more efficiently once you learn to use the added gears. The weight savings, added power transfer from the 2-piece crankset and increased durability will make you happier in the long run. Besides, when you reach season three on the Sora bike, every one will still assume it’s your first tri when you show up with that Sora bike. He-he…just kidding


    i am down south ! blog resumes in 5 days  time !

    Speed Lace


    The latest in foot fetish sneaker technology is upon us, folks. Speed Laces are special laces you can throw on your Nikes, Adidas, or whatever to lace them up hella quick. Perfect for someone doing a triathalon or something where different types of shoes are required, the laces tie up to become perfectly snug and tangle-free. You’ll have to install little notches up and down to use these, but once they’re working, you just pull the laces tight and move the little plastic piece to keep them snug. For RM39.90, you can’t complain about lacing up your running shoes with these, either.

    these laces are pretty funky and useful i might say, its really easy to use and you dont have to worry about your shoe laces coming out in mid way run, i am pretty happy with my speedlace anyway, it actually comes with bungee or regular laces, bungee is those elastic material and regular lace are Normal shoe laces lor. Anyway check in for more updates on gadgets ! Catch ya later.

    Puuuuma trainaway

    When i bisit the puma site and listen to the MP3 streaming sample the people pronounces PUMA (pooh-Ma) as Puuuma (pubic’s PU and ma as in ah MAh) so they call it PUU-mA !

    I was reading thru old magazine and guess what i found a really great device for people on the go and loves keeping fit, its called the PUMA trainaway. click on website for more info i think the whole package goes for nearly RM1k, well lets see about it, i might just pop by to PUMA tomorrow and see if they have it, wanna buy some presents for meself !

    When I travel for work, I take free license to gorge on room service, and sit on my ass. Exercise would be easier with Pumas’s foldaway jacket, shorts, and running sneakers. The shoes have a slot in the sole for a hotel key, credit card and ID. And the kit comes with MP3 audio guides for London, Paris, New York, and Berlin. Should be easier to run…to McDonalds.