One decade of Friendship

I felt like writing about our friendship, well at least my childhood friendship with my close buddies, we all grown up together and its been already more than 12 years of friendship and we had our ups we had our downs, Most of our deepest secret I think each of us know a fair bit from one of another, but we never went back stabbing our friends in the back in the past , neither in this present, but I am very sure also not in the future, each and everyone of us know each other families like its our own, well not forgetting Justin who is the illegal brother to Henry, and Lawrence is my brother in arms..

All of us have grown up and now holding heavy responsibilities among ourself, One having a successful business, the other working for a very big firm and recently installed a NGV in his car to save the natural resources of the world as well as save some more money, the other is succeeding his father business and last but not least one having a stable job working for our friends dad, well as for me, I dont compare what we friends have or not have, I only thank god for what I have, I just want to say Thanks for the 15 years and more of friendship, thanks for being there for me when I needed you guys, and yes Henry I was crying the the Toilet in Sunway way way back then when you asked Justin or Tien Seong about it if you wanted to know.

I cant wait for all of you guys to be married and seeing all your little one running around, As I will be seeing little Jason pretty soon this coming September, I can’t wait for it.. Justin I know you will be getting a hot chick pretty soon and Henry you also, as for Lawrence.. congratulations on your proposal this coming 28th I wish you all the best, I know she will be very happy with you

here is a picture of us in 1996 and another a very recent 2008 compare .. did we change ? I guess rather not! only growing sideways .. but our smiles still gleams wide ..


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