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No Picture updates..

recently if you notice, the blogsite only been producing words instead of the usual pictures and blog together, well its cause I forgotten to bring my data cable back from home for my O2 and I went out to get a bluetooth dongle which does not work, got so fed-up of all buying stuff that don’t work so I dont even bother buying another data cable for my O2, anyway Data cable will sent to me really soon, hope to upload some snazzy cool pictures then,

As I have been exploring Singapore through my trusty and nifty bike, I might as well take some pictures along the way, I have been only to half of the island, I would be cycling to the end of Singapore maybe Tuas or Woodlands and maybe exit to Johor one of these days. Will send you guys picture of  Johor Makan places.. I Think there is a few shops near the border that is kinda famous, well lets see.. makan review and also cycling trip review right ? ahha .. anyway for the mean time my adventure, Tri and Duathlon is suspended for the moment, I WILL BE BACK ! contemplating on the AVIVA 70.3, but the registration fee is killing me.. you dont want to know. I am going out for a short ride.. take care everyone ! tomorrow would be mark as one of my most remembered days in my Life!


knock Knock Nok .. ia N95

Well its been a long while since I blog-ed , life has taken its toll on me, the depression, the work load, the time, the people, the anxiety and much more.


The recent addition to my phone collection is the N95, this little nifty phone is not just only a phone .. wait .. its more like a computer. ok here is my verdict after trying it out. This is my HONEST OPINION FROM A REAL USER !

Whats the feeling of getting a new phone ? well to me these days a phone is just a phone, nothing new or nothing exciting anymore unlike the old days where I would get all worked up when buying a new phone, I still remember the time when I first bought my 8210 (it was like a piece of heaven) I always dreamt of that phone when I first set my eyes on it. It was when i was 18 years old, I was like thinking how am I ever gonna afford a phone as cool as that.. well after going through all the nokia 8 series phone, not to mention also some of the 6 series and not I am toying with the N series, the tought of N93i is still lingering on my mind.. hhmm.. anyone has that phone ? do feedback to me on the phone ok.

As for the N95, I was reading somewhere where it says Batt life standby time 250 hours or was it talktime.. HAHA ! WHAT A JOKE ! the batt life doesnt even come close to that.. try more like 10hours before the battery completely drain.. and this is normal usage.. no GPS, NO BLUETOOTH. just a little camera (and i do REALLY MEAN LITTLE) and wireless about 5min of it ! and the batt dies on ya ! I will feedback this to nokia if this is really happening still next week. I dont want to be charging my phone everyday cause of regular usage that is more like phones that has spoilt battery.

5MegaPics Cam: well my tought on this is erm .. so so function of a phone cam, nothing great.. regular features like scene modes.. burst mode..etc..etc..nothing great.

Video: well the video if you want to record.. make sure its on the highest quality, and dont even try the TV setting when recording to save memory, its very pixelized when you plug it into the TV.

Sound Quality: SUperd ! Stereo speakers, but ..BUT .. the headphones they provide is still SHITTY ! I dont even bother using them, if they can only make their headset to be like Ericsson W series would be good. WAKE UP NOKIA !!

Surfing the net on the phone ?: Well Thumbs up for Nokia making the browser user friendly, take it like you are surfing using your computer.. just that without a mouse.. but the mouse is the 5 way scroll pad GREAT MOVE!!

Barcode Reader ?? : you ask me whats that? well .. I am still figuring how it works.. i will be visiting nokia real soon and ask them how that stupid program functions.. Still cant find out how it works out.. even after reading thru the manual like 4 times.

and here come the best part about the phone and most RAVED about of ! the GPS : slow responding GPS function but good enough to bring you around, havent really got around to using it as its so slow to find my position when I am walking about everyday. YOu really got to sit in a place to let the satelite zooms in on your position.

 well the rest of the programs are just mediocre.. nothing great ! nothing to rave about


PROS: The 5 megapics cam is the crowd puller, brandishing the GPS makes you look really cool when you are on the train. Speakers is so great it can boom your room,  but very low bass unlike Motorola Rkrz

CONS: The Price, The media functions and the both slide ways makes the phone slides out when you are taking it out of your pocket. (it happens to me as i am wearing jeans)


so before you buy this phone, think about the review and ask me any question if you want to know about the phone ! I am going to try out the W880i now !


Nokia N95

Nokia N95 coming to a Isaac near you !!

Guess Who..

could this be my girl ?