Yu Sheng

I think I did a blog something about Yu Sheng a few years back, anyway .. this is not about the Yu Sheng but more about the destruction of it by our friends who always have the reunion dinner, well it never fails  that the nicely arranged piece of food is for us to loh hei for prosperity and luck but instead we all treat it like its a ritual to throw that find delicacy around the table, I may not have the full years of all the Destroyed Yu Sheng, but here is last years one, but I am not there but It still put a smile on my face.. its really funny .. check it out, after the loh hei I really can’t call it Yu Sheng any more but tossed salad more like it, Enjoy ! will post the recent 2008 Yu Sheng for you all to see when I am back for the dinner .

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