BAnda FAntastica

yesterday was saturday, didnt do much but going out to watch my friend play a gig, he and his gf and soon to be wife all the way from phillipines, great bunch of musicians, My friends band Kernelpanic was crazy.. whoops.. straight into the story eh, kinda boring that way, got to make it into some suspense kinda thirller that really attracts people reading this blog, who cares.. i am just writing this blog in reminising my times of fun when I am in the distant future, anyways, those pinoys were playing this indie festival called philmusicsg, its actually the second one round as the first one was so much of a success, the company decided to have another one, I missed the first one, and now I aint gonna miss this one,
Tickets were cheap, only $12 (with a free cd of all the bands) all 13 of them, I of course most MOST like this girls vocal from yellow tea lady, (guess she didnt turned up because she was working or something, all the bands are regular people just like you and me, who work our ass off on the weekdays and have fun at our leisure time, The somng is called Stay with me, really great inspiring song for those love ones, wish i can play it to let you hear, but i think my msn had some problem with its media player, so sorry about it, i can send it to you if you want, Really nice. So I can say that the event was a success once a again, And i kinda enjoy it even I was in the vacinity of pinoys, but HEY who cares we are all here for the music!! GREAT MUSIC guys, will definitly go for the next one, thumbs up to my friends Band KERNEL PANIC and LUNCHBOX, great performance from you two (bias: remember to pay me for publicity) and to Winter Panic group, great performance the energy that you guys have rock the house especially the girl drummer, It was hell of a night, flying condoms, yeah someone blew up a condom in the middle of winter panics performance and it started flowing around.. dont wanna mention what happend when the lead got hold of the condom. ahah . .too hilarious to tell ya !! some pictures of Kernel Panic, Sorry JOlly, i was standing to far behind to catch ya picture 😦

2 responses

  1. damien

    hi! i enjoyed the show too…wow there are really a lot of good filipino musicians! come to think that these bands who performed that night were not professionals… Kernel Panic rocks! same with Launchbox! Mr. Brosnan?! is a legend! lol! it was Winter Riot who performed with the condom stuff, i guess…you got the names mixed up … hehehe 🙂 the last band who perform definitely hit the nail in the head! great performance!
    hope to see more of this kinda event.


    24/10/2007 at 11:53 am

  2. Isaac

    lol, ya dude.. its winter riot .. not winter panic.. got to crazy there pare.. ahah


    25/10/2007 at 9:26 am

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