Time Shifted to 5th Gear

Its been nearly a month since i wrote something out from my days that has passed me, I have been somewhat busy with life, engaging in activities which some people call gambling, please dont be alarm and have thoughts running in your mindm picturing me seating in some sleazy casino, putting my bets on chips, or thinking of me in a race course betting me money on the horsies, its not like that, I am more in investing, its what i call the stock market, Its been really a roller coaster ride for me this month, I have not enough time nor money, I wish I had started early in this investment,  Stock Market as some call it gambling, but to me its not all that easy, there are lots of analyzing to do before you key in the numbers of % you wanna buy in a company. I have lost touch with friends, I have lost touch with time, As usually I stay awake till the night looking at the S&P and Dow Jones, and waking up early to see the Nikkei market and see how its going, If I am correct, the recession is already upon all of us, its just that its starting to slide down south slowly and picking up momentum this mid year and it will hit us all hard end of the year. I do hope you guys have spare cash lying around for tough times ahead. As this recession is gonna be bleak and long to recover.
last month I’ve Attended a graduation, well its my graduation infact and I told my self that I got to post my pic after I revive my laptop which crashed AGAIN. sigh.. yes all this happend within a month, acctually lots of stuff happend. I just didnt kept track of it, I felt sad for not doing it, well anyway month end I will be back in Msia again and its gonna be hell of a Month end for me. lots of planning to do, wish me luck. Oh ya.. have you guys felt that time has been slipping pass our fingers pretty quick, day by day it just whizz pass us like its the wind, I felt that I have waste enough time, and lots of my plans need time and careful timing to be laid out, if not all of its not going to work, I do hope it all will happen. I got to go catch some sleep, and some photos of the graduation that I attended and  to Reza, I wished you were there man. I wanna take some pics at least with one classmate.
Graduation 08 199Graduation 08 079

2 responses

  1. Alvin



    13/04/2008 at 3:07 pm

  2. Alvin

    Congratulations on your convocation dude!


    13/04/2008 at 3:08 pm

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