Iron Man the movie

I just caught the movie Iron man, and i am gonna make it short and simple for you guys, its a so must watch for comic fan like me, it just bring back all the memories of comic reading without waiting for the next issue.. its like the whole issue cut into short 2hours.. oh did i mentioned that the movie is only like 2 hours.. hope it would be longer.. only saw him use his repulsor canon like once or twice.. so not Iron Man. but hey .. after the movie ends.. REMEMBER TO STAY… its something you will see upcoming for the future.. (spoiler do not keep reading this segment if you dont want to know whats the upcoming feature) He ‘ironman" will be shown being invited to join S.H.I.E.L.D by Nick Fury portrayed by Samuel L Jackson and fight again his arch nemesis the mandarin and also Warmachine will join him in the next sequel, dont ask me how I know.. lets just say its a hunch (Spoiler Ends)
So all you comic fans out there, go catch this great movie.. you get to see how Iron Man gets built in a very 3D way. 4 out of 5 pop corn (not much action) but to me hey its the life of Iron Man

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