Nokia Slump

To date, the penetration for hand phones is not 80% its not 90% and its not even 100%,, its already over 110% this applies to Singapore, i am not sure about the rest of the world. You ask how is that possible, go figure.

To me hand phone has always been a fascination and its great to be holding one of the coolest gadgets before people there fore I always surf the web for latest gadgets, but technology comes with a price, A HEFTY ONE !!

I have been a Nokia fan when they first launch 8210, before it was launched I set my eyes on it … oh yes you read it right, 8210. This is the history of my passion for phones. In 1995, i was given a Ericsson GH388, yes the one that looks like a bottle and has no sim card insertion, then when Motorola came out with the Startac, My dad had one, but it was not mine to use, then the X came out and it was so COOL! yet i cant have it, i am stuck with my old GH388, then came nokia with its cool 5110 design and fascinating colour, remember they came out with a phone that has the chameleon colour? that changes with every turn, well I got myself one of those and never turned back, To me Nokia was a very cool manufacturer at that time. it was as big as my old precious Ericsson but it had cool games and a nice changeable housing. I’ve never turned back after that.

back to the story of 8210, then I got a job in Singapore back in the late 90 and that is where the Handphone world opened to me, upon reaching i got myself a 8810 (james bond phone) and it was steel and its UBER cool ! In the span of 4 years, i had used all the 8 series Nokia, let me see if i can recall, 8210, 8250, 8310,8850, 8850(gold),8910 and some other models from other series like the 7650, 6610 and not forgetting wanting to try out of the company I’ve used Samsung, Motorola and Ericsson. I felt nokia was still best at the early year of 2000, Then i noticed a pattern in Nokia’s phone and it’s really annoying to me, I found out they kept changing phones DESIGN and not features, I felt that they want to attract a wider range of customer and appeal to them with their design, to me ! DESIGN is important, but new TECH stands FIRST!

so comes i went into their website and checkout the upcoming model, WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT, i saw this N76 (which is suppose to be a upcoming model) I was pleased until I clicked on the model to see it’s feature, the video started playing and then it hit me ,the similar resemblance to a phone in the market, i would save you the hassle of going to view it, I would just tell you at this moment, you would think WHY IS MOTOROLA V3 phone on a Nokia website. Nokia has run out of idea’s, come on Nokia I know you guys are capable of bringing out a phone with the likes of apple’s iphone ! as for me why am i still using my O2 mini? you guess it!!, i am waiting for the iphone to be launched maybe 2nd quarter to 3 quarter this year !


4 responses

  1. Alvin

    I was there working with u when u got that 8210.. and after that all the new phones came in up till the 8910 and 7650… why dun u go be handphone dealer siah.. remember Eric???


    23/03/2007 at 2:54 pm

  2. Isaac

    Ahah .. ya dude.. all the phones man .. what about Eric? which Eric is this ?


    23/03/2007 at 3:00 pm

  3. Alvin

    Eric the Handphone man from IMM lar.. tall tall guy with spectacles one.. u oways ask him for hp information that guy…


    24/03/2007 at 7:25 am

  4. 新换的照片真可爱呀,呵


    26/03/2007 at 5:14 am

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