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Gucci addiction

Fashion? lifestyle ? or just want to show off on your status ? well I alway ask myself this question when I am gonna puchase my Gucci’s before or rather LAST TIME, till date.. I have not purchase any designer stuff anymore. I have sworn off designer stuff for good until I am earning well over $10k a month, till then I wont buy anything that cost or has a celebrity endorsing it because I know it will be going into their pockets. My ultimate goal this year is to get my 4 room apartment in which will cost me nearly half a million, and its not any pretty landed property, but a regular HDB yes.. its that bad.. housing in Singapore is not cheap as it looks. But this investment will be my best bet for the future of my family. The house and apartment in Malaysia shall be secondary investment, actually selling the Port Diskson apartment to fund this Singapore one. (Anyone thinking of buying a aparment in PD do let me know, I have a 3 room fully furnished apartment for sale.
as for the addiction of Gucci I am refering to all those other people that cannot control them self from buying all this fashion status item, it would easily cost $200 to $10k for something as simple as a key chain to a haute couture dress from this fashion label. To think back buying a belt that cost $580 is really crazy, or even a Jeans that cost me $800, I could have bought like 10 levi’s jeans’ , this Iconic GG is making slaves to many people out there, their marketing is perfect, make everyone beautiful while carrying a GG bag, where some boutique could come out with similiar design with the fraction of the cost ? agreed? I was indeed a slave to fashion, spending over $10k buying all this stuff from Prada’s, LV, Gucci, D&G and my fav Hugo (orange Label) , oh no the memories is coming back to me.. ahah .. those Armani, those Burberry and those lacoste.. what happen you ask me to those items ? well .. its still with me.. but some is thrown away already, as it was wear and tear.. so its good money thrown away.. ahha ..  well who knows ? if you are a slave to fashion as me .. I would just reinvent myself and get things at a cheaper bargain from alternative store like levi’s or quiksilver, cheaper bags like Crumpler and Freitag, and cheaper shoes from Tiger Onitsuka or even Adidas or Nike, at least thier shoes dont cost $600.
If you have this addiction, I kindly advice if your earning + return of investimet x (investment) – needs (wants – DEsigner LAbel) = life balance, then go ahead.. if its not balance and you are riding on negative credit .. better re-evaluate your own spendings and investment. My own weatlh management has always been good, so I dont knwo about yours, catch ya later..

Destruction of Yee Sang 2008

As I promised.. look what happen to this year Yee Sang Destruction, I am thinking its from Tien Seong, it was a great dinner but no private room this year.. but its ok .. its the gathering.. many happy faces.. but some were too busy to turn up.. hope to see the full force next year ..

One decade of Friendship

I felt like writing about our friendship, well at least my childhood friendship with my close buddies, we all grown up together and its been already more than 12 years of friendship and we had our ups we had our downs, Most of our deepest secret I think each of us know a fair bit from one of another, but we never went back stabbing our friends in the back in the past , neither in this present, but I am very sure also not in the future, each and everyone of us know each other families like its our own, well not forgetting Justin who is the illegal brother to Henry, and Lawrence is my brother in arms..

All of us have grown up and now holding heavy responsibilities among ourself, One having a successful business, the other working for a very big firm and recently installed a NGV in his car to save the natural resources of the world as well as save some more money, the other is succeeding his father business and last but not least one having a stable job working for our friends dad, well as for me, I dont compare what we friends have or not have, I only thank god for what I have, I just want to say Thanks for the 15 years and more of friendship, thanks for being there for me when I needed you guys, and yes Henry I was crying the the Toilet in Sunway way way back then when you asked Justin or Tien Seong about it if you wanted to know.

I cant wait for all of you guys to be married and seeing all your little one running around, As I will be seeing little Jason pretty soon this coming September, I can’t wait for it.. Justin I know you will be getting a hot chick pretty soon and Henry you also, as for Lawrence.. congratulations on your proposal this coming 28th I wish you all the best, I know she will be very happy with you

here is a picture of us in 1996 and another a very recent 2008 compare .. did we change ? I guess rather not! only growing sideways .. but our smiles still gleams wide ..


no worries now guys.. the lost has been found.. like I assumed.. it was that OLD MAN /… well i didnt kill him.. but his son called and apologised.. saying his dad is old and all.. well I dont blame him neways.. cause I know how is it to be old.. well .. sorry old man.. i didnt mean to scare you like that.. I really was very frustrrated.. comingback 4 in the monring .. not having enough sleep .. knowing got to wake up early to workthen knowing your bags with valuable is taken.. sigh .. well I forgive you and thanks to the son for brining in my bag to the checkpoint.. THANK YOU once again ..

Lost and Found

the agony of losing your bag in 3am in the morning, worst off knowing your Gucci bag’s, newly bought set of SK-II products and other of value items inside is really somewhat a shocker.. well .. one tips to you guys.. NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF YOUR BAGS, lucky i dont keep my laptop or my watches inside that bag.. if I did .. I would feel lost, like losing a limb, SIENZ!!  to think of it I’ve got to work in another 4 hours time .. darn .. got to call the police.. got to call the bus company .. etc..etc.. so many things to follow up,  If you know someone has my Cargo bag.. with Singapore Airline tag on the handle, Grey in colour, and weighs like 14kg, in Johor Bahru Larkin! please do let me know ok, I know its you !! that uncle sitting in the front !! who is blur like a sotong, who woke up only when the bus wanted to leave.. ITS YOU I AM DARN SURE !! cause your bag is with the bus company now ! I am gonna kill you if i See you, just kidding la.. I will give you money for the return of the bag la blur sotong !

Yu Sheng

I think I did a blog something about Yu Sheng a few years back, anyway .. this is not about the Yu Sheng but more about the destruction of it by our friends who always have the reunion dinner, well it never fails  that the nicely arranged piece of food is for us to loh hei for prosperity and luck but instead we all treat it like its a ritual to throw that find delicacy around the table, I may not have the full years of all the Destroyed Yu Sheng, but here is last years one, but I am not there but It still put a smile on my face.. its really funny .. check it out, after the loh hei I really can’t call it Yu Sheng any more but tossed salad more like it, Enjoy ! will post the recent 2008 Yu Sheng for you all to see when I am back for the dinner .


I would like to wish all my family and friends this 2008 a very properous and healthy and not forgeting wealthy year Ahead for everyone reading this blog, May you live long long like the river of Yang tZe or Nile, and May you find Luck in All your business dealings as well as your studies, and NEver forget that ever Important Health with out health there is not much happiness even if you have Gazillion Bucks in your bank !
* – * GonG Xi Fa Chai * – *
Year 2$$8
and this is how i spent my first day of chinese newyear, Customizing my desktop to be a MAC, what to do, only first day ma, not looking forward to it, but on the 7th day, cause thats the time I GO BACK !! ahahah
my desktop

American Supports !!

America Idol was showing on channel 5, and i was watching it, that show entertains like millions for ever many seasons and still has its following, people who are interested in AI, are not in for the music but for the emotions, the songs and the amusement and how people break down,  To me American Idol shows me alot of family values and culture, you ask me how ? well I say that when you see the audition, who will always stand by when they are singing inside auditioning, its their family and friends, they are full of support , its really good to see them waiting as early a 5am, there was this old lady as old as 93 years of age and she was waiting for her niece of 16years old, you see all those people waiting for their hopeful auditioning to be the next AI, what are some of them thinking? I think they themself know that they cant be the next AI but they still try it out, this is what I call self perception of a perfect image, just like how when we put on our ear buds and sing or even when we are the shower and start singing, In our mind we maybe singing to the songs of our fav artist as in our mind, we hear them , but in reality its our voice, I can’t say that I can sing, but I surely can’t, and even if I do, only a few songs .. as I have a problem with lyrics.. anywy .. signing out, wanna catch some ZZzZ ! tomorrow is Chinese New YEar and I wanna take this opportunity to wish you all a Blessed CHinese NEw Year and May Everyone Prosper like there is no tomorrow ! HUAT AR !!