House made of gold

Who can borrow me a quarter of a million??, thats all I am asking for, why I ask of this is because, its not for a business, its not for purchasing of a car neither is it for a production or filming or any sort, its just for me to accuisite a FLAT, I wonder if miracle do work in real life? Life is tough to be honest, its not all easy and peachy, We face the real life burden of reality.
 Ah, REALITY, when saying that word, it hit SMACK right at me, telling me that fairy tales dont exist, but I ponder that sometimes it do, sometimes.. well maybe once.. okok .. maybe by chance of 1 in a billion, well for some its one in a million by striking that TOTO and getting rich in a instant, I’ve always dream of those way of getting rich, but hey .. even if I do strike I wanna quit my job and work in those 7-Eleven or be a pump attendant, its my dream. haha .. just kiding.. Life still goes on for me even if I strike it rich, nothing will change. 
So write me a cheque if you wanna loan me a quarter of a million ok. Oh make that greenbacks ok, rupiah and rupee or peso dont count, dont think I dont know what your thinking Thai baht is also not included.. me got to get some shut eye .. exam in 8 hours time .. oh no ! wish me luck !!

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