Gucci addiction

Fashion? lifestyle ? or just want to show off on your status ? well I alway ask myself this question when I am gonna puchase my Gucci’s before or rather LAST TIME, till date.. I have not purchase any designer stuff anymore. I have sworn off designer stuff for good until I am earning well over $10k a month, till then I wont buy anything that cost or has a celebrity endorsing it because I know it will be going into their pockets. My ultimate goal this year is to get my 4 room apartment in which will cost me nearly half a million, and its not any pretty landed property, but a regular HDB yes.. its that bad.. housing in Singapore is not cheap as it looks. But this investment will be my best bet for the future of my family. The house and apartment in Malaysia shall be secondary investment, actually selling the Port Diskson apartment to fund this Singapore one. (Anyone thinking of buying a aparment in PD do let me know, I have a 3 room fully furnished apartment for sale.
as for the addiction of Gucci I am refering to all those other people that cannot control them self from buying all this fashion status item, it would easily cost $200 to $10k for something as simple as a key chain to a haute couture dress from this fashion label. To think back buying a belt that cost $580 is really crazy, or even a Jeans that cost me $800, I could have bought like 10 levi’s jeans’ , this Iconic GG is making slaves to many people out there, their marketing is perfect, make everyone beautiful while carrying a GG bag, where some boutique could come out with similiar design with the fraction of the cost ? agreed? I was indeed a slave to fashion, spending over $10k buying all this stuff from Prada’s, LV, Gucci, D&G and my fav Hugo (orange Label) , oh no the memories is coming back to me.. ahah .. those Armani, those Burberry and those lacoste.. what happen you ask me to those items ? well .. its still with me.. but some is thrown away already, as it was wear and tear.. so its good money thrown away.. ahha ..  well who knows ? if you are a slave to fashion as me .. I would just reinvent myself and get things at a cheaper bargain from alternative store like levi’s or quiksilver, cheaper bags like Crumpler and Freitag, and cheaper shoes from Tiger Onitsuka or even Adidas or Nike, at least thier shoes dont cost $600.
If you have this addiction, I kindly advice if your earning + return of investimet x (investment) – needs (wants – DEsigner LAbel) = life balance, then go ahead.. if its not balance and you are riding on negative credit .. better re-evaluate your own spendings and investment. My own weatlh management has always been good, so I dont knwo about yours, catch ya later..

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