back to business ..

YeaH ! my blog hits going up again.. just today it went up to 180, hopefully will regain the power of 300/hits a day again .. not that I am counting.. but its funny how my heart flutters when the sights of readers coming into my site .. In Sinapore, I knew this indonesian girl who owns Apartment to rent out, its really near Orchard and i think its only like 15 min away by bus to Orchard, so its very convenient.. Tomorrow will try it out.. hope to take some picturs for your guys.. if you guys every come to singapore let me know.. can get good rates.. its not a hotel .. but more of a house.. well a mansionette… ahah .. NO SWIMMING POOL OK ! think of it as home away from home..   anyuway .. will only update the pics this thursday when i Go see the mansionnet.. any takes.. haha !

2 responses

  1. Sheri

    cool…got place to stay in S’pore?  next time when i do drop by, that would be handy.  but what’s the rate lah? 


    28/08/2007 at 3:46 pm

  2. Isaac

    rates aint that bad.. reasonable.. SUPERBLY BIG ! i have the pics.. yet to download it .. sigh ..  wow.. my mom and dad loves the place.. says very big and good .. neway.. that indonesian is orang kaya.. ahahah .. will update the rates fory ou guys ..


    28/08/2007 at 4:07 pm

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