Botak Jones for western food ?


Dont think you can see the sign, its the outlet in Clementi, and its "DAMM GOOD FOOD AT A DAMM GOOD PRICE", well i had to say that this place is called yup BOTAK JONES, I’ve heard of it in long long time back in June, there was a big hype about this american opening up a hawker western food, well didnt manage to go till today, as I can’t stand being alone at home, called up Barney and arranged a meeting with the everest gang, well looks like the rest are working late, so only Me. WAtie, Joeshin and Barney came, I was thinking what could a hawker western food is like despite the big hype about long ques and good food? well as we were walking to the hawker center, I saw there was no seats and mostly the tables are packed, after alook around, most tables are eating,, gulps.. BOTAK JONES< like 90% of the hawkercenter is people eating BJ, and even before sitting, barney said .. ISAAC go go go .. go and Line up, i was thinking, wheres the que, she said there, looking at the que is monstrous, (abit of exaggerated there) ok its long but its fast, and systematic, when its about my turn this is the first time i ever been asked, DO YOU WANT LESS FRIES wit your meal ? HUH ?? come on this is Singapore, all people here are kiasu and kiasee, of course more for less, then the cashier started explaining, no no , its cause people complain (PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT MORE FOOD??) about having to big-a portion, muahah, well i said hell no.. i want more if you were to give me, 

image100Thats the are you crazy botak burger, its 450gm of beef, pure burger, and pure ..that thing covering it is not sauce.. its CHEESE !! eww. talk about throwing away your diet and lets be fat kinda meal ! well I didnt order this, just to show you guys what this place offer, ITs crazy.. who is gonna eat such a burger, (well i am gonna order it the next round)

image101A close up for ya to see, this burger cost $15 bucks, i think er.. if you order this its Not worth it, because its just a gimmick, for that price I can get mya plate of sizzling lamb and  and another plate of sizzling beef deluxe of my favourite Hougang 5Star western food and still has spare change to order a drink !!

I ordered the rosemary lambchop and here is my review rosemarylamb


the meat of the lambchop is well marinated, but the cook did not marinated it well to the bone, the soggy coleslaw was like soggy, but tasted ok, the fries were great, the portion of fries is really big (as i say it again, not enough for me) and really tasty, but the lambchop as i have eaten better like the Hougang 5Star western food, i would give this lambchop a 6/10

the others had fish and chips, nothing special but .. didnt ask for their comment on the food, cause they eaten there before, well for the big hype, to me this place is just value for money, but food wise, its not really worth the hype, were I to go to this place again ? well only to take the challenge of that are you crazy burger, I’ve cooked burger patty thicker than those but I never tried eating all three with CHEESE !!

If you wanna see the whole menu, you can visit BOTAK JONES website (click on me), now i got to go out running, got to burn those chops away before they start chopping my body up ! talk to ya later,


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