The REUNION of 2008


The List is out… the date for the most important event of the year 2008….  the REUNION….. the word doesnt mean alot last time but as we have move on with time, the word REUNION does mean alot…  THE amount of time we use to hangout is becoming lesser n lesser… sometimes the gang doesnt even hang out for a month or so.. WHAT HAPPEN? well…everyone is BZ with their own stuff and some ppl are just so lazy to go out when he is back from work (macam talking bout myself)… 
Anyway, here is the list for the CNY Dinner on 17th FEB 2008(Sunday) at Oriential Pavilion, Jaya 33, PJ. Time: 730pm.
List of guest(Brandon have called)
1)Henry (Confirm 1 sit)
2)Justin (Confirm 1 sit)
3)Lip Jin (Confirm 2 seat)
4)Boon Kwang (Confirm 2 seat)
5)Matthew (confirm 2 seat)
6)Brandon (Confirm 2 seat)
7)Tien Seong (Confirm 1 sit)
8)Jack (Confirm 2 seat)
9)Kah Wane (Confirm 1 sit)
10) Ng Jee Khing (Confirm 2 seat)
Those Brandon have sms but no reply yet, so Henry, you got to follow up with them.
1) Dr.Yip
2) Gan Kwee Seng
3) Lee Hing Bing
Those I haven’t sms, so you got to inform them as well:
1) Lim Chee How
2) Lee Chin Keh
3) Ng Kian Hian
4) Joseph Ang (might be back from UK)
5) Albert Tan
6) Alice Tan (????)
7) Special Appearance — Lee Chee Sum, Wee, Stephen Ng

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