dang.. time of blogs

DArn It ! its really happening to me, i always thought this wont happen , my ratings have dropped.. no one comes in to my blog to read.. 😦 and i always thought this would not happen, from hundred of hits a day to tenish a day only .. darn it again .. damm the man..

well I always thought i would be able to update my blog even when i started working, man who am i to blame where i carry a lappy, and two pda and one blackberry (thinking of one) and yet i do not update my blog daily, interesting things have pass these few months.. but i did not capture my thoughts in my blog, Definilty it will be forgotten the next time.. but the 2 months I have lapse in Blogging I gain in working. New working environment SUPER FUN ! no doubt about it.. LOVE IT !! getting customer scolding us everyday.. (well not me … TOUCH WOOD) i mean i do have screaming customer.. but they eventually leave smiling ! I PROMISE YOU THAT !

Yeh .. i found a entry level job in Singapore and who cares.. i dont bother but why do my friends say WHy do you only take entry level jobs.. why not management level? yes i may have been management level before.. but I dont really give a damm.. what is status in life ? in life i believe in happyness..(note the error in spelling) as long i am happy I AM KING (within my own space) i believe in karma.. I am feeling a bit fat.. no more 10% body fat, i think i am already 21% back to regular body fats like an average person., geez,, but WHO GIVES ! girls dont want my body, dont think any girls want me .. so single and want a date .. gimme a call ok ..
sound desperate?, hell no !!!.. I am just out for fun !

status quote : life is never a bore, when you look at it from a different perspective ! I LOVE MY PHONE (oh did i mention i changed it again) will let you guys know what it is later when i do a FULL BLOW REVIEW ON IT ! ok will end it here.. i hope not to slow my blog down ever.. wanna get it in GEAR AGAIN ! LOVE YOU GUYS, doesnt matter if you dont even read it anymore.. I LOVE MY READERS !


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