This Is the craziest month of all,

craziest month i tell you, i’ve been fined $28000, yup not seeing wrong there its the 28 large, also I have been red bombed meaning Given wedding invitation like 5 in this month itself, what a tiring month, two of it having to be the best man, and it was a crazy times that I had for those weddings, I feel kinda lazy to blog about it but I will definitly shows the pics for you guys, This is for the first wedding, its Sue’s wedding, God blessed her with a great wedding in Marriots, married to ernest the man of her dreams, ahah .. Sue if you are reading this, May god bless you with showers of love from him and your husband, oh i had to tell you that you look absolutely GORGEOUS for your wedding, and you didnt look like the sue i know, sigh .. i miss the times where i hang out at your house eating cookies you baked.. now ernest get to do that.. ahah .. well this is only one of the wedding ceremony .. will post the othe 3 up for you guys to see !
, CIMG0674CIMG0676CIMG0677CIMG0682CIMG0685CIMG0686CIMG0687CIMG0689CIMG0690CIMG0691CIMG0693CIMG0697CIMG0700CIMG0701

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