Revenge on the Botak

I told you I would get even with that BOTAK! (botak means bald in Malay)
Botak Jones that is, well I was dissatisfied with myself for not eating the triple Botak, Will let the picture speak for itself !!
Yup I fought on till the last bite, but let me warn ya, this Burger is nice at the first bite.. after eating through the second patty, kinda feel yucky, and after eating the last patty urgh…. you can forget about eating dinner if you are having this for BREAKFAST.. I am serious, Worth paying the $17 for this burger? to me , its alright .. try it for once that’s all
This burger took me a good 45 Mins to wolf down complete with Side dish and fries. Dare you try it !!

One response

  1. Isaac

    DAMM !! i wanna do that again ! but after 16k Mizuno run this sunday on the 13th September 09


    10/09/2009 at 3:01 am

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