Dinner And Dance M1 Era ..

Tonight is one hell of a night, 25th October 2007, is our M1 Dinner and Dance night, the whole of M1 closed early as to accomodate our bAsh for 10th aniversary, everyone is decked out in theirs 70’s which is the theme for tonight, the retro night, well todays event was held in Swissotel at Stamford and it was hell of a night, many familiar faces from CSC and M1 shop as well as CR, SR, CC and not to forget management side, it was pretty sleek night i might add as the organiser made a hell of a party, free flow of booze and beer, well i can see many people took advantage of the beers and got themself drunk, well as for me, NOPE i dont drink beer or wine. water for me.. I am just a plain jane, all i am here for is the grand prize of SONY  40" Bravia, wow.. wouldnt it be nice browsing your internet over the 40" tv.. well i didnt win it neither did my colleague, well it was a night of fun, here is all the pictures of the night ! enjoy Guuys ! CIMG0011CIMG0014CIMG0015CIMG0017CIMG0018CIMG0019CIMG0024CIMG0025CIMG0026CIMG0027CIMG0028CIMG0029CIMG0030CIMG0031CIMG0032CIMG0033CIMG0034CIMG0035CIMG0036CIMG0037CIMG0038CIMG0039CIMG0040CIMG0041CIMG0042CIMG0044CIMG0045CIMG0047CIMG0048CIMG0049CIMG0050CIMG0051CIMG0052CIMG0053CIMG0055CIMG0056CIMG0057CIMG0058CIMG0059CIMG0060CIMG0061CIMG0062CIMG0063CIMG0065CIMG0066CIMG0067CIMG0068CIMG0070CIMG0071CIMG0072CIMG0073CIMG0074CIMG0077CIMG0078CIMG0079CIMG0080CIMG0081CIMG0082CIMG0083CIMG0084CIMG0085CIMG0086CIMG0088CIMG0091CIMG0092CIMG0093CIMG0094CIMG0097CIMG0098CIMG0099CIMG0100CIMG0101CIMG0102CIMG0103CIMG0104CIMG0105CIMG0106CIMG0107CIMG0108CIMG0109CIMG0110CIMG0112CIMG0113CIMG0114CIMG0115CIMG0117CIMG0118CIMG0119CIMG0120CIMG0121CIMG0122CIMG0123CIMG0124CIMG0125CIMG0126CIMG0128CIMG0129CIMG0131CIMG0133CIMG0134CIMG0136CIMG0137CIMG0138CIMG0140CIMG0141CIMG0142CIMG0143CIMG0144CIMG0145CIMG0146CIMG0147CIMG0148CIMG0149CIMG0150CIMG0152CIMG0153CIMG0154CIMG0155CIMG0156CIMG0157CIMG0158CIMG0161CIMG0162CIMG0164CIMG0165CIMG0166

2 responses

  1. ck

    dude….you look like paris hilton. O_O


    31/10/2007 at 2:25 pm

  2. Isaac

    haha .. since I am paris hilton, check out my MV oh nothing in this world, Enjoy !


    01/11/2007 at 6:03 am

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