its the final curtains..

well, just got back from Shanghai Night Award by our company, the camera got stucked and didnt have any pictures.. well its not a very fun event for me as its the final curtain or might I saw its the final show, not gonna blog further as this is really sickening to me, those of you who knows me well enough will know what I am tlaking about, just telling you guys that its the final curtains after todays award night !  here is a little poem to remind me of tonight, a poem title EFFORT GONE TO WASTE !!
 Show of effort, Show of Might
work overtime, till there is no light
little did I know, Little did I see
What others see’s of me
Life is short, Life is a challenge
I gave my energy, I gave my efficiency
Looks like everything is such a fallacy
Its Final curtain, I might Say
I bid you goodbye, till today
those who are close to me, knows that my heart has been stabbed, knows that my feeling has been hurt, its ok .. life goes on, but may this be a reminder to me..

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