Food from half way across …

guess what i had for dinner today,  food from half way from the world, its nothing i ever eaten before, you now briyani ? yes.. i’ve had briyani from thailand and yet nothing beats this, guess where its from??  its from DUBAI, let me describe the food to you, its like the rice is so fluffy and light its like biting into soft cotton, but just little pecks of rice, the taste is like so savoury and tasteful its just brims your mouth with esctasy, the briyani rice is accompanied with chicken and the meat fro the chicken just tears like its already shredded, the meat is so tender and moist and the flavor all locked in, after polishing all the grains of rice of the plate, i wish i had more, Oh i forgoten to tell you the best part, there was a side dish which is a mutton curry, OOOOHHH ! i dont know how to tell you, lets jusdt say i tasted so many mutton curry, THIS TOPS ALL ! without a doubt, the muttn melts in your mouth . LITERALY MELT !! so NICEEE !!! OOOOHHHH YUMMY !!! so next time you want to eat good briyani .. flying to DUBAI ! the world best BRIYANI !

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