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Coming to a near end

today is officially the 27th of December, My pc is running pretty slow lately and I think a crash is about to happen, as i tried fixing my cam and it does not work, even uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it, guess its really high time my pc needs another format, too much junk i might say, my 160gig hd is almost full, well its really filled with movies and especially pictures from years back, cant really decide to print em or not, but whats the use? I would say when we load our pics into HDD, I would like to call it cliffhanger, cause we are really hanging by and hoping not to slip, its my interpretation of anytime the HDD would crash and forever your memories are gone, well it happend to me before in my desktop, my months of backpacking in australia is just in my mind, NO more picture to prove I walked the whole of Sydney eating Meat pie at the harbour, or even dancing with my friends in the club, or surfing with the sharks climbing sydney bridge or racing down Southbank in my friends Lambhorghini, all gone, its just a vivid imagination in my mind now, well what can we do, we all live in a technological era where life hangs by a cable, no longer thread.
yesterday I went out to purchase something of value for my wifey, but I found out that I couldnt afford the price that was showned, how bad is that, well commitment are like crazy these days, I did mention to her that I owed her a one carat, but these days my friends keep telling me not to get the rock but something of other value, like maybe a expensive watch or even gold, I am really at a loss here, I dont know what to buy, my recent purchase is gonna be a apartment and thats got to be the most expensive purchase I will ever do (well at least for the moment), cash flow is always been a issue for everyone, but I always tell myself, be grateful for what we have and my thoughts adrift to those who are so poor in the sense that they earn less than $1 thousand and yet they manage to survive feeding their kids of 5 and wife, really baffles my thoughts on how life is so unfair, and my other thoughts of my friend who recently got promoted and is around my age, and has a BMW 5 series, a few apartment in Singapore and a Landed property, I ask myself where I stand in this world, this thought of mind has always been hovering in my mind, what have I done for myself that to earn what I have today, I guess I owe it to the man god and of course my parents who always supported me RECENTLY, if they had pushed me towards my dream of being a pilot, I would be in the sky and not typing this out, maybe lifes journey is planned out for everyone, maybe you know you want to be this but you cant, as life journey permits you to only do what is planned? can we alter this state of path? or can we slight twist to the journey making detour to other walks and excitment of life? would my life make a impact to this world? or would it just disappear like no existance. Well anyway .. I am already grateful for gods gift of life to me. 
I FEEL ANGRY thats al .. why can’t I even purchase that stupid rock which cost only a measly few grand !! I shall work towards having that goal in the yaer 2008, My goals for year 2007 is all settled and I am pretty satisfied with myself, my journey for 2007 is really complete !! lets make 2008 a BETTER YEAR !! PROGRESS in the name of SUCCESS !! signing off take care and catch ya later as I always say
 life in bangkok 
(My blessing for two great friends in Bangkok AND IT CAME TRUE)

Bangkok is heaven..

I was in Bangkok for 7 days and its heaven i tell  you, never felt like leaving but .. life goes on, wont be blogging about it at this hour or day, but will do it when i uploaded the pics into my lappy, at this moment, i guess you guys can read a quote i got from a friend..
 "A woman should have 4 pets in her life; a mink in her closet, a jaquar in her garage, a tiger in her bed and a jackass who pays…."
pretty slick i say .. pretty darn good ! welll .. i wouldnt want to be the jackass..but I dont mind being the tiger in her bed ! ahaha
loads of pics to be upload in the bkk trip, keep looking at ths blogsite when i get it uploaded !

Ugly Singaporeans

something for your amusement
showing the sides of ugly shouting singaporeans.. i would rather say its quite common these days to see Singaporean sceam and shout to get what they want. .but this is a different scenaro altogether.. check it out .. pretty funny

wedding number 2

This is wedding number two ! where i am the driver as well as the best man, Datuk.. here is to you ! wishing you and kellyn a great married life together !!