M1 Asia Challenge

That title is such a rip off !! i FEEL so cheated.. I am actually suppose to be joining this year M1 Asia challenge.. wanna give the other company a run for their money as I am experienced in Adventure races, well I dont know about those other groups in my company that joined but for me, I was not even given a chance to go for the trial run, as the schedule was planned so badly, no wonder M1 would not be able to win the race.. the trainig schedule was out last minute and how are those working suppose to plan with their bosses on the training, sigh .. i feel so sad when I sent that email saying that I have to bow out from the race due to work commitment, and I thought I am able to join the M1 asia challenge this year, well MAybe next year I would be able to join, but not with M1 but as a rival competitor.. I will groom and hire all the elite for this race especially to gain a name for my future company ! well lets see what the future holds.. TOtally Fazed out .. and i thought my life is getting worst.. looks like its really is .. heading on the down side from here.. sigh .

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