Dreaming ..

I was sleeping rather early today, didn’t do much went to the library to catch up on Interior Design ideas, borrowed a couple of books, as you all know why I am selling my baby, when I was slumbering I had a bad dream, I dreamt that I was taking my bicycle out for a ride, I was happily climbing the hill, I think its the Genting Route that we go often, then I felt that I wanted to go faster after then first round I wanted to go back and faster so I started to accelerate to a high speed and guess what, my crank broke, Sigh .. is this is sign that my baby dont want me to sell her? if It is, I am not selling anymore, I know we had our great moments together ending he finish line and many trips. sigh.. i hope I am doing the right thing, If i am selling you it means I really need the money, sorry baby.. (i really love my baby, but times are hard)

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