Interstate 2007

Why for the funny topic ? well its not funny to you, but I may as well laugh my head off at the topic, the moment i received the weekly emails from PCC community, i soon realized that I have missed a big chapter in my life, knowing that a year before, I’ve told myself that I will be joining my fellow cyclist to do interstate, the Bikepro gang, William, PK, both Lim, etc..etc.. but I soon found out that I am stuck in somewhere that I do not have a choice. What had just happened?? I’ve missed the interstate ride. and best of all RIDING TO PENANG, my so called 2nd home, well now is my third home after Singapore,
I am feeling this pain inside of me, asking me to kick myself in the head for not joining them for the ride, a few days back on monday the 3rd Sept 07, I was flipping the papers and This article hit me, Aviva 70.3, whats that you ask ? Its the Agural HAlf ironman that I so psyhic myself up to join late last year, at the moment I’ve heard of that event, I jumped for join knowing I WILL BE dOING IT !! DEAD OR ALIVE,, well didnt know i was more dead, my life chapter will not unfold till I finish one interstate and also one Ironman, I’ve known, Or rather I’ve seen people in worst condition than me finishing the stint of langkawi.. but whats stopping me ? time ? money ? commitment ? this is one question I have to ask myself, sigh, to make me feel better, I think I am going to sell of my baby, cause Its staring at me saying, YOu don’t Want Me any more (refering to my bike) the bike that i so once love and always ride, HAve i lost that feeling? But IT cant be !! my heart yearns for the wind yet my mind says rest.. and stay at home. Where is this motivation i need ? where is the drive ? damm IT ! i hope to break free from this.. I dont feel pity one bit, I Just Want to Feel the wind again.. till then see you

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