FELT T23 review

I know there is alot of people asking me this.. how is it? is this bike good or not, to be honest.. I have put alot of hours into researching for what Tri bike to use and buy, but alas this bike geometry is of road and tri, so some what in the middle but alot of you guys are still wondering what are tri bikes and road bikes look like and what are the difference, do not confuse yourself and saying that this is not a tri bike or more like a road bike, please do your homework before you say that,  tri bikes are more expensive then road bike. Go ask your friendly bike shop people they would kindly explain to you.
so to make it easier for you guys, here is another review of the FELT S32 a brother to T23, the T23 is higher end than of S32 but they bear resemblence.. the one in red in the comparison review is not a T23, if you go to www.feltracing.com click under Triathlon its under that category and not ROAD category ! so I am selling this at the fraction of the price, I bought this bike from scratch .. not factory fitted just for your info. I spent time cleaning the BB, and the hubs after riding. just to ensure it runs smooth
click here for reviews of the S32 S32 REVIEW <——-
Sorry guys back home.. I am selling this not because I am giving up .. its because I need the money .. I will be back stronger than ever ready for langkawi !

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  1. Basically the flex belt is a belt you strap on around your waist and 3 particularly placed pads are what support contract your


    05/04/2013 at 7:01 am

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