Saint James Power Station

Its been a solid few week nearly two after I last blogged, why is that so cause my lappy crashed again, but no worries, I have managed to salvaged nothing from my old laptop but yet i love it so much, cant bear to get a new one, cause money is scarce these days, need it all for a bigger dream, anyway, yesterday was a Saturday and went out with the Ah beng gang as named by MArlina, I went to reminise the old times of my clubbing days in Singapore, from Zouk, to Mohd Sultan to, Embargo and Centro to many many places.. looks like the scenes have changed, we went to this place which used to be MOMO and use to have lots and lots of people, but then, it came to use that we are in the wrong place, but looking back at the sign board, its says "NaNA" , well NaNA wHat? ahha .. nana sounds like granny to me, there was no one, and its already 1am and it looks like we were in the wrong place, I over heard this guy talking on the phone saying YoZ Use my name must make sure the thing come throught in hokkien, Sounds so mafia.. ahah and sounds like his name cost a million bucks to use.. well two other kids came down from the stairs and had hair like ROCK stars, and wearing tapered pants, whats all this.. ahah .. I felt so out of place, we took of and went to the old Mohd Sultan where we usually club at Madam Wong, Thai Club and Double O, and guess what.. Mohd Sultan looks like a heritage area rather than a clubbing street, whats happenign to the clubbing scene? we took off rather than sticking around,


Went to this new places by Dennis Foo which is called Saint James Power Station and Dragon Fly, ahah  and to say I use to hang out with his Son in Devils Bar, ahah well only once la .. the two place which is Dragon Fly and St JAmes is rocking, but still not to my liking, the canto pop they were playing is not my type, Am i feeling old here? whats happening to me? I dont enjoy the sounds of music thumping, took my mug of beer and chug it down to ensure I am still sane, saw some girls dancing and the live band was playing, nothing great here, took off and went to St James, loooks way more happening but the crowd here is a good mix of Caucasian and other races.. note why I only state CAUCASIAN, sigh .. well there was many hotties that night, but yet nothing catches my eyes.. wanted to grab another drink but thinking this is not my cup of tea, wilson and justin say lets go to the dance floor, knowing there was a crowd and many girls dancing, went over and started moving to the grooves of Gwen Stefani and Daddy Yankee which also not my cup of tea but hey, the chick on the platform can sure move, ahah .. while dancing notice these 3 girls came over to us and dancing pretty close, I thought they wanted space, moved away then she came closer, Well knowing I am Married I felt guilty if I know I were to be my old days.. well I just gave a smile and danced away admiring the dancers on the platform, lucky Wilson was eyeing on them again, ahah .. but this time they went away, but but but.. ahah THEY CAME BACK.. we know what you want.. but .. lucky Wilson is not that man .. I have this sinking feeling if I did the things I use to do, I wont be able to sleep for a long long time.. ahah So again I turned my back on one of them, but Wilson didnt manage to get their number.. haha .. well if you gonna get her number.. get her name too.. ahah .. well it was a great clubbing day.. but I really felt out of place this time, hope to get my groove back again by clubbing more, next stop Ministry of Sound Clarke Quay !! hope the music is more to my beat..


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