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back to business ..

YeaH ! my blog hits going up again.. just today it went up to 180, hopefully will regain the power of 300/hits a day again .. not that I am counting.. but its funny how my heart flutters when the sights of readers coming into my site .. In Sinapore, I knew this indonesian girl who owns Apartment to rent out, its really near Orchard and i think its only like 15 min away by bus to Orchard, so its very convenient.. Tomorrow will try it out.. hope to take some picturs for your guys.. if you guys every come to singapore let me know.. can get good rates.. its not a hotel .. but more of a house.. well a mansionette… ahah .. NO SWIMMING POOL OK ! think of it as home away from home..   anyuway .. will only update the pics this thursday when i Go see the mansionnet.. any takes.. haha !

Photo + music software

Hey anyone out there knows what software i can use to in cooperate photograph and music together, ? something like a slide show , yeah .. any good software good and easy to use ? do let me know please.. Wanna compile a whole lot of pictures and music together..


Yahoo .. I have an excuse to get my ass to Bangkok, it aint honeymoon, it aint shopping bazarre.. and It aint the pretty girls .. ITs my god sis wedding, and best part is that she is getting married to my best friend, well .. will be there for a week or so to help out, so cant wait till the day arrives for yet another friend of mine to wed !! next year will be full of weddings also, as for me .. well I’ve done that..  
These days wedding as I see it are money making scams.. sigh .. actually I see everything as money making scams.. have I no heart for emotional days like Fathers day ? mothers day ? why not make a DOG day and cat day as well.. might as well celebrate colon cancer day as well as broken ribs day, why not make hair loss a celebration also, why is thre to grim about that right? we can always buy gift for people who have had hairloss, can always celebrate for the colon cancer, or even obese days.. how bout treating those guys to a day at the gym ? great marketing ?  i think so .. but best of all I declare to day Isaac on leave day !! nothing special .. why cant i celebrate my own leave day .. ahah .. getting carried away for awhile, yup.. As I have said, Wedding is a money making scam.. photography, flowers, gift, angpows, dinner.. all comes out of the thousands.. pretty expensive for a night of wedding. not forgetting the most expensive thing in our live.. the TIME and EFFORT put into the wedding day, well as I grumble and mumble.. its WORTH IT !
I’ve was sweating bullets to be honest … the digits thats coming out from our pockets .. but in the end.. everything ended in a happy and joyious occasion, GLAD everything turned out well.. (hint hint: no honeymoon, waiting for you guys to sponsor) till then again .. hope I will be able to blog more often and get my reader ratio up again ..



le grande exit of LuWitChin

This the day when i say goodbyes to our colleague Mr Lu Wit Chin, my name is quite similiar but in a different spelling, i have videoed the event today.. can get it from youtube by looking for Lu Wit Chin, but i think will only upload tomorrow.. to tired already .. got to work early tomorrow.. take care guys .. me trying my best to update this blog…. take care and really relaly .. GOD BLESS !!  

how great readers are…

ITs funny how i find after a long stint in working my new job and I have lack on update in my website.. my loyal readers have too falter behind as lack of content update.. it shows that even blogging need to be kept up with time, but to me.. as i recall .. I am blogging to remind myself of my days gone by.. so far i think i have lapse for 2 months.. sigh .. my words fail me..